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21.05.2013 08:38
the quenching Hong The antworten

> And click Find recommended ~ ~ ~ ~ Today there is a reward of children's shoes is to force ah, to continue a three-shift outbreak ...... the Paopao Pao leaves morning figure such as wind, such an agile Apes, through the jungle, along the way encounter many monsters, initially met a wound on the tree, the whole body Harengula spots of blue and white snake, at first glance thought it was a vine Aoki, if it is Ye Chenmin sharp smell a hint of fishy odor. bypassing the past, I'm afraid the bottom of the snake belly. The www! QUANBen! COM Superman mode for the protection, this place is deep forests to 33 Ye Chen constitution, or extremely horrible place, it is easy to fall leaf morning only took quenching pimento, even absorption late they quickly ran to the outside. Kacha suddenly sounded in front of a tree broken sound, Ye Chen's body suddenly stopped, quickly hold your breath, to suppress the body coming into the grass, mud and decaying leaves blend together, licking the body and face,Jordan Big Ups Sale, a little point to remove the body and not attached to the ground to avoid the buttons on the clothes and other places, the ground fine pebbles driven to give subtle friction sound alarmed distant monster. His hand fingertips insisted on the ground to do push-ups posture, slowly remove the forward, leaned down, only one refers to the distance of the chest and on the ground, such as a lizard, came to a dense bushes, carefully, through through the slit, to look forward to. I saw in the open space of five hundred meters away, a slightly sunken, a height of about Wuzhang, (15m), height of seven feet, limbs stout tree monster, the systemic long a strong black sè hair, skull pole long, cylindrical shape, snout complex turbinate, slender, pointed teeth, worm-like long tongue covered with saliva, slimy very creamy. "Anteater" leaf morning made me surprised, did not expect to see here anteater, this monster eats ants monsters there are zombie ants, powerful physique, nothing to fear from ants virus, digestive virus evolution extremely powerful, the natural enemies of all ants beast beneath the head monster, a large group of zombie ants, of some the quintana Black sè crustaceans, some the black sè crustaceans long blood red sè spots, which is a toxic zombie ants , the constitution is not strong direct poisoned zombie had no chance. "Om" anteater mouth of sound vague, long tongue was thick thighs, from above grow many pink sè tentacles, great terror, go to the surrounding volume. Biting ants in its feet, sharp teeth simply will not be able to break open the skin of the anteater, all of a sudden it was these small the matte finish tentacles Juanzhu, who crustaceans saliva rapid corrosion on the tentacles. Winded all the tentacles shrink back, even with the main tongue long and sharp mouth close to the original pink snake head, strapped to the ants drawn into the mouth, chew a few bright red tongue again extended to the remaining ants volume go. Leaf morning made me a cool head anteater physique absolutely 500 plus a day to eat a lot of ants monster food, swallowed up their base in the body meat and flesh and blood, the amount of savings, more physical growth fast, even if he opens the Superman mode, will kill the chance of only about 60%, not to mention now can not enter Superman. Fair to say ...... tiger blood evolved toothed tiger, and now only 300, in the last days before the head anteater, absolutely no tigers powerful evolution should also not so strong. But in fact, the head anteater potential is enormous, in the first evolution, physical crazy grow to 100, two or three thousand times, is one of the super-monster on land. Escape leaf morning trying to make their own emotions calm down, do not panic, cold sweats, or the sweat taste the anteater attracted, he carefully receding only slowly until leaving hundreds of meters from the cat body, quickly ran in the other direction, the front food the idler xìng anteater, next to all the rest are not too concerned about. "I did not expect, in the forest, even the presence of such a terrible, do not know is migrated from somewhere else, or already exists here." Skimming leaves morning in the grass, cold hearts. Way gingerly to run. He did not dare run too fast, it will be a monster to detect. He did not dare to stop, will be a monster to catch up. With distinguish monster odor, experience, Ye Chen way to avoid many powerful monsters. Whiz driven by a gentle breeze, running most of the day, and exports far in front of Ye Chen does not have the slightest relaxation and ran, along the tree, poke the bushes, jumped stand up from the inside, a dynamic figure, suddenly accelerated out of the the mountains, and went into the wilderness areas. Leaf morning without the slightest pause, flew all the way to leave the forest, the wilderness just outside zombie more like those powerful monsters have to scarce, even if it met the ant colony, its speed can also quickly fled. A dilapidated building, Ye Chen creeping above. "The armored Mastiff" Ye Chen eyes a move seen kilometers away a height of twenty feet, strong limbs of the dog family monster, took out the energy pistol, pointed at its head. Current the ordinary pistol manufactured by modern civilization effective shè of process, most 50 meters to 100 meters, more than this distance, the power will be significantly weakened, there is not much of mass destruction, but the energy is not the same pistol, is a prehistoric Rune remains produced, the bullet shè strike and modern civilization there are many different more wonderful jīng, reduced air resistance, coupled with the power of firearms, lead to effective shè drive very far, one thousand meters can maintain the most strong attacking force. At this point, the armored Mastiff gunpoint seems to realize what rushed into the next to an abandoned building, disappeared in the morning, leaves eyes. "Is indeed the 45 monsters, good sharp" Ye Chen hearts Antan heard,Coach Outlet Sale, "too calm state of mind, making murderous exposed, it seems to tone it down." He then pistol on the energy side of the pocket in the quenching Hong The fruit took out,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, this fruit is extremely hard, did not reach 10, whereas the constitution, can not chew. The leaves morning four weeks and not what the monster was hiding in the corner of the top of the building side, the quenching pimento thrown into the mouth and chew it up, chew his physique, dental stone can easily will quench allspice chew, sweet juice filled in the mouth, and the last one to swallow. Devour quenching pimento, after not long, leaf morning will be nice and warm feeling of abdominal feel my bones began to grow numb, skin uncontrolled shaking, peristaltic, not afraid, but excited body in the excitement swallowed like a machine, inside the muscle, bone shaking excitement, crackling sound, slightly flushed skin, contains impurities the black sè sweat drops, overflow from the pores of the skin, the skin wet glowing foul odor. Leaf morning but did not bother so much, I just feel every inch of the skin of the body are trembling like a beggar suddenly know that he is the kind of excitement after an emperor to the trembling excitement rushing to ~ ~ Ye Chen audible vascular blood inside Pentium, such as the Yangtze River roaring, surging momentum. Quenching pimento, specially grown up on the body, washing impurities pop, pop ~ ~ ~ heart strong and powerful beats, such as chimes, very loud, as if beating Ye Chen ear, as if he saw the body of earth-shaking changes in, saw the roar roar of blood in the blood vessels, saw steel shattered heart, saw the tendons and bones, there is a trace of sense of jade leaf morning the body is quick-change. Ten minutes later ... everything has died down. Ye Chen opened his eyes pupil of the eye, as if there is two handle sword Beng shè the the out, extremely frightening, eyes sharp, fist grip, the power surging in the body in the body so that he could not help but want to sky and Zhang Yin.

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