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21.05.2013 08:44
gave out a piercing sound antworten

> Find Recommended votes, 0:00 for list, shock! ! After the first I killing, the killing of the gas leaves morning made me worse than anyone else, accumulated in the hearts of his mind like a time bomb, if it is grown up on a transparent, can barely repression, at the moment long ago became a bloodthirsty devil! Simply put, the higher the mind, the mind is easy to calm down, anytime, anywhere, can be into the best condition, not many distractions ridden, in the the super natural sciences, called "spiritual power" in the ruins of ancient civilization, known as the "ethereal of the gas. " Www. QuAnBeN. sequelae, impassioned six yù cOm killing called the killing of the gas, there is any kind of mood to achieve the ultimate will make people fall prey to the killer, like madness. "Come Ye Chen Yi Erwei said:" to light the Temple. "" Well! "Aier Wei nodded, then went to take the lead, a pedestrian left-energy grain library, door roaring shut, then turned and along the street, rushed to the Temple of Light. Before long, a pedestrian came to light the Temple before the system in the city have turned the leaves morning this can not go in straight into it, and stopped at the door, look to the next Ai Erwei. Aier Wei raised his slender fingers a information symbol passed out, then immediately in front of two tall stone statue, the beautiful blue sè spar eyes, passing a red light, she smiled and said: "Well." take the lead and went inside. Ye Chen et al have to keep up. The rumbling ~ ~ Ai Erwei, will of palm-fiber white stickers on the doors of the house, the doors of the house of the defensive system received the order to open the doors of the house, the majestic doors open on both sides, extending over a red carpet from a distance, such as ancient King's castle. Yi Erwei into Ye Chen said: "the bright the inheritance ball and other treasures are in the basement." Then, we walked next to one side of the metal pillars and humble, raising his hand a little, with a diameter of about 1.5 husband pillars, split a gap to shrink to go to both sides, open a door, by only one person. "Go here." Ai Erwei take the lead and went inside. Ye Chen et al quickly to keep up. Walked, presented in front of a white channel, downward-sloping, platinum ladder layers of up to 100 meters, at the end of the ladder is right around the corner, the basement is around the corner. The silence of the ladder, dusty thousands of years of his life, in later civilization digger, gradually opened the mysterious veil ...... Ye Chen et al ~ journeyed, came around the corner, along the way would have been a lot of authority, if outsiders strayed into the inside, the moment will be lurking in the metal walls of the barrel to kill bombers into the slag! However in Ai Erwei under, these defense systems have been suspended. Came to the bottom of the corner, Ye Chen looked up, I saw in front of a white translucent space, invisible walls, like unlimited extension to the distance, in this zhōngyāng, a football crystal ball, quietly suspended in mid-air in, exudes a faint light. In the bottom, there is a small crystal ball, whole body crystal, the size of a fist. Ye Chen eye "above is the light of God so that the memory of heritage l beg." Crystal ball the Yi Erwei pointing to the mysterious force drag in the air, Ye Chen said: "I give you to take down." "Well." shiny eye. Yi Erwei went over, raising his hand in one fell swoop, fingers crossed five light, enter a Password to open the invisible layer next door, that crystal ball slowly drifting down, she caught her little finger, arrested following a small crystal ball, quickly input information symbols, open the protective layer in the crystal ball on the edge of the invisible space, holding a small crystal ball. "Crystal ball, mind exercises, there are a lot about the state of mind to practice the way." Aier Wei gave the crystal ball leaves morning, said: "These two are the heritage of the ball, after one use, will be broken crack. "Ye Chen point nod, the reason for many things such as inheritance, have a crystal ball to the presence of this substance because the crystal is rather special, you can save the information, coupled with the front of the two crystal ball after special materials add The effect is stronger. Took the crystal ball, leaf morning saw two, which saw crystal no time,Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, there are many small spot those small points of light is the light of wisdom, contains a wealth of information. "Now is not the time to take all the blood of God to say." Ye Chen will be decisive two crystal ball incorporated into the spacecraft of the runes, then four swept away, they saw a metal bench not far from the a small box with several jīng caused very special material, non-non-wood. He walked past, I saw a total of three or four boxes above carved with ancient runes, and Rune Rune civilization some similar, he could not help turn around the Yi Erwei Road: "What is this?" Ai Erwei looked at several boxes, sidewalk: "This is a jazz adults come from the remains of a guitar thing, I heard that devour down, you can keep fit!" Ye Chen Yi Zheng, immediately