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rubbed his forehead when he antworten

> Glass table, a pot of steaming water, a glass, installed a half a glass of whiskey next to a big bowl of chopped-meat. WWW, QUanbEN Com Ye Chen hands holding a sharp kitchen knife, looked intently White Dragon's wounds, deep authentic: "hold on" White Dragon hearts strange, there is no answer, his head was heavy knock, fainted. Ye Chen White Dragon knocked unconscious, they start rapid action, first open irrigated in that wound, the flesh and blood has become black, the blood suffused with a fishy taste. Open irrigated in the open wound, what a pain? White Dragon is completely not feel virus catalyst, his nervous system gradually reduce the pain, even if it killed a knife, just feel mosquito bites a bit, plus in a coma at the moment, completely unconscious . Such as water to wash away the wound black sè blood, leaf morning with a kitchen knife that was boiled flesh and blood, to cut down the inside flesh and blood, suddenly emerging pan slightly black blood. The base of meat ground into juice! "Ye Chen Chen Sheng said the next leaf bamboo. Bamboo leaves stunned for a moment, but can not ask how, took a wooden stick, the base of meat down dozens of blocks in an iron pot, start mashing. At this time, the leaves morning that was almost boiling spirits, poured a spoonful of Malone's wound, there is a strong incineration xìng of wine, can be used to clean up the toxins. Ye Chen went to the kitchen, garlic, vinegar, and took all the garlic thrown into the iron pot, pour half a bottle of white vinegar, bamboo leaves together with the base of meat mashed up together. Ye Chen spirits cleaning the wounds of the White Dragon, etc.-meat and white vinegar, garlic mashed juice, a total of about two bowls, all poured into a white dragon's mouth. "He really good to come over?" Bamboo leaves some concern. Ye Chen shook his head and said: "Man of luck, but fortunately, infection time is short, or really difficult to treat." Leaf bamboo silent. Ye Chen patted her on the shoulder, pointing to the ground next to the variability dog ​​carcasses, said: "This is the first monster flesh and blood can be used, and contains a wealth of energy, dog meat has always been nourishing head variation dog meat , if all a person eat, can improve the five-handedly! its coat, took to do the clothes! "nutrition of the meat of animals,Crossbodys Coach Outlet, a tiger meat natural nutritional value than a pig high! The head variability dogs, more precious than the tiger meat a few times! Ye The bamboo then he noticed that the variation dogs, exclaimed: "This is your time to go hunting?" Ye Chen nodded. Leaf bamboo frowned and said: "The next time to do such a dangerous thing, you do not take me with you can, but be sure to tell me!" Ye Chen wry smile, nodded his head. Bamboo leaves then joined variation dog next to squat look glances, strange and said: "Brother, this monster his flesh can eat it? Not only the base of meat can eat it?" Ye Chen shook his head, said: "in the zombie body, only the base of the meat you can eat, the other contains a virus zombie, are a product of evolution failed! head monster, belong to the evolutionary success, even if it is caught, bite, it will not infected with the virus, become a zombie. "base meat!" said simply, is the senior flesh and blood, if you really want to sub-levels, cockroaches and mice meat is a flesh and blood, the flesh and blood of ordinary human beings is 2, tiger meat 3, the base of meat is 10! "the higher the level of the meat, which contains energy, nutrition, the more rich!" 2 flesh and blood of ordinary people, to eat three flesh and blood tiger, is physical health body, powerful physique! If you eat the meat of 10 base will improve strength,Classic Coach Bags, improve physical fitness, to achieve the effect of an evolutionary ...... and head variation dogs, the virus catalyzed, flesh and blood has been evolutionary, flesh and blood is equal to 7 the degree of flesh and blood, can simply be understood as it is the body is the inferior base meat! "Ye Chen said:" The virus did not produce toxic, it is equivalent to a nutritional gas! monster can evolve slowly, because the virus the absorbed human become a zombie, evolution fails because human beings can not afford nutritional gas. "" It's like an ant can