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21.05.2013 08:26
Purple freesia no intention antworten

> At the end of the 422 back and forth so many causal entangled, as if the wool is generally tied Man Chau, waves on death row three teams, and anyone not in the first instant to sort things out. the WWW! qUANbeN! com until the history has been deduced,Women's Nike Jordan, clear step-by-step, the last moment, of the Philippines has finally solved the last knot. Regardless of each other task aside, but three teams each with the evolution of the elements that finally placed in the eyes of all. The now the huge animal Druid has died, dead or alternative as the longevity of the black female captain swimming escape, and now only corrupt the woodland powerful, as long as Fei Duan purification of fallen power becomes pure force of nature, then the path of evolution of the great apes have all paved. "Must pay the price? What cost?" This is green Fen inquiry. In fact, no matter what the cost, if this task must, that part of the Philippines can only pay only if it is too costly, then as a captain can not be as nothing has happened. "In fact ... not much consideration here planted the tree of life, which is that the dark elves asylum field that seed grow into a big tree by its power, and then I will be here the power of the fallen completely purified, time-consuming and takes about two or three months, "the seeds of the tree of life, that I am afraid the first NPC led the team leader of the player in order to express the friendship and the Man Chau team sent gift. Theoretically This tree will grow into a semi-plant field planes, which will grow out of all the plants in all the world. For a plant operator, the value of this thing is almost no assessment. "This loss is not a small number of" communication side Qing Fen smile, when a captain must take into account the interests of the team, but can not ignore the interests of the individual. Before has levied Fei Duan personal pledge reel, it was later to make up, but, after all, is not the money two cargo clearance kind of understand it can be quantified comparison of compensation. Although Duan Fei and Zhang Amoy recognized desert safaris that this practice, but this is all downwind, in case of a team of internal contradictions burst, such things will become even heart knot magic, it hard to say. Now want her to sacrifice important objects relevant to their future, to fulfill the interests of the team, then how to show consideration for her personal interests? "No other way to do it? Sacrifice seems significant, has exceeded the mission reward Huh? Wrong how can there be such a task, the loss is greater than granted, it would mean that forced the game to force a negative score?" Saying half Green Fen suddenly realized wrong with that, his hair looked confused. "This seems to be a contradiction to understand others moment does not want to understand that there is the crux of the corrupt side of the woodland Fei Duan had to pause the action, further say. Insects Valley Green Fen easy day trip 大眼瞪小眼, they did not want to understand how to reconcile this spear shield, suddenly easy to someone ear a slight movement, sharp sense has been ahead of some different shape. Not long after him, Green Fen Zen Heart Kung Fu also heard the footsteps of woodland broken pieces. This time this has ever come here has been depleted, no, it should be said that there is only one green Fen stiff neck and turned his head away, and soon she saw Yin Yin shadows, a petite figure dragging long sheath in the field of vision. I have been psychologically prepared Qing Fen side full forehead sweating side of the heart to pump myself up. Logically speaking, the Eight products impregnable should be blocking the 10th successful force purple freesia sword ...... ...... the footsteps gradually clear, silhouette Akira closer, just obstructed view see real , I just feel the small purple footsteps seem a little bit heavy, but face-to-face at the moment, the other side of the shape or to feel slightly nervous young Fen want to be spectacular and ill-intentioned easy day trip, or even on one side did not even figure out the master, and uncle tension of what small cheeky surprise of color. To really be purple freesia Yes, but not just her, her arms still holding a monkey, a monkey saying the purple freesia own type is very petite, tall just over one meter Fourth, even the habit of action is to grasp the Qing Fen clothing or jewelry, or sleeves, if they get too close to talk to her or even have looked up. And she was holding a monkey is not small, on the ground I m 90 cm, and long legs long tail moment his arms round the neck of the purple freesia reduction in her arms, the shape of the two how not look like hold pets, hand, and the workers were on site almost carrying the boxes, "This is ..." Green Fen finger point the TV drama has apparently some dead monkeys and giant traces do not know purple freesia so, trouble to take him here want to do. "The way I see him down siege by a group of insects. I think he hit it off with me, so