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China Base City has developed antworten

> Not long after, Ye Chen will be through the highway came Oe zhōngyāng, viewed from above, the surging river, below the rate of flow is quite rapid, in the water Jidao a four or five Mimi shadow swimming rather Thriller, if someone fell off, I'm afraid these fish strange bite even scrap left. Www! QUANBen! Com Ye Chen looked at, he does not think much, quickly walked to the front, not long before they came to a bridge, at this section of the road below the pier I do not know what to severing, resulting in road collapse, and the distance from the opposite about as big as 20 meters, the middle is a rolling river, which sometimes whole body covered with scales, shark's fin, long a pair of strange fish with scales arm swimming, if there is life falling down will immediately be surrounded. Whoosh! Ye Chen a few steps back, the body suddenly a short distance sprint, jump to the other side of the road, a distance of 20 meters, to him, nothing. ...... Soon, under the highway, not long gone, they far to see white nunnery here, it is not far from the base city. Ye Chenfei quickly walked past, this area is often near the military after and there is no powerful monster, after a while,Air Jordan Big Ups, came to the gate of the city, to produce a general warrant, they entered the base in the city. "The other end of the three wolves belong to the evolutionary monster, flesh and blood did not sell at very high prices,Coach Hotsale Online, low physical for those who regularly eat, you can increase the power, strong bones and muscles!" Leaf morning while walking on the street side of the calculation of hearts. Strength is stronger, the body needs more energy, a one man of ordinary people, to eat three bowls of rice each meal full control with the physical enhancement, rice nutrition has been unable to replenish the energy consumption of the human body, at least to eat hundreds of bowls, or even thousands of bowls of rice together the energy to be able to add. Hundreds of bowls of rice, which in addition to nutrition, the number of residue? Ye Chen 30 constitution, ordinary rice, eat every meal at least 900 bowls full, but 900 bowls of rice residue (feces), enough to hold a toilet, which is far from reality. Evolutionary monster flesh and blood, that is, the best food! Head TEW constitution reached 55, flesh contains high nutritional energy, Ye Chen constitution, as long as each meal with a small, you can fill the stomach, sufficient physical energy consumption, if eat some can also be a strong body! "Refrigerator can not afford the electricity is too expensive, does not pay, or to sell the hotel to say, the other stripped of its coat, so that the production department the help made into Leather or sweater, a significant increase in defense than my own tough film. "move over, the construction of power stations in the base city, barely enough for the Ministry of Information, simple operation, such as the Atlantis civilization excavated the base city, inside a large amount of energy Stone was born, there are many super-Technology technical control of the Ministry of Scientific Research, to base the city will enter a period of rapid development! At present, China's base city above the equipment can only be considered a first-class base city only. "Atlantis to find the smelting plants, these monster claws, with Rune civilization melting character, manufacturing become weapons, hard, far stronger than these golden sword." Leaf morning made me pondered decision the TEW arm cut off and thrown into the spaceship in the refrigerator, etc. to get smelting factory, these are the raw materials. Raw materials ...... "Ye Chen hearts of a move, eyes lit up, think of a lucrative good idea, at this time, most people will be dark creature kill, only to take the base of meat, the body, contains a large number of viruses, can not take, so they casually discarded, along with his own as well, until now, to think of it, some of them powerful monster claws, teeth, can be collected later convened a large number of people for these excess can also trafficking. Thought of this, the pace of Ye Chen a turn, turned and walked to of Xu Tianguo two place to live, to the building under guard, to produce a General Order, went in, like residential housing permit, if not, Admittance, but the General's Command base in the city, all certificates are easy to use, where to have the line. Leaf morning hundreds of times walked down the hall, and went up along the side of the stairs, not long before they came to the the Xu Tianguo the house, knocked on the door. Pound ~ ~ ~ squeak! The door opened, the sister of David Wong stuck his head out from the inside, dark eyes saw leaf morning, immediately eyes light up, know that this is where they live on the house, eat food benefactor, Link Road: Ye Chen brother, came to my brother what? "Ye Chen nodded and rubbed her little head, and went in, they saw on the sofa in the living room, sitting the Xu Tianguo two, in addition, there is a leisure serving youth, looks unremarkable, but there are a pair of extremely clever black sè big eyes, saw leaf morning, they immediately stood up, happy authentic: "leaves Big Brother!" Ye Chen nodded, this young man named Zhou Zi Cheng, these days by Xu Tianguo two people enrolled, before I, China, a strong rise later, the baby had been an ancient civilization ruins, and later got out of hand, turned out, the rapid rise rush all the way under the strong base in China City chart top 100! Time base in China is not like now, at that time, China Base City has developed, inside the strong clouds, shrouded master the strong list 100, just pick one, are people the presence of the enemy, to force him before I could barely squeeze into this list! "Boss!" Boss! "The Xu Tianguo two have turned around and look to the leaf morning, yù stand up, leaf Morning waved, said:" Sit down! "Three she sat down. "How?" Leaf morning sitting on the couch, asked at random. The Xu Tianguo laughed: "enough to live comfortably, this rì child in the last days, it should be considered very good." Ye Chen nodded, said: "The recent recruitment of a bit slow, I'll give you the points list , most of the people in China Base City to quickly come together. "Xu Tianguo thought for a moment and said:" I intend to recruit a few people entered the army, and then specialized task for the duty gates, so that, can search faster. "" Well, this is a good idea. "Ye Chen nodded in appreciation. "However, this cost is necessary to more," Xu Tianguo hesitation. Ye Chen Shouyi Bai, on the sofa, said: "Never mind, I'll give you wait for the next make an account in the past." Hunting in blood generals, just in the Department of Commerce for the storage card but also the way scraping search over , which should save a lot of meat glycosylation. General generals will leave some of the base of meat, to prevent the case of what can be purchased at any time. Xutian Guo smiled, and said: "it would be easier, I wait for the next went to the convener of hand." Ye Chen nodded, said: "In addition to this, there is one thing you should complete to recruit a number of staff, ready to acquire a powerful zombie corpse. "zombie corpse?" the Xu Tianguo eat surprised,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, Zhou Zicheng and David Wong have also consternation. ...... Later, facing the wall to go

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