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21.05.2013 04:59
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> 385 equal trading ordinary people to see the madman is a madman, a madman to see ordinary people are crazy. www! qUANbeN! COM, a second-generation rich to the poor countryside, the first sentence is this place which people live? Countryman hear somehow, we've lived here for more than ten generations, we are not you? So, when first heard the legend of crazy groups, perhaps it was difficult to understand that these people can not deal with, but in Chien opinion, this is a group of their own mode of thinking - children's right, that is, children. Only the children will have the most simple ideas while ignoring the rest of the world fetters and inject. Although this is very strange, but in front of the team is no doubt that such a group of people set. Dealing with children, Chien never feel difficult. Crazy group of people or standing or station to accept the treatment of a female pastor,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, Chien will look to turn aside from them, then noticed another this is very conspicuous thing - a huge dragon corpse in their own eyes affixed to the lower jaw even need to climb in order to touch the mouth, a single pair of huge eyes, each better than only his body but also huge. Look at its size and color of the body, it should be a Black Dragon, a life has entered the last brilliant stage wyrm it has almost completely "skeleton" face to prove it. The original and the Dragon also had dealings with, or even instead of a dragon mother to care for to a dragons for some time, the Dragon Chien is not strange. Silver Dragon If the conversion wizard the other end of the field just adult rating so probably grade of B + fighting on mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, wyrm other ages can be described as evolutionary levels, each level is a qualitative leap. Even as strong as the souls of the group Frost Wyrm and bones of the dragon is mostly adult, middle-aged, a dragon made few elderly dragon, visible even for them, the Dragon is not an easy thing. The identity of the crazy group of high-end team battles the wyrm, ended up dead various injuries, do not know the wyrm sturdy,Sunglasses Coach Outlet, both sides are monsters. "Hey, Lu also took two strangers come back, new players?" Surging the Long neck huge gaps, blood like a fountain formed a small lake of blood on the ground. A man was standing which has been turned into blood. "This is the a ...... dragon blood bath?" Chien eat a little, pointing to the blood, some inexplicable surprised. "Yeah, heard bath dragon blood Tulong Yong, you can get immortality of the body of a class." Broken teeth were pulled out from the chest, who broke a big hole in the Orc smiled. "But all animal blood at the same time to bring special abilities, there will curse" Chien last moment finally everyone's face seen they are knowingly, deliberately let a stupid himself against the wall, in her "curse" word exports, while the dragon's blood bath also issued a staggering screams attitude jumped almost in a hopping blood spring. The Curse of the Black Dragon blood, of course, is the pain of endless etching, the average person in the bath dragon blood moment will be etched into the skull, and if the body is tough enough to get through that one and seems to greatly enhance the body's functions etching and the like into the blood, the baptized person will be exposed to the eternal pain corrosion, strengthen the body anyway, so the curse will not disappear. "Ha ha ha ha" Everyone looked at the face pain was a man of strong self-supporting, crazy group members do not have the slightest sympathy, prank succeed together and laughed. "You bastards" the dragon blood bath man stature is burly, red upper body wearing shorts revealing a lean muscle, face sideways a scar, watch the injury turned out to be a knife had been beheaded. This injury is not dead, only group this privilege. "You already know that they are a bastard, do not repeat now." Said this is a tall man with glasses in his eyes, no doubt exposed dissatisfaction and confusion frustration. Has learned the geography of the temperament of these people before they feel that they are very ambiguous attitude of the dragon's blood bath was not the end Sure enough within sets. The hearts of the glasses men know that if you ask what other people say, they will say "ah, begged me I'll tell you how to do ... All in all a group of slut, not a last resort is absolutely do not want to leave this step. Think about two or three seconds, the glasses men turned to within just a way to explain the mystery woman. "This young lady, you know how to lift the dragon's blood curse? We are willing to exchange your information with the appropriate consideration." The blind scholars either before or glasses calm male, the opening is equivalent transactions, hit by two Chien secretly surprised. Although various rumors before, but he knew all the the external people see legend, lunatic groups insider for no real contact with the people is still very difficult to imagine. Here, all pay attention to the self-reliant, fair trade. For example tactics of the most critical point is that a priestess of the goddess of fur card, lest the treatment even resurrection is undoubtedly the presence of people scalp tingling. But the same, whether it is high-end treatment or resurrection need Reagent everything valuable. Therefore, players are required to be turned over after each mission to give her a certain amount of incentives and branch to purchase a variety of "insurance" for their future tasks, ranging from minor injuries to serious injury to the resurrection. Is a waste of insurance to buy high, buy low and may'll be killed. If not a credit rating is impressive, the Reverend will never own Dianqian - in fact,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, from one side to see madman corporation is not absolutely invincible, as long as the consumption of materials exhausted her pastor there is no resurrection ability, before and the souls of the group of high-end team battles killed Ichigo Kurosaki and knights for this. This team mode also allows the body of the crazy group control is difficult to grow in a certain range. Although the requirements of the new people into the group is only low to be willing to role-play on the line, but the absence of considerable strength, lightly characters often followed these challenges the difficulty of the Class B madman - a first-class team of B-level tasks, earn money not enough to buy life let alone strengthen the theory, the result can only be a swift death. But then again, this double elimination madman The main body of left all of them are able to work independently elite combat power is indeed amazing. Chien he wishes to contact certainly do not know the inside story, but still see that this is probably just a teaser prank, even if they are not shot each other up by the crime of a few days only, not as good as their own to sell the favor. "The Curse of the animals blood needs can lift the blood of other animals, he was just skin and muscle of the dragon's blood bath, do not have a high level of animals on it." Chien withstand such ceremonies, it touches on this not unfamiliar. "So we need to go where they kill an animals? A little nervous calm glasses men frowned slightly. "That ... Actually, it does not so much trouble with my blood on it" Chien gently said. <

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