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swords piercing the third antworten

> Today 40 votes, sweat, Paul at the end of a three-shift, plus two more, just before dawn ah, Khan was just seeking the power of the code word, really did not expect to be stimulated, my code, I code, I code code code ...... "cut!" thought and strength to great! "Ye Chen et al turned to leave, some general sneered, but it was to the next to the neglect of others. www, QuANBEn Com leaf morning with the White Dragon, who walked Road along the east side of the metal, and so on apart very far and the group of generals, Ye Chen put the the energy pistol out, to prevent the monster suddenly rushed out . I, before he recorded the Atlantean civilization has a long history in the early days of the first generation of Atlantis is not strong, and the quality is kind, loving small animals, longing for peace, zì yóu, the that generation Atlantis mood are extremely powerful! To the second generation, with the brain development is becoming more powerful, wisdom, developed a number of science and technology, including the improvement of the technology of the human body, the second generation Atlantis has a 200-year-old Shouling, and 100 modern power, that is, 10 of the constitution! In the second generation of the final, the birth of the first three generations, is extremely powerful, blend of animal genes, enhance physical fitness, 100 physical and multiply, so that the next generation birth the seven eighty constitution, leading to the third on behalf of Atlantis general physique has 100! Subsequently, this civilization will disappear overnight, scientists say is destroyed with the flood and earthquake, and some say that this is an extraterrestrial civilization, and so on, are saying a lot. Every civilized, the Ministry is the result of a continuous evolution to develop in different directions, such as modern civilization, early research is the ape-man, the wild years later Shen Nong Fu Xi, then the ancient people is strong and healthy, the change of generations ... ... White Dragon, who see to Ye Chen took out the energy pistol, startled a little, they will quickly be prepared from the energy pistol took out a one jǐng Ti looked around. Are surrounded by walls, we directly turn over? "Zhuge where his head and looked up to hundreds of feet (33m) walls, scratched his head, to Ye Chen asked. Combined with the law of gravity, aerodynamic formula,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, the constitution of 30, you can skip to about 126 meters, to their physique, can climb into, but do not know the city is a kind of landscape, in case of full mechanical, it comes to an end, hop into gang fights. "I jumped up and check it out first city in good condition." White Dragon Link Road. Ye Chen nodded slightly, raised his pistol and pulled the trigger on the day of an energy bullet soared shè the out over the walls, galloped up Last to Ye Chen et al vision, can only see for a small point , at an altitude of tens of thousands of meters, the energy of the bullet is gradually turning to energy dissipated in the air. Ye Chen put down the pistol, said: "there is no air defense system, you jump." White Dragon wry smile, did not say much, a dynamic figure, we jump to an altitude of about 35 meters, and looked to the city, I saw many such tower like steel high-rise buildings, stands in the city, most of the roof is like bamboo shoots sharp. Steel bell tower is a metal road was empty, and the silence was not the human voice, his eyes a move, quickly pulled the city ground shot bullets soared shè in the metal ground exploded off , blasted a crater surrounded by according to the 1rì without any movement. His body in the recoil energy pistol, pushed back to fly tens of meters, this is not on the ground, but just a force in the air, but nowhere based on leveraging solid body, this city is suspended in mid-air, below the dark abyss above silver sè the canopy. She was about to fall into the abyss, his heart was surprised, quickly quickly on shè later shot recoil in turn pushed him back firmly on the city side of the pool six meters wide metal street. "How?" Leaves morning indifference. White Dragon shrug: no mechanical beast. "Ye Chen a nod slightly, they figure a move, to prevent touch to the authorities on the wall, straight up and jump to the opposite direction, came over, fired a shot, anti- The momentum of his body in mid-air slip ten meters down into the city, White Dragon was also quick to Yihuhuhuapiao turned into the city. Ye Chen looked around and saw that there was no mechanical beast, not to stay in and rushed down the street to the distance. White Dragon, who also have to keep up. "I, here are base in China City attack down to become a lair, opening to the outside world." Ye Chen eyes flash, remember not germanium, the blood of God in Chillon Shrine. "This remains not really sub- the Atlantis kingdom, just a ruins, hiding in the extradimensional Atlantis ever existed continent called Atlantis, the remains of a patch of the seabed by Shen continent Yate building of Landis