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> Named Azeri paladins, the guardian of the temple of God in the wizard sheltered areas to high paladin, claiming to be the sister of God's faithful, obscene uncle, like the title of the poor, middle-aged ... can remove him many, many, but it is always that one person. www! Quanben! com Qing Fen efforts, the name of the sister, this theoretically should be a very powerful guy turned into the team, after the joke has been, but in the end with everyone walked now. The undead after World War II, he told the Green Fen ask had promised to give him the prize, but the blue someone just so high above the point refers to: "Are you sure you need it? Although I do not mind." Azeri turned around to see semi-pet status Tang excellent while clutching a height of 12 meters Tyrannosaurus thigh fierce bite, do not know what materials made of conquering teeth, he simply ignored the thick skin of the one-eyed beast, while the latter is the only side from the one-eyed outflow infinitely desolate tears, while receiving the the healing surgery of the pools blessing, under the coercion of the strong, not even resist are afraid. "In fact, I do not hurry!" Rare, salty, such as Uncle swallowed saliva, to express themselves is not a ** mad. Tang You now can be described as strangers do not enter, the team has more than one person was bitten, such as Amoy Phoenix and his ilk are plucking meat, not aid, the moment to end do not know how desolate . Even Tang Ya ever are interested in a rabbit Don excellent at arm's length, Azeri salty, after all, can distinguish the key. All in all, the seeing cuisine port side stood not eat, Azeri in savings under considerable resentment Ten Commandments seal into the maze world, around seven eight orbiting a long time, and finally when he pushed marching two bodies white door, a black smite good cut face to face from a hideous skeleton warrior hand, a shield in one hand and a sword in the own hideous Guixiao behind him, another Skull Master Zhang empty mouth send a silent roar, in the hands of shining the light of magic always have to attack. But these are minor, but the key is that most of the little room inside, only strips of cloth hanging in the body of beautiful women being shackled copy a pillar blonde the Xuefu in black rust-stained instruments of torture under more looked bright. Torture to break the clothes have been unable to due diligence block the body of the owner, ambiguous revealing untold temptation. Without words, in the eyes of the beautiful teaser understand, he is rescued by her prince of evil castle! For shield block broken bones warrior good cut, sacred disperse kill the Skull Master setting body operation, the Azeri paladin fighting spirit Kai to 120, with one hand with his sword against the two villains loudly declared: "To my sