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21.05.2013 08:39
Dragon and leaves bamboo antworten

> A few days later, the sixth floor. Www QUAnbEN com "in spite of himself!" The ax falls, a zombie is divided into two halves. Ye Chen action to fill the gap, walk in zombie group, each ax fall, there will be a zombie fell to the ground and killed. Just a moment. The ground, lying on dozens of head zombie, black sè blood flow all over the floor, athe body, "says Liu Hung-chang very sad, no one's body is completely preserved. "Too cruel ..." White Dragon to sit and watch straight eyes, immediately swallowed, muttering loudly. Ye Chen standing zombie heap, with no contamination on the number of blood looks very deterrent effect, such as a statue of the devil, he turned around and looked at the White Dragon, said: "there are two rooms, you go to solve that ... I do not uncomfortable, sick, can you ... "White Dragon prevarication. Ye Chen turned and went to the sister leaf bamboo side, told: "only two people in the evening is enough food." "Oh, I recovered memories, hunting two rooms zombie, well, no problem! White Dragon looked sluggish Ye Chen a, immediately shook head, carrying melon quickly walked to the floor the last two rooms. After these days of hunting zombie, he is also taking some of the base of meat, the body becomes strong, about five, whereas the leaf Chen reached 30, whereas the leaf bamboo twelve handedly. Such as the White Dragon left, leaves bamboo anatomical zombie on the ground, Ye Chen originally intended this work to be responsible by the White Dragon, but this guy's luck seems to be even worse than their anatomy more than a dozen head zombie, to be able to get base meat the size of a finger, so the end of this work or sister leaf bamboo to do the job. "You want him to exercise the the zombie hunting viability of it!" Side of the leaf bamboo anatomical zombie, while casually said: "Otherwise, your strength, the two rooms of the zombie erupted can be solved." Leaf morning but to see at her, it seems that their own thoughts in front of her forever hide nothing. Before long, the White Dragon begins with two rooms back, body covered with blood, sweat dripping, breathless, said: "finally resolved, I'm exhausted." Ye Chen nodded his head and said : "the bodies were dragged over it, Kotake dissected." for secret-meat, leaves morning and hid nothing, after all, long-term together is impossible to hide live, cable xìng, to tell him directly Moreover, Since he accept the White Dragon, not where he will be isolated. Hear Ye Chen, White Dragon suddenly cross down, and finally saw a leaf morning indifferent God sè reluctantly stood up, muttered: "I'm not afraid of you, I look at your sister's face ! "...... anatomy is completed, a pedestrian take the elevator back to the 18th floor room. Freshen up again, leaves bamboo responsible for dinner,Coach Totes Outlet, White Dragon is responsible for carrying things, as well as laundry and other chores, Ye Chen is sitting on the sofa, meditating things. Living room, audio, stood in popular music. White Dragon holding a mop mopping the floor, mouth humming along with the music, head wagging, do not know the people thought it was crazy to know the people know he is dancing, hear the excitement, he will hold the mop in my arms where, like playing the guitar singing. Around a harmony. Ye Chenxi Huan this picture, so although she is disgusted with the White Dragon singing tone deaf, but still did not verbally blocked. Dinner about 7:00, the night hanging down, shut the windows, three around the table and start eating dinner. "Today a good harvest." Light, leaf bamboo meat brought out the two bowl-, Qiaolian flushed extremely happy. White Dragon eyes light up, yù stretch chopsticks to folder, bamboo leaves Duanliao Yi-bowl-meat, and gave the White Dragon, smiling Road: "This is your hunting today, more than yesterday lot tomorrow Keep up the good work! "White Dragon looked at the bowl, look Look at the two soup bowls, looked pitiful bamboo leaves, said:" Let me help you share a little! "leaf bamboo hee hee smile, said: "Well." Then, clip a small piece of meat to the base of the white dragon bowl. "It's that point?" White Dragon stunned. Bamboo leaves nodded seriously, said: "My brother said, you are not much help, eat too much bad digestion." White Dragon almost vomiting blood, turned around and looked piteously