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21.05.2013 08:31
but rather curiosity increases antworten

> 455 into the Green Fen, who had it should be said is ignorant and incompetent, but Incredible to say, such a person is actually very envy and admire those who learned knowledge. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM since Chien encountered in the Confucian world "after a dusty door called" book "again this prodigal son opened. But he also thought in the past into the autumn Quarters test Scholars beautiful verses instinct takes down, but I am afraid that the so-called classics of 1.3 million words back a tenth even good. Before in order to cope with this Qigong Zi, three difficulties in the knowledge down, to be honest, sympathetic strange things and leaves the other alone is not grievous, but in that case, and leaves people do not know what that reason, only I feel really boring nothing to questions. This mood of ancient and modern science, as if someone Riddles whole pour a friend, and then eat as According to laugh himself smarter than the other, it must be so supercilious. Kid living in marital pipa eight king head, face, demons and monsters have their own intestines. This sentence was first seen in the the Jin Yonglao "Eagle Shooting Heroes", and later through the novel kept being referenced under the curious have checked the source. Just seems truly ancient to source non-retroactivity, but there are clearly documented the exact Zhang Yi Ming Dynasty official all Ji Wen "recorded. This time is the early Qing Dynasty, Qigong Zi who know this joint can reflect his widely read, such a person or rich nerd, but rare is a narrow-minded villain, the marriage of Miss firewood or Reconsideration. If this is associated ignorance and make appropriate response to that is just used to spread a chain of a circle. Sure enough, mental arithmetic mood under the hapless Qigong Zi who did not move did not mess with who was pit. Above the living room in front of the future father-in-law's face was broken - down the old scribes which rightly a mockery, also find reason to want to get angry, this flexor hold in almost suffocated people. Miss Cai out is very gentle and lovely apology can still feel wrong,Coach Online Outlet, uncomfortable. "The cloud rude, to the second question." Miss Chai cloud to see this sentence back to the attention of Qigong Zi paused before we go on. "Now that the associated pair, Cai Yun-grabbing salute, Mr. Chin Chai Gongzi down poetry does not seek rhyme ze, as long as the word King on can cloud presumptuous, Mr. Chin pointing." Are said can not, Miss. "Audacious dare not bully," Cai Yun poetry first thing extraordinary export very imposing, used as the opening first third of the shock, Qin, Qi two loud praise, who knows hardly ever like this sound, the other verses suddenly of a street. Zhang Fei drink off when Yang Bridge. "" Oh? "They are the big turning point stunned, across from each other in the end I do not know Miss Cai sing to which the. "Although it is not a good deal, 1st couple hundred days grace" ...... "even" ah "are not poor Qigong Zi thoroughly confused, this is what a mess of things, incoherently enough to describe, That is simply not poetry, but come on up. Ah ...... "Mr. Chin seems to be overawed, just stiff quizzical look on his face only paused a moment, then broke out into a fit of laughter." Ha ha ha ha ha, Miss Cai is not only extraordinary knowledge, And so informative, more rare so funny. Qinmou this knowledge to your government and President, is really reckless. "Then said reckless, Mr. Chin was convulsed with laughter, a substantial loss of Mr. Logically speaking style, just firewood lords and Qigong Zi was strange poetry could not understand why, at the moment just want solutions heart to have doubts Actually, I'm who blame him. "Mr. Chin, only small woman painstaking authorities do worthy of breaking in an instant if it were a cloud, Mr. Krishna is a great blessing. Just ... young cloud, sometimes naughty, sir, do not complain too stupid like my students. Cai Yun spoke last night wanted good lines, while dark sense of funny so big, this is the first time that his naughty but fine think about it, most wanted such things as shelter court have out far more than naughty so simple can expose. "Shucks, Miss big before, said knowledge Qinmou really can not teach a. From days've read a lot of light readings, went through a lot of places, talk about the Heritage story around the legend also Miss Bo smile. Cough, sorry, sorry, distracting Qinmou, today poetry Qigong Zi Miss,Coach Bags Outlet, one reason or another I outsiders put many words, sorry sorry "and Miss Chai blind date title test suddenly jump out of more than forty year-old outsider to onlookers, the beginning of time Qigong Zi mind is really unpleasant feeling only just listened to the second question that somehow, the brain no clue unhappy middle-aged old man one knows everything look like, but at the moment subconsciously want each other to talk to Miss Chai nonsense while, so that they have time to think each other just to talk happy, the old man turned