civilization. The interference of the virus, resulting in hiding space storm in space and time overlapping connection point and the real world, so will be found. In this city, a total of four Shrine, the largest of which is the Temple of Chillon and bright women Shrine, the accumulation of rumors inside the infinite wealth! The Atlantis people are born with the ability to light, called optical civilization! They believe in the gods Poseidon, the legend of an ancient Greek mythology. In addition, they also believe in a bright goddess! Leaf morning before I've been here before, do not have access to a low-level Leather, exchanged a little food, some places still vaguely remember that moment hundreds of times, along the direction of the memory worked in the past. "In front of the corner, will be far from bright temple, do not know that there are treasures!" Ye Chen eyes flash, Chillon Shrine in the city center, just drop in,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, first looted the Temple of Light, go looted the Temple of Chillon . Bit ...... intruders! "Around the corner, there is a silver robot, saving state from sitting, slowly stood up, two red lights in the eyes, fingers clenched, the next metal ax hand with this ax tainted blood had dried up, and in the next one or two thirty feet high, ten meters long white Sen skeleton, very frightening. System testing! "The silver robot eyes flashing red light. The energy output of the system is normal, 13% of the remaining energy! "The cohesive energy system damage 79%!" Normal "battle optical brain system!" Detector system damage by 75%! "Series of detection by the Deputy mastermind report it to the main control right to Smart mastermind to determine. Enemy in close and start fighting shape! "Silver robot eyes red flash, he raised the hands of the Tomahawk, step by step,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, standing around the corner. Ye Chen et al yù speed, behold, suddenly appeared in front of a huge figure, surprise, have to stop, immediately they saw a silver robot, face sè of drastic change. Silver robot! "Leaf morning in almost the moment they react, low shouted:" You rewind me to stop! "......" "Go!" Ye Chen Bao He said. White Dragon, who have Zhengzhu, they have never met leaf morning so anxiously, and squeak his teeth, quickly turned and ran back. Drops to a target to flee four! "Vice optical brain to detect the data and report it to the smart mastermind, actually know how to" escape "the word, showing that IQ is not low. "Pursuit!" Silver robot made the decision growled the metal ax leaves morning head-on pixia of. Whoosh! Ye Chen figure a move, brought up a blur, appear on the other side of the looking up, forehead a black sè tentacles, the atmosphere of the whole body jumped convenience in strength, physical strength, reached the 1060 constitution extent! Brush! Palm carnage flash, blood-red the swords by countless energy combined, falls in the hands of a dynamic figure, shot from the ground, rushed to the head of the silver robot, swords piercing the third eye on his forehead, which is a mechanical body attack the strongest, but the weakest defense. The Silver Robot growled body fighting optical brain to distinguish between the instantaneous suffering from the direction of the leaf morning, posture, and then calculated at super-fast speeds, tens of thousands of responses, from which to find the most suitable one, quickly transferred into the smart mastermind, do it. I saw it suddenly opened his mouth, a barrel inside out quickly condenser to Ye Chen bombers kill in the past. Ye Chen frowned, palm blood red swords quickly to the next toss off direction, the enormous power of the body with a ramp, had just left the barrel shè strike range, of a white sè beam from the barrel and blasted, shè in behind him on the floor in a building, suddenly blasted a pit, building material is much harder than modern technology. Ye Chen toes a little ground, they rushed to the silver robot, palm swords crazy dancing together, forming a lotus, hundreds of knife shadow enveloped the silver robot legs, forming a Bladestorm! Bang! The knife shadow disappeared, blood-red war knifed in the Argent thigh, the Clang slamming, friction ... array spark, the special metal material of the silver surface of the mechanical scraping a layer of down, leaving a shallow cracks. "So hard!" Ye Chen brow wrinkled, his blood-red swords in Rune weapons, but relatively low-level presence of Even so, there can easily cut 800 monster body, did not expect this silver robot not only force reaction speed has reached about 1000, but stronger body defense! Although Atlantis disappeared on Earth 16,000 years, but this space is sealed inside air and the outside air, the air there is a corrosion xìng of this piece is sealed, but did not air, and special airflow contains special elements, resulting in all the Ministry does not rust, rot, but as the the space connection point open, outside air drifted in, so he can breathe in the inside, there is no discomfort. (<

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