Ye Chen, it is regrettable that leaves morning from beginning to end, are not look at him, indifferent sè God be sandwiched base of meat, just keep eating up. The White Dragon yù cry no tears, and finally helpless authentic: "Well, I represent God to forgive your two stingy person." Eating meat after hunting base, leaf morning and strong physique a little about 31-handedly. Body about attributes: Strength: 1550kg! Speed: 100m/2s! Neural response speed: 0.008! Such as leaf morning neural response speeds of up to about 0.004, you can see the bullet trajectory shè, to avoid, etc. 0.001 extent, most of the pistol he did not have the slightest threat, even if it is blocking gun , you can escape. After dinner,Classic Coach Online, Ye Chen left the room and went to the other room, took a jar of gas back then examined the fire ax ax handle and ax link no loose like. "What are you doing?" Saw leaf bamboo leaf morning action,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, eyebrows Weicu up. Ye Chen turned around and looked at her and said: "Tomorrow I will go downstairs hunting ants of variation, when you go hunting zombie I can not keep up with your own careful." Then, Glances at White Dragon said: "my sister to you, take good care of her." White Dragon chest: "Of course!" Ye Chen did not say any more, began to prepare for tomorrow's action up. From the end of the world occurred nearly 20 days, if not in time for this month variation ants kill, then in the next month, it will a new transformation in the virus forces become more terror to achieve 60, whereas the extent to hunt even more difficult. "The capture of head variation ants, there is hope for gene soldiers to be considered really have the ability to protect the safety of her sister's." Ye Chen eyes firmly under arrest variation ants must resolve ! ... The next day, early in the morning, leaves morning they wake up, and then began a series of preparations. First of all, Ye Chen gas altar, fuse, etc. on the room door variant ants alone, then prepared the weapons, and put on the dog wallet, this is the other end of variation dogs fur stitched defense stronger than sackcloth many ordinary zombie claws, simply can not tear! This thing is only two, so I usually wear White Dragon and leaves bamboo leaves today morning to the White Dragon who brought. "Brother, you have to be careful, it is unable to deal with, fled from him!" Leaf bamboo concerns authentic. Ye Chen nodded his head and said: "I sure you watch yourself like, do not be zombies catch encounter monster of variation, directly escape." "Do not worry!" White Dragon smiled and nodded. Then ... and so on bamboo leaves two left, leaves morning action, first gas altar to get another room, bedroom, and then modify the line in this bedroom, dug a hole and the bottom of the door, variation ants only content that can be. Gas will open the door of the room arrived with a wet towel, then put a bowl of sugar that gas exploration and shed along the sugar has been spilled on the variation ants move along the front of the room. Done all this, Ye Chen hiding in a remarkable place, waiting for you. Bang bang! Before long, the that variation ants really start pounding the room, with a powerful force, that Jianhou door suddenly hit a big hole to climb all the way along the place of sugar. Ye Chen screen tight breathing, holding a fire ax, hiding in a cupboard in the living room, only split a gap and looked out, we can see that variation ants along the taste of sugar, all the way to climb into the diffuse gas room ...... "explosion!" Ye Chen eyes cold the hands of a white sè of wire rope, gently pull, that the switch of the room suddenly "click" sound, the friction out of a burst of sparks, H slamming explosion , the bedroom door was blown fly the fire waves such as water swept through to the outside, the door frame blackened. Ye Chenfei speed drilled cabinet rushed MIT room, he knew, deep-fried to death by virtue of a jar of gas also head variation ants. So he came to the door, suddenly they saw beyond recognition in a bedroom, and in that split up to the gas side of the altar, the bombing of the mutation ant body was charred, painfully struggling on the ground, belly a few claws, most of them are cut off, hard shell, blown to split. The ... Favorite Recommended votes, click, wood! ! To the force with wood! ! ! <

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