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21.05.2013 07:48
people who also did not move antworten

No sword a word spoken, was stunned by the discovery, people who also did not move, but the kind of look down to look to her, can't help heart a sudden. "Don't they already know?" No Sword Fairy s è a red face, immediately filled the hearts of a bad idea. When miss, a voice is far came: "have no sword Xianzhang teach, you this one-man play too realistic some, chaotic heart thing, is now well known, do you still want to hide not to become? Or just want to get us five fairy door disciples, as cannon fodder?" A remark,Air Jordan Spizike, the five Imam are looking for the source of the sound, but no harvest. But Dai Rongfei is clearly heard, impressively is Nangong from sound, this kid is really interesting, so to say, let no Sword Fairy face go toward where put? But at the same time is also very gas, eyes fell on no Sword Fairy J ī ng color face s è, he would like to see,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, no sword to explain. No Sword Fairy eyes like electricity, source followed the sound look, but one place absolutely empty, there is no huge yuan to detect any information feedback. But the hearts of some doubts, face s è also become red one, y ī N and were publicly exposed, Rao is no Sword Fairy face again thick, can not help but also embarrassed. Immediately dry chuckle: "you do not listen to these people talk rubbish, a chaotic heart although is real, but I kept the door and not deliberately hide, and the chaos heart is powerful enough to support hundreds of chaotic mind genius promotion, I have no Sword Fairy can take, the key thing under the guise of, really do not want to let y ī n Yang circles here what cheap, you Zhang taught to feel at ease, even if the door is chaotic heart, also will centesimal, divide and the fairy door way!" No Sword Fairy words say speak in excitement emotion, let hide in the Chaos Space in Nangong is also greatly if, no Sword Fairy skinned exercise with their not much difference between the point of. After the five Imam heard this, who also did not move, but the wind stream of Imam Xiao Qingfeng, laugh: "also hope no sword Xianzhang teach don't forget this word is r!" No Sword Fairy secretly wiped the sweat, although the points out some chaotic heart, but better than become a target for all, what also not fish. Thought of here, could not help but laugh: "the remaining seven Imam can testify, I no Sword Fairy speak, will not regret, the chaos heart, will be among the!" "Well, then we will agree to take y ī n world!" Xiao Qingfeng shape move, straight to fly without the Sword Fairy. The four major forces in the rest, also hesitated for a moment,Air Jordan Outlet, then toward y ī n Yang two circle circle surrounded the past master! Yang Dingtian brow slightly stretch to open, a strong smell in circled flight, beard and hair are young, like a God, a huge momentum driven up on both sides of a severe storm. "You break?" No Sword Fairy looked surprised, Yang top cheating. When Yang sky is already the state class a statue, now once again break, it is this state? The legend of the immortal? For a time, eight Imam s è variable. Nangong if >

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