eyes light up the first black sè box to pick up the tentacles cold, hard as iron, there is a trace of harshness of the trees slowly opened, which saw the jade sè lying zhōngyāng a rounded pale, such as pearl pills, along with the box open the fragrance drifted out of the suction tip of the nose, the pores of the body seems to be open, very comfortable. "Good baby!" Ye Chen limit your eyes light up, see the following three words, not help turned to Ai Erwei Road: "This write what?" Yi Erwei came over, looked at the sidewalk: "This It is a second sun discipline 伊厄科特尔 period the birth of misoprostol is not daya civilization text, called gas Yuandan! "misoprostol is not daya civilization is the continuation of civilized fugitives, especially love eating, just get the modern can do a top chef! "Gas dan?" Ye Chen surprised. The former life, he is very familiar with these three words, but have never seen this thing looks like, heard of ways, this material has a magical effect, can increase the body strength, meridians, precious! "I do not know which level." Ye Chen eyes shine, misoprostol is not daya civilization post-production immortality, food, believe Food is that as long as the food is good, even if it is a pig, you can also live forever! They made the food, the total is divided into three realms: gas environment, lingjing, Wonderland! Each realm is divided into 10 product. The so-called miracle drug, say it is the effectiveness of powerful, is misty and mysterious, like a fairy, perhaps does not exist. "I do not know which level." Ye Chen hearts encouraging, it took up, including in his mouth, this immortality is only born air force personnel, ordinary people had no more power, no effect at most active muscles, enhance blood gas. This immortality refining extremely complex, which contains the energy of precious herbs such as ginseng, Poria several times prehistoric precious medicinal herbs production, modern technology, many nutrition scientists, dietary advice ' this kind of thing can only make nutrition tablets, eat a piece is worth a day of food nutrition, but the price is too expensive, the average person simply can not afford. Ye Chen Hong to prevent this immortality is too senior, erupted in the body to make up exploded. This immortality remain in the oral tongue, extremely smooth, articulate filled with the aroma, he bites a third down, swallowed it, control of the air force of the body will break down, refining. Whew! Leaf morning feeling the body of the air force, rise, and continue to rise, all of a sudden from the beginning of the second-order, reached a peak of late! He hastened to the remaining Hong down completely decomposed, refining. Air force in the expansion of circulation in the limbs. Compression, concisely ...... H ~ ~ mind suddenly burst Om woo, theosophy moment confused, but soon to sober him, in the body of the original expansion of the air force, has become more concisely, to third-order of the strength of the mid- ! Black sè sweat gurgling overflow from the pores in the wet to three wolf skins robe to. Ye Chen shook a fist, feeling institutional strengthening, in front of the world is more clear and thorough, not by surprise, waved his fist, gave out a piercing sound. "The constitution is about an increase of about nine, from the original 53, 62" Ye Chen eyes light up, getting physically stronger,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, pneumatic given the increase will become less and less a 100 after awakening human strength from the first order to the 10th order, can only be increased by 10 physical 110. Immortality enhance leaf morning about guess While this level of immortality, with some regret, not even gas environment have not reached, can only be considered mediocre grade, if it reaches the gas environment, which contains the energy on terror, all of a sudden the air force can be increased to 10 order! To the state of mind of the leaf morning, it did not feel too bad, can not make the event can encounter is the edge, can not be met only count themselves unlucky, this is a "take it easy" mentality. Easy to say, but the towering Red, mortal beings, how many people get upset? Leaf morning to see the next three boxes,Air Jordan Outlet, quickly asked: "The three names were called what?" Aier Wei looked at him and said: "You seem a little strong, and the remaining three boxes Braun Dan, Dan, gas, blood body pills! "Ye Chen Yi Zheng," Braun Dan? "ah!" Ai Erwei nodded. Leaf morning slightly surprised, thinking their luck is not so well, even Braun Dan met? J & Dan, said misoprostol is not daya civilization, extracted hundreds of life-blood, genes, together with rare medicinal herbs, refining things, it is said, this thing can make Superman gene fusion speed faster! Superman fifth-order! Fusion 20%, will be a first-order, this is a Hom, unusual, relying only on the nurture of the time, so slowly fusion of two genes, and then promoted to the level reached second order Superman, Superman third-order. However, if taking the J & Dan, maybe a just become superhuman soldiers immediately able to reach Superman second, and even third-order. Of course, this depends on the rocket Braun Dan grade. (<

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