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21.05.2013 07:56
colorful Guanghua palm ghost just antworten

Blow out, wind is tiny tiny one Zheng, a Nangong if in battle and understand the "exit", which almost beat ourselves. He used to remember, this guy just to understand the "exit" when, on the "exit" feeling is already in the above himself, at the time of their own, but with the vigorous Qi just barely able to beat each other. But now, although under Liu old J ī ng guidance, to "exit" feeling greatly improve. But if this easy to Nangong if kill, kill him,Coach Handbags Sale, he also dare not believe, but this kid be full of craft and cunning, not good to play y ī n. Thought of here, the south is a mind to stay, it slightly back a bit, ready to respond to Nangong if the next y ī n recruit. Sure enough, the sky colorful Guanghua, Nangong from figure impressively shuttle to come over, the place visited, colorful Guanghua their avoidance. The five fingers curved, again toward the south wind chest caught the past! "If!" The following people have breathed a sigh of relief, if Nangong s è rosy, smooth breathing, no trace of injury, which they can not help but also heart set. While the south is frowned, before the Nangong if have been hidden in their colorful Qi, without the slightest fluctuation, and just feel his breath, the ghostly palms are less than three feet from the chest. Thus, if the speed of Nangong's horrible! But the South has preparation early, the right to recover, a turn of the wrist, ray of light flicker, a colorful Guanghua palm ghost just flashed, towards Nangong from the wrist in the past! "So I can stop me? Too naive!" If Nangong hissing voice suddenly came, let the wind could not help but fear. At the same time, a group of invisible Qi at the palm in Nangong from blast off, impressively is against the state power. Although not be infuriating attack like that has a magnificent brilliance, but their exit out, the entire space of volatility, especially the part of space recently, was direct collapse from. "Not good!" Southerly intuition scent carry all before one like himself to condense into the jaw awn shattered, and roughly into their meridians. The meridians as a shock, the transient paralysis, cannot help but face is a pale. Although is only a moment, but for two people as the master, this moment, enough. Wuzhishan Nangong if that white and slender, accurate grasp on the south wind chest skirt. "Your mother's half step Zun level,Crossbodys Coach Outlet, should come here now, big or small, today I also bully bully you!" He was in Nangong from the mouth. Soon after, five lines of his true with carry all before one of the guards in environment, was blasted into the south into the body, will instantly sealed his veins. Wuhua imperial Wuhua Qi was born out of five lines of source x ì ng Qi, but impure,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, although have five kinds of pigments and s è, but the quality is very different. So if Nangong instant seal southerly, has not encountered any substantial x ì ng difficulties. "Give me down -- >

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