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21.05.2013 08:16
Nangong Jinlong careless if toward antworten

"We are not his opponent!" Buck Shaw sigh shook his head,Coach Bags Online, mouth that a smile is very helpless. The Nangong fierce et al is also to see one eye, have to shake head wry smile, still unable to change the outcome? "Nangong marshal, protect you to retreat,Coach Handbags Sale, here to give us the dark flag!" A deep voice into Nangong strong ears. Source of Nangong fierce can not help but follow the voice of look,cheap jordan shoes, saw a black flag soldiers stood in their side, look cool, shocking trace of blood mouth. "Dark flag stop him, he is the six medium-term animal, as the statue of seven order!" The Nangong fierce also openings way. "Rest assured, we have our own way!" Dark flag soldiers fierce nodded toward Nangong, then go ahead. The dark flag soldiers action as a signal, all the two thousand dark flag soldiers have walked forward, Nangong strong support behind. "Sacrifice! Black flag, burning life, into power, condensed shadow blood array! Marshal of Nangong, only one opportunity, to seize the!" The black flag soldiers immediately loudly drink a way. Suddenly, a bloody and tragic atmosphere immediately from the dark flag soldiers body rises. This method is based on Nangong, if God is left "soldier's way" mumbo-jumbo of matrix derived from, is left for the last time, when used in have no alternative against one's will. In two thousand J ī ng blood lead, communication of heaven and earth, as the shadow of God, kill. Dark flag soldiers everyone familiar with this array, but never used, because this method once cast, J ī ng blood will out all the dry. But this time, dark flag soldiers have no other choice, if not afraid of sacrifice, who also can not afford to go, here are the flag lord father, his wife, their life, more important than your own. Every dark flag soldiers eyes are burning, have pulled out a dagger, then y ù toward wrist cut off! Just then, a voice suddenly from afar. "His Niang of, cultivate your took the young master so many pills and J ī ng force, you have to collective Dutch act, don't tell me, eyes I have not the flag lord!" General. All eyes are dark flag soldiers a glimmer of hope, is a flag, flag Lord back, general back! Die! They are not afraid, but alive, but is the best. For a time, the momentum was relaxed, and strong Nangong and Kita Kura is also heavily breathed a sigh of relief, the little bastard, you can't save time? Nangong leaves slowly falling to the ground, fall in the dark warrior before the flag! "I have seen the general!" Two thousand dark flag warriors neat knelt. "Give me up! Mother, while looking for you! A supercilious look wolf!" Nangong from hard white public one eye, immediately turned to. "Jinlong predecessors, we meet again, huh? Congratulations to Jinlong predecessors, unexpectedly broke!" Nangong Jinlong careless if toward the embrace a boxing way. Jinlong is eyes slightly narrowed, look to Nangong from Nangong, first to see if he could feel vaguely, his practice, but this time, he is not feeling the slightest fluctuation. "If you are in Nangong, after the door, unexpectedly with white tiger emperor >

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