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21.05.2013 05:50
Nangong if transport means flying antworten

"Cold chicks, brother!" Nangong from Adam's apple stirred up, for a long time just said. Rely on the bedside of the rain, but also look toward the side was thrown out, the darkness, the beautiful appearance can not help but smile, hoarse voice is sounded: "if, I miss you, you know? I really miss you, I know, you may not come, but you may rest assured, I am your woman, even death, I won't marry anyone, but, I always feel a little regret, because before I die, always want to meet with you, hug you!" Said rain crazy, tears stream down along the cheek silent. At the beginning, Nangong if puzzled, why not hear his voice I immediately rushed up,Coach Handbags Sale, but has said some words. These words until the rain all say, Nangong from the heart of inexplicable severe pain, not rain to calm my arrival. But their arrival, has become her dream of hope, may also have a lot of R ì R ì every night, she also had such a fantasy, fantasy that one day, I will appear in front of her. Just in time to wake up,Outlet Coach Bags,, this is just an illusion, one can imagine, after her many times disappointed. Disappointed with her own, do not believe in their hearing, Nangong from orbital in the imperceptibly, slowly moist, slowly walked past the rain! "If you don't come, you, get out of here, there are a lot of master, if they know your arrival, will never let you go! You go!" Rain is also stood up, said. Nangong if a shake head wry smile, a standing in the rain before, puts his hand on her upcoming fall body, let she leaned on his body. The feelings of a bosom to temperature, and that is the heart on the soft feel, if Nangong surprisingly no trace of ideas and personal considerations, this a moment, he wanted to hug her. "I had a lot of dreams, no one, is so true, because I really feel your warmth, your breath, thank God, let me have a dream so good." Some hard, cold rain. If be close by., Nangong is to see the rain that has reduced many of the cheek, the original Plumper lips chapped, at this time also. Red eyes, eyes are swollen, if Nangong did not expect, because a heroine, this became a battlefield, will fall into such a situation. Tightly will rain in my arms,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, Nangong from soft track: "this dream will soon wake up, cold girl, don't talk, enjoy the moment in my arms, when they wake up, it is a new beginning!" "Well!" In Nangong if the bosom shrink rain cute, like a cat like Wei Le Wei, find a comfortable position, heavy sleep in the past! Nangong if transport means flying, little rain sleeping points, then open the chaotic space, find a comfortable place, will rain down. "Cold girl, I took you out of the white tiger Empire, from now on, you're on my side, >

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