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21.05.2013 04:50
the energy residual curse antworten

> The 349 charge hero Consideration (b) Green Fen is a man, a real man, a true hero, a good guy ... at least he claimed to be, but at the same time, he is also a painlessly, fear of death, want to take advantage of, do not like to suffer of the normal. wWw. QUAnBEn. com so morally like 1960s hero movie or a particular type of fiction hero that jumped out to all say, "You brisk walking, I wore this kind of thing in fact not very happy to say, but the problem is ... he can not say ? Before reading for similar possession made under the Hongyuan the Purdue hell hungry ghosts, or Japanese toilet God plead, do I soiled God, Green Fen did not feel these gods he is such a great personality, but a ... ... but an "Other people have the ability to not do it, if I do not do, not the thing to do is not it?" helpless. This pad is also the same. Although easy day trip, said the remaining part of the cannon fodder delay the souls of the main group, but in fact, if the four * master is holding, that this so-called delaying tactics is completely empty talk. Green Fen do not know if anyone else has this ability, but he knows he has. Although the price to be paid is huge, so what? Even if their idea of ​​trying to escape, do not they would be holding these skills can sneak it into the main group, and then watched the the pad cannon fodder were instantly annihilated, the souls of the group of experts to catch up with the team to escape, then use or has been holding to die? The the Dong Cunrui and Huang Jiguang are forced out, if you can find something to support the explosive charge, if they can find something to block the machine gun eyes, they absolutely no interest in being a martyr. Similarly, the hero of the Qing Fen is not so much a charge as it is forced to, but in any case, the hero will have to pay the consideration for the hero "These are the good things I used to get rid of a master stay" perverted old man from bottle of solution grasping a long string of intertwined filaments. "It can also tear off something from a Class B master who perverted vampire strange smile:" There was a thunder fruit of intensive body have been mine. Especially the nervous perennial soaked in lightning among his nerve conduction velocity exceeds the normal human conduction limit, although he is not the master of speed, but his nerves let your reaction speed exceeded a limit "-" not respond Sima Qing Fen happy laughter, but very sad screams - anyone systemic nerve was extracted alive, if he can call it that,Coach Madison Sale, he probably will be so called "Do not worry, take your time, take your time ...... "cruel old man, of course not playing to their own guinea pigs anesthesia, sharp nails inserted from the back of the neck of the Qing Fen from a dozen pairs of cranial nerves began pumping like wool green Fen body intertwined nerves a little bit full pumping out. Nerve is absolutely to die can not die, can be chosen by the Qing Fen Body and Soul spell detained, even nervous soul is still attached to the above that have died **, even though no nerves, ** The pain is still in some way afflict his soul let him Qiushengbude Qiusibuneng. "It's so unfortunate,Jordan Big Ups Shoes," the Sima pretending to be sorry sighed, the hands of manual labor but did not loosened: "But then again, you entering the Class B whelp actually four * master dragged on for a day and a night, if even this series consideration do not pay, then the hero word is too cheap, "said the vampire, then there is justification or green Fen has no ability to think to consider, pain word has accounted for all of his thinking, strange, ears does it happen that failure, brain failure, heard his voice I do not know its meaning, sound can still stop the passed. "Well, so nerve section has been stitched up." The strange hero of the people do not know to listen to his head and upper discourse how long this last sentence seems to be shot in the arm for Green Fen woke up. Next, the blood, right? "The end of a heavy hell is the beginning of a new hell, Green Fen only wish is to faint, but for now this is undoubtedly a luxury. "This is the blood of the former head of the king of the land of the ice and snow, former curse group kid,Jordan UK sale, you know that in order to get the bottle of blood, I waste much effort to get rid of the guy, but the baby curse Group former predecessor died when you're not into the game nerve suture the end of the Qing Fen ** the pain a little come to an end, his mind just can digest things, the first sentence is this audacity. "Well, that this is not the main vampire really good wind blows, Green Fen speechless, but look at him to know the leather has been debunked, coughed secret channel:" The key is this baby will replace the curse of the twenty-four tasks in your body two-thirds of the blood. has almost reached the limit of the theoretical value, so that the blood of the energy residual curse will consume your life, but also give a few do infinite energy supply for the blood pumping nerve pain than the taste of some. First, your body's blood is drained, and then through the the kinship occult confused after with ml thousands of dead blood and re-injected back into the body. The legend of the blood of God do not know how it is, one enters the body temperature on the rise, and finally turned up on Baidu if the ordinary people of all body protein deterioration finished early Qing Fen body can be said that the dead, The heart is not beating, the only operation is not so much brain as it is the soul. Hot blood from the body live cook their own, especially on both sides of the spine like Bao Luo Qing Fen compared with before do not know what more painful, anyway, the feeling of living death is no different. Reaction, the energy supply to the body, your body has been very strong, but it can also be more "dead surgeon open in several boxes, to come up with stuff inside the Green Fen as compared with. "The Jinding door monk skull? Do not have access to Cologne tendon? Can not Well, these two arms meridians crazy group Pa knife evil sword left ... this can be used like a robot, green Fen do not know they have been under the number of parts, and put on how many weird things, soul was being detained, ** suffering as if never numbness never get used to, maybe just a dozen hours of surgery, the Qing Fen, seems to have more than eternal more long-term. "Well ...... finally completed I still by far the most perfect work" Scarlet pain came as the angel of the Gospel, Green Fen finally heard these words, that moment he even give birth to cling to this disgusting guy a pro the impulse, just for this sentence. "Ah, I almost forgot, your consciousness ...... completely dissipated, the extra things the last sentence, eyes into the darkness, the ears only silence, a Green Fen soul disappear from this world the. This chapter is uploaded by the book club <

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