quickly reminds himself, and now they do not give a The answer is to play the fool anymore. "Well, Miss poem ...... enigmatic, niche temporarily unable to answer, please grace moment. "Qigong Zi is not the kind of person really no brain couplet yesterday barely able to last so strong charge Cao Zhi, but now this poem even failed to understand the meaning, even to hard on the scalp that can road ran Qigong Zi does not have to try so hard, the poem is shallow, but it is also cloud spend a long time before finishing son is slowly serious thought. "Chai cloud is very gentle, not ruthless, laughing nightmare blossoming do the other wanted to go one time Chai hall was silent, only trying to come up the Chai Gongzai frown of expression, under a crowd issued not put that put down the bowl of the Qing Xiang This poem ...... if ...... sarcastic? Scholars in the end is the real materials, a poem in mind repeatedly read a hundred times, even if the rational is not yet sorted out the clue, but emotionally secretly touch to the prospect of a solution this kid is pretty indeed be regarded as imaginative agility, just marriage substandard, that is really nothing to be done, although do so some against his will, but if he can go from arrogance to dry, is not necessarily an improvement an opportunity to see each other's brow slightly Shu Qing Fen know this the Chai Gongzai has touched some prospect, but he the player is stuck in a long test, be aware of the passage of time, in fact, the time has passed more than half an hour, the servant continued tea have two back, it is time to give him the final blow. pretend inadvertently Qing Fen Ce Toukan twice to see the outside of the hour, slightly hurried tea drinking in the hands of firewood classic Although there is little knowledge But when it comes to the details of these ways of the world is here Younger Junior to make another few horse can not catch up and saw this little trick they know, Mr. quasi actually own home hungry I do not know the rich the poor bitter, firewood classic childhood is also a poor background, know the taste of hungry, a look at Mr. Chin father and daughter look like this for some time did not eat fed, quickly commanded Baiyantuo the moment, Mr. Qin also be father and daughter went to this Seder, at the same time be considered to Mr. Jie Feng. see firewood classic so with everything is ready, green forge a secret signal, next to the small one made suddenly dawned on expression, and then started laughing and holding his stomach. "cloud cloud sister, your poetry,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, this poem too bad - the girls seem to just curled, whole person lying on the armrest almost out of breath. "Well, little one, pay attention to speak, What is Miss poem bad "next to his father reprimanded her daughter speak not pay attention to words, but his face was obviously fighting back a smile, apparently felt her daughter's words is not without reason. Mr. Qin's daughter to listen to understand that poetry yet? diesel-old man not much mind the girl's rude, but rather curiosity increases and a layer of this analogy is not even knowledge of this girl is still above that Qigong Zi? Mr. Qin well-known Example is well, a major problem, or in fact Qigong Zi only just mediocre? seeing firewood vintage looking slightly changed, the Father was on the sets, Green Fen cypher played, all plan to continue. "This poem, this poem is the sister wrote a satire those mouth-sharp, the empty belly false literati it? Laughed for a long always laugh enough, the small clutching his stomach face some muscle twitching. "Sister agile, this poem is meant. Cai Yun answered with a smile, the dialogue between the girl, tone and Mr. and son. "Cough" Green Fen cough: "that do not speak out of turn, Miss Cai and Qigong Zi is down to business , you are so random that a disturbing Qigong Zi thinking "Oh, I'm sorry, Qigong Zi, Cai Miss, I rude" father reminded small one seems to think that in an exam, and he was just on the sidelines people, simply do not make the exam any evaluation., this is satire and irony belly but no real duck mouth immortal literati szsdwmr a reminder, Qi Gongzai, suddenly wake up really is such a thing. Having said that, they would just feel solved this poem is still on things none of this odd stylistic brain, let alone on a poem and ... no belly literati ... Miss Chai ... Could also ironic poem yourself? said of himself, in fact, nothing learned to Ze, a pro-Chai talented woman, it is wishful thinking? Well, firewood, we did have a rich and powerful, Miss beautiful and talented, surnamed Qi does not come down to be married into a real man how can fancy humiliation, shame Japan must be reported think Qigong Zi up against the above firewood lords and the Miss Cai Shi a ceremony: "Miss Chai Caigaobadou the nei Mu fish humbled. This resignation. Finished speaking despite behind firewood classic retain almost tossed sleeves out of the door to the Chai House. Qing Fen is an evil star, went doomed no peace. Surnamed Qi trouble had left clear surname trouble again. [..] <

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