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appointment needs tomorrow antworten

> 371 insider hands holding the rod Lilith suddenly was to testify was a vampire, which makes Chien do not know this is a coincidence or what, middle-aged man sharply pointed out the fact that, unfortunately, this fact is not he thought that the "facts." www QUanbEN com "Well, aside vampire incredible things, I can understand that this gentleman is into the ranks to testify against my friend the murderer of two murder?" Chien-evasive, will be designated in the normal , and the other incorporated into the the excessive panic insane range. During the day that corpse who do have dark creatures breath, Chien Lilith and Charlie who did not smell the bloody smell, but it does not completely exclude them is the possibility of the murderer. To this end, she specifically asked and purple freesia optimistic about Charlie, stay beside Lilith, murder continues to occur in such circumstances, other clues point to, at least, should not blindly believe that truth is only one. Vampire saturated under normal circumstances at least once able to maintain the livelihood of a few months, so often the crime spree but do not light does not itch, the most likely explanation is that this guy injured vampire healing, at the same time the board made him fear the existence of He did not dare too blatant. Captain is firm and non-demonology, looked at Mr. Lin Si permit object that just past his waist head, shook his head, unfortunately, a too frightened to irrational passengers. This panic spread caught in the sea and dependent around the ship is fatal. Looked middle-aged man guarding his son little girl try to distance themselves from the state, the captain more and more that cover it up opened a more beneficial. "Mr. Lin Si frightened, let him to my room to rest." The disguised captain under house arrest order, it makes one deftly carried away the body, the presence of monks, Chien et al. Said: the words "whether you believe or do not believe in vampires crime this argument, the board has two series of deaths, the news I do not think the other person on board know what positive effect, so ... you know what I mean?" just said here,Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale, the cabin there are some people who heard the call more fortunate rushed over, have asked what happened. "Mr. Lin Si, probably drank too much and was scared of things during the day, just to the toilet when pointing Lilith lady insisted that she was a vampire, I have people to help him to rest." Captain made Vice helpless expression. Chien also spread the Tanshou, Lilith face stinky the monks face smile. Onlookers see only a misunderstanding, cursing the two drunks and all go back to sleep. "The ship is the most luxurious cruise ship ever, with nearly two thousand the Regal passengers and more than 600 crew members, the recent land away from here there are more than a thousand miles, but the spread of panic, we will perish in the Pacific Mr. Miss are, I'm not kidding "The captain raised his hands, thanks to a few people with not pay attention to the right to know again. "Well, we understand that, but how are you going to do? During the day when hundreds of people saw the dead body, if you can not find the murderer quickly and let him continue to play a vampire, I guarantee that even if you put up the Berlin Wall panic will eventually come. "Chien spoke very honest truth. Captain now holds the resources of the whole ship, she did not think themselves more capable than he scratched from the nearly 3,000 people a disguised vampire, his nose is not extended radius of one kilometer universal radar. "In short, I'll go back and view the video, and then the things we will deal with. Need your cooperation,Air Jordan Store, whether it is the Oriental lady or vampire consultant, I will help you, and now you keep quiet, peaceful, the most with a little tiny back to his room, or you want to go to the top bet two, anything, just this thing ends here, OK? "finally rid of a few nosy passengers, the captain back to the control room, headache pounding head. "How the dead?" A blond Glasses, gentle, middle-aged man came and asked quietly. "Yeah, dead, finally suppressed those who you ask when they could come at any time passengers are likely to help out with the satellite phone, if then later step, you and I are finished Captain anti weekdays calm and amiable manners, almost ferocious to the chief architect of Diego growled. "I know how the board will suddenly appear the psychopathic killer mercenaries appointment needs tomorrow to arrive, in any case you want to shore up the situation." Designer pulls out a hideous face as much as captain, the same level of sound roar it back. Hire mercenaries to put 2,000 Regal looted on board the and then fried vessel huge insurance fraud. Had you said elsewhere, and now the psycho killer is you invited the rich? You said not just stealing money kill "the captain began to regret why Caimixinqiao the agitation listen to this guy, he has no slept soundly since the sea is now more out of this kind of thing, he really should not be on the pirate ship" how could I please killer to bash their own units all this is accidental but it was too late now regret, mercenaries have been at sea, this time tomorrow we will confluence of those is what you should know, put their birds home will not be good dead four designers severely threatened a few slow slow voice said: "In fact, no matter who is the psycho killer, we just need to maintain a day long tomorrow, even the most recent of which China Sea police rushed over only a wreck, so you do not have to care about in the end who is the murderer, grab two people off from the tourists who also relieved not worry, I was a scumbag,New Arrivals Coach UK, but still not without human nature, everyone will lifeboats to escape, not someone killed "By now only be the case." the captain just said so, men crew has sent over that part of the video, come strange looking pale, holding the hand of the disc trembled, as if that is not a CD but a bomb. Captain puzzled took a disc inserted into the console. Good camera angle, a clear picture of the corridor toilet at a diminutive figure of the deceased wrestled to the ground, teeth fiercely bite into his neck. "Really is a vampire" designers suck down an air conditioner, which was then severely gritted his teeth: "whether it be in the end, even if the devil incarnate is only one road to the dark <

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