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21.05.2013 08:10
cleft to dragon suddenly crazy antworten

"The specific is how to return a responsibility?" Nangong if he frowned, asked. Fire Lin sighed, and said: "the master said, just before a many month, cleft to dragon suddenly crazy, strength is soaring, so that the two masters best are unable to suppress, but also a not well-known effort, help crack to dragon bombardment seal, the seal earthquake burst, although the smell has disappeared,Air Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, the two masters cannot repair the seal, the crack to dragon gradually began to encroach on the seal, is now about to break! So the two master let us..." Fire Lin y ù talks again, careful look at Nangong if one eye, but did not speak. "Let us quickly find the sword, then back to help is?" Nangong if interface. How do you know. Fire Kirin immediately one earthquake,Coach Outlet Sale, Nangong is already busy be scorched by the flames if he had seen, and so do not want to take their own things to trouble him. So to speak, is hesitant, do not know should tell him. But do not think, if they guess out of Nangong, startled, Fire Kirin eyes can not help but also to look at Nangong if. Nangong if smiled: "Fire Kirin, thank you, but we don't have to find the sword!" Why. Fire Kirin conditions against sh è general said, but he felt something was wrong, bowed his head! If Nangong can not help some funny look like the children do something wrong General Fire Kirin, immediately smiled: "because I have found the sword!" Before the speech, the ancient sword appeared out of nowhere in the hands, without drawing a sword, a sharp and irresistible smell began to diffuse away. Can't help fire Lin made a cold war, eyes also flashed like s è, he never thought, if Nangong had to find the sword. "Eldest brother, you are too powerful, so many things waiting for you to do, you have to help the two masters to the sword found, thank you brother!" Fire Kirin sincerely said. Nangong is a shame if, as good, if not the sword in the peak, then their time estimation is still a headache,Poppy Collection Coach Outlet, how to find the sword. However, the surface is laughed: "well, two old monster gave me so much good, how can I too stingy to pull out a hair? Moreover, we are brother, what thank you?" Have to say, if Nangong also can brazenly say such words, although some fake, but still let fire Kirin was moved to. "Is the!" Fire Kirin immediately the quivering voice says: "we are brothers, you are my brother, I still with you what?" If Nangong is secretly awkward around the Fire Kirin's shoulder, and then was laughing at a few words, and then looked down at the small, body. This time, it is best to split to dragon completely kill, then took his j ī ng blood to the small, small, take, then, should also be an impressive. At the time, Nangong if called all, will destroy the snow Shenzong, establish sect of things to the people to come to the small and the monster in the forest. Just go >

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