not eat an elephant, because it was not so big belly to be installed, it is forced to eat, Only Cheng Si! "leaf bamboo Huangwu the over the hearts of some to understand over. Next, the leaf bamboo pick up the fire ax, the variation dog dragged into the kitchen, first drawn and quartered, throw away the viscera and other organs can not eat, then boil hot water, pluck, anatomic up. Ye Chen was sitting on the couch, thinking about what happened afterwards. Few hours, the leaf bamboo put a lion variation dogs to cut into many parts, respectively, cooked with water, then cut into small pieces, add some spices fried up. Variation dog fur, she used an ax to cut off, wash clean, remove Xuexing Qi, keep making clothes. Dinner hours. Table, two pots full of meat, add the spices become fragrant, after so many days of exercise, leaf bamboo cooking skills have skilled up, never wire potatoes into potato chips. Ye Chen nodded, said: "This variation dog meat fight early, to keep the loss of nutrition, these days do not cook every meal meat, cook the meat to eat." Leaf bamboo laughed . Eat a large pan of variation dog meat, Ye Chen felt the increase in body strength of a few pounds, an increase of only half, whereas, this pot of meat-can give him to increase two-handedly. However, Ye Chen did not disappoint, after all, that variation dogs physique is large enough for them to eat four or five days, in accordance with the standard three meals a day, every day can increase the power of one and a half people, plus go out hunting zombie base of of meat a day can increase an average of the two, and even three-handedly! "You go to the room to sleep, I looked at him." After dinner, Ye Chen said the sister leaf bamboo. Bamboo leaves hesitated, only nodded his head. ...... Night, Ye Chen moment is like to wake up a sleep like state, this state will not only make the body have been restored, but also to prevent White Dragon into a zombie, protruding attacks on him. However, the night was calm ...... the next morning, leaves morning woke up and saw a white dragon, he saw the skin to restore a rosy, black eyes no longer look normal no difference was assured down. Head faint ...... the "the White Dragon faint wake up to speak Yaosuanbeiteng, groggy mind could not help to sit up, reach out and rubbed his forehead when he heard the joy of ear a voice said:" You wake up ? "White Dragon looked up, I would see bamboo leaves a rough clothes, standing in front of him, not far from the table in front of a dark-haired man, still eating their breakfast. White Dragon suddenly sober up, looked at his hands, nails, and no longer, but also there thinking, did not become a zombie! At the right arm, the the faint pain came, he looked at the wound bandaged white cloth. "How do I become a zombie?" White Dragon consternation. Leaf bamboo hehe smile, turned around and pointed to the leaves on the table morning, said: "My brother help you deal with the wound to clean up the toxins." White Dragon stunned, looked up to the dark-haired man on the table and looked vaguely sounded between pre-coma, ears to hear this man's voice, he hesitated for a second, my mind an unspeakable gratitude, stood up and walked around Ye Chen laughed: "what happened last night, thank you you, but for you, I died. "Ye Chen indifference:" Nothing, eat breakfast, finished wanted to go hunting zombies. "White Dragon heard him call their own, is also preparing breakfast polite, say "thank you, how the nerve that kind of thing, but to hear the next one, suddenly Yie, seems to doubt my ears, and said:" You want to go out hunting zombies? "leaf morning indifferent Road:" is not only , you have to go ...... "White Dragon moment to speak, mind dizzy, heaven and earth matt dim rì month, after quite a while, whisper said:" I am a wounded person, what can be done, get free time and hurt you ... "Ye Chen exposed Huangwu in the eyes of God sè, said:" you is a waste, well, you go out, do not eat breakfast. White Dragon: "......" "do not go?" that ... I just said what was it, oh, I the intermittent xìng amnesia, what did you just say? "sister, my sword put gone? "uh, I suddenly want it, I tell you to hunt zombies!" ...... Recommended votes, collectibles,Jordan Superfly Sale, click on this three ** treasure, fattened book necessary medicine! ! ! <

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