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21.05.2013 08:02
makes the five dragons on the light antworten

Who also don't know, at this time of Nangong from, into a very wonderful realm. It is a gray space, Nangong if eyes slightly narrow, like a birth in the placenta of baby, suspended in the space. Stay white, green, black, red, yellow five colors s è light dragon in Nangong from around Nangong,Coach New Arrivals Online, if care under their body of the white tiger. The gray air, as if the waves, and constantly toward the five dragons to wash away, every scouring, makes the five dragons on the light dim a. Do not know how long after, the five dragons finally under the grey s è wave erosion, gradually lost all color s è, revert to a grey. And sleep if Nangong, finally thoroughly exposed in the grey s è waves under. "Call --" grey s è merciless waves wash over Nangong from body, skinny body, like a leaf boat, floating above the gray s è waves. Grey s è sea boundless, a generous, open air over the entire space,Air Jordan Outlet, look far marginal, if Nangong is the sea in a light sand, the blink of an eye, is already gone. Grey s è waves are still rippling, and completely submerged by the sea of Nangong from, the thin body, is suddenly appeared in two black and white s light. Two light into the sky, intersection in midair, gradually condensed into a huge Tai Chi pattern, the black and white two s è y ī n yang fish true to life likeness, an ancient atmosphere coming waves. The huge Tai Chi square just appeared, a pillar of light from the Tai Chi of CIC sh è down, just to Nangong if included in the. Then, like a psychic whirlpool outside general, this huge Tai Chi pattern, slowly rotating up. With the passage of time, the rotating speed more and more quickly, the roar of the wind ring, at the same time, a huge drag force diffusion from the whirlpool out. Fill in the space of grey s è marine, visible to the naked eye fast towards the sink huge Tai Chi. Gas is gray is an ocean, and the huge Tai Chi pattern, is a huge sponge, both gray s è Qi how to condense, are the Tai Chi pattern absorption clean out completely. Gray gas decreased gradually,Nike Air Jordan 4 Sale, and absorb so much gray gas, Taiji pattern still does not have any change, but, if following Nangong, happened to turn the world upside down change is. On his body, five long shape it start to gather up, with the passage of time, gradually transformed into five dragons shadow. Although more than five dragons fly before, but the five dragons in the forming of the moment, but it is entwined in a place. Five different color s è dragons, unexpectedly is mutual devouring. Along with the deep slumber of Nangong from, also seems to have a general feeling, eyebrows is tiny wrinkly wrinkly, rotary even restore natural. Five dragons quickly, according to the Jin Mu fire and water soil order, followed by another little swallow, until finally only a small dragon. The amazing scene finally happened, the little dragon >

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