this is baby green brother, is this good our children?" The purple freesia no to pull knife cut Logically speaking is a good thing, Green Fen first to know, even if she just speak also cause the effect of the sword through the. Easy day trip face muscles pumping * move, turning green Fen, his eyes showed sympathy, a mouth, watch mouth seems to say "Congratulations". Congratulations on what? Blessed with a child? Green Fen murder vision gloating bastard mouth, then pressed back. The poor young actually the father, and the child or an ape blue Highness, drew his sword and was about to kill me sad to come from the heart, grief Mo Yan,Crossbodys Coach Bags, Qing Fen has burst into tears do not know what to say. Now he must think of how long this "baby" storm will spread, even after he really have a child, small green since the know a monkey Big Brother, how to coax do not accept "Babe" and the like, such as "Baby" call, a call to cry, cry every time Green Fen head on the wall. So the baby and then look at the Green Fen performances into a quite a long time Island team entertainment. It is the latter situation, let us not above, the lens or cut back. "That, Lan Lan, we obviously impossible to bring it back, this is something outside the rules" in order to own the last dignity and face, communication all laugh rolling in, but at least not every day for the next staged this scene, the monkey adopted son must be placed here, even if it is a lie nonsense hesitate. Easy day trip mouth seems to say what even the NPC have brought back with monkeys absolutely no issues, could inflame. Green Fen like prophets measured slightly too far corner of my eye to the meaning of his life the most intense threat. Reckon own words is, that kid can really find their own desperately, and finally touched the face, easy day trip or a dangerous joke swallowed. "Is it? Unfortunately, the only cure him stay here, but I after each task can look at him, though do not want to, but so be it the" purple freesia did not consider green brother be to their mouthful Bupleurum, simple, and even let someone apprentice of master faint cast a disdainful - actually deceive such a simple girl, the master is boundless evil "and so on, you just said What? "Green Fen direct disregard of the little tricks of the apprentice, the the purple freesia word reminded his great might:" You say that after each task can be returned to King Kong Island? "ah" purple freesia monkey to on the feet, and some of the baby curled up against her and some attachment: "I deliberately asked each mission gap, spend 10 bonus can return to the the previous tasks scene, the direction of the flow of time is certain, but the degree is not necessarily, may have passed 10 days, it may have passed a hundred years. "" ah, that's it "found that the reward is not the crux of the problem, such as loss of Green Fen hammer hand. In fact, the species of the tree of life in the field of Elf asylum, the need for thousands of years time to worthy Dayong, the efficiency of direct people stomachache, but momentary thought out a good way to. Purple freesia no intention of a word but it is a magic formula that species in the task scene, where the flow of time than Wizard areas only fast not slow, hard to say a few hundred years, a few tasks, where the life The tree has been fully grown into. In this case, this loss will not mean loss, but is a great opportunity to resolve the matter sometimes is so simple the purple freesia word settle all difficulties, the pretty Island team to complete the task on the road and then do not have any of the block, Fei Duan transplant trees to the corruption of woodland, the energy of life began to purify this piece of black land. After all Needless described, through woodlands purification of life, the corpse of the effect of the virus into a reverse extend the the apes life, insects mutation hormone that violent attacks characteristics is soft, limited to the extent of the Wild Finally given by the force of life the local creatures more strong and healthy body. Not only benefit the apes, and even other species and therefore become much stronger. The effect of the tree of life is not limited to small woodland, its atmosphere will gradually spread to the whole island, including insects Valley, all biological transformation will be under the forces of nature are imported track. Another was worth mentioning that the monkeys in the purported mass extinction, only leaving a monkey it becomes King Kong cruel Holocaust did not happen. When the tree of life begins to grow, the last foot mold testing, we accidentally found bird baby's foot mold to remove the moment, not distant coast, the node's door has been open. "We still missing something" green Fen some frustration happy to note that his hair: "We have identified the first three elements just let the monkey into the great apes, but the unique diamond there is a hidden element - human-friendly we ignore this mission is really just a D +,Air Jordan 13 UK, and I do not a qualified captain "<

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