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21.05.2013 05:56
middle grade spirit sword impressively antworten

"Shi Long boss came to town, I do not know why matter, why not poor disciples announced, that is too courtesy!" A faint voice came. Then, a figure in the block in front of the stone days, impressively is the master Huanzhu Island, Li Feishuang! Stone day y ī n calm face, look to Li Feishuang, maybe Li Feishuang in Huan Zhu Island high status, but in his eyes, but not very fear. After all, belonging to four order state statue of two people, the door startled Tianjian gas grade and above the Pearl Island Green energy. "Your daughter now where?" It is slightly open way. Li Feishuang frowned, stone day in a threatening manner, come with evil intent, want to come looking for trouble, though Li Feishuang does not know why such a stone, but he actually openings to find Joan, eyes suddenly flash of anger. "Saint now have things to do, not easy to meet with Shi Changlao, Shi Long old or go!" Li Feishuang fought back his anger, openings way. "Hum!" Stone cold to hum a, the heart more determined million years jade J ī ng flowers with tears of the stolen, immediately said: "the Virgin Island is also senior figures, do such a thing, also want to avoid?" "Stone elders!" The face of Li Feishuang s è immediately fell, the sound is also gradually turns cold: "Shi Long Old also please note that your identity, my princess island of Saint, you can't just insulting!" It smells the speech can not help hook up a disdainful smile, way: "hum, Pearl Island is really lost a home, a saint to do things stealthily thing, how? Li Feishuang, don't you recognize?" "Fart!" Rao is Li Feishuang self-cultivation Qijia, at this time has been challenged it presumptuous to burst into anger, Saint Zhuge of Tianyuan after the island. And the flowers with tears and Zhuge Tianyuan's disciples, more is not an outsider blasphemy, immediately anger track: "stone day, here is my princess island territory,Nike Air Jordan 14 Sale, you profane the saint, is to provoke a war between the two factions?" "Hum, you don't want to say something nice, I would be ten thousand years jade J ī ng lent flowers with tears, never thought she could steal another baby take my sword door, yes and no, I saw her a glance q!" It is thought that accounts for a word, the tone is overbearing. "Stole the sword door?" Li Feishuang knows that flowers with tears for the people, that is the fairy general other-worldly fairy,Jordan 2 Shoes, Qingxin few y ù, if she steal, kill Li Feishuang will not believe. Thought of here, Li Feishuang can not help but frown, said: "after the saint borrow million years jade J ī ng, went to a place to spend a million years of Earth Spirit Cultivation, no out, how to steal your things? Stone day, should pay attention to some according to you, or to blame me don't mention it!" It is also too lazy to dispute with him, space ring a flicker, a middle grade spirit sword impressively in hand,Nike Air Jordan 3, point Li Feishuang, cold track: "you quickly get out of my way, or else, I will rush in the past!" "That must have a look you having this skill!" Li Feishuang is also not resigned to playing second fiddle, also called a product spirit sword, as the little drop spot, toward the stone day over to! "Water Qi >

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