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21.05.2013 05:43
Kita Kurashizu face slightly calmer antworten

"Big chaos derivative method!" If Nangong's voice was not loud, submerged in bursts of sounds in. Travel in Hunyuan without pole big array outside of the five flag soldiers, see Nangong from stimulated sh è hands out of the five light, immediately knowing. The five line of attack, divided into five teams, students will be life without polar big array tore open a gap, fifty thousand people, so crowded. "Let them in!" Qiu him see five lines of its aggressive rush in, the strong fighting force that makes the coalition soldiers formation slightly confused. So Qiu him make a prompt decision, let five flag into the array, once beginning no polar battle array surrounded, so he can not fly out! The five line flag finally converge to Nangong from the side, at the same time, Nangong from smile, finally complete the ripples spread. Huo rainbow, Kita Kurashizu, Lu Chi,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, less rain dragon and Rainmaker non five flag Lord have standing in Nangong from the front. Concern glanced at father BeiCang Ben, Kita Kurashizu face slightly calmer, but not toward the father said a few words, eyes falls completely in Nangong from the body. As a soldier, Kita Kurashizu also has its own principles. Kita Kura also saw the daughter to go up, said a few words, but found the BeiCang static does not seem to see their general, can not help but angry he glanced at her. "Five lines of homing, big chaos derivative method!" Saying that if Nangong seems still ears, arms waving, rushed together for many years, five flags have towards Nangong from the direction of. If, before the Nangong if command dragon army formation changes, although temporarily moved back to some disadvantages,Air Jordan Shoes, when the formation change eventually being enemies to suppress him back. But now, the five line flag moment homing, as the finishing touch, before the seemingly chaotic team,Crossbodys Coach, actually live up. Yes, it is alive, but are surrounded by the trend, the first five acts as the beginning of heaven and earth, chaos, derivation, derived five! Big chaos derivative method, finally opened! An invisible Hongmeng Qi revealed from the matrix and the chaos, everything, dragon army plus fifty-five thousand flag soldiers. The composition of this system, as one of the initial chaotic state general, quietly standing there, like a Wang pit, cannot see through, but must be threatened by growing crises. Bei Cang Ben eyes tiny MI, who had been her daughter get some depressed mood immediately eliminate invisible, an excitement in the heart gradually spread. "This is... This is it..." Qiu asked stare dragon army suddenly change formation, heart suddenly produce a trace of fear y ī n haze, the formation, appears in Xiang Tianqi's inheritance, had mentioned. It really is his creation method, that the undefeated strategies? If the Nangong, unexpectedly is the God of war "? Qiu asked the in the mind of a swell of deep shock, then eyebrows a wrinkly, hands again change flags, although Nangong if the change, probably is the legend of the big chaos derivative method. But Chou asked in the mind there is a fantasy, big chaos derivative method is life without polar big array. Yes, but >

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