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21.05.2013 05:36
is the heavens thirty-six method antworten

"Asshole --" Xu Hui looked absolutely empty ground, eyes flashed a cold fury, a punch in the bombardment which locates in Nangong if the place just now. "Peng --" the ground is to be thrown out of a huge pit! The process of rapid drop in Nangong, if hold rain, smell her hair came the bursts of fragrance, can not help a joke the heart, cool way: "cold girl,Nike Air Jordan, you guess Xu Hui doing now?" "Huh?" What a heart as the deer ran, following a grey, couldn't see the real situation, time is not clear if the words in Nangong. And if Nangong is laughed: "I guess he hey hey in take the ground, air, when we might have a look out, the ground but devastated!" "We can come out?" I asked suddenly, face flashed at. If Nangong can not help but smile: "as long as there is life there is hope, cold girl, in my eyes, you seem not so desperate x ì ng lattice!" Cold rain suddenly sighed, see Nangong from one eye, suddenly found, this guy doesn't seem so hate. "So I do what? Although not yet into the bridal chamber, but also is an old married couple, not only to find the talent young potential shares!" Nangong if hey although laughed. I could not help but white his one eye, immediately light bah said: "your this person is really also, why don't you worry about? We now hanging by a thread, even can live all don't know, you also like this!" If Nangong Lo her one eye and said: "let me tell you how? Cry heart out not to become? Such is life, the more you care, the more disappointed maybe, so cable x ì ng not to think, will probably get what accident not!" What smells the speech can not help tiny tiny one Zheng, Nangong if it appears during the working hours, but think carefully, it does have some truth,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, but somewhat surprisingly, look to him. "I thought the words coming out of your mouth, but some frivolous speech, but I didn't think you could say that!" Cold rain tiny way. "So I said, when you don't care about it, often can appear miracle, as is our general, originally I also think, the two of us in the two world, is also belong to the endless enemies, but now is not the same, to fall in this life and death Jian, do the pile. The romantic lovers!" Nangong if laughs. Rain hard white his one eye, immediately said: "not to say two, began to not serious! You said, we will not always go down, never get marginal!" "So much the better, I feel the scene is very romantic, cold chicks, as Bo a how to?" Nangong from s è drifted toward the rain make a glimpse of s è. I smiled, as if there is no Nangong imagined angry, but thin say with smile: "you don't have to say these words to my relief, after you've just said, I also understand some, will resign oneself to one's fate! Only uncle Jin Qiu, I'm afraid not report!" Nangong if startled, in the understanding of the woman, what is the most wise,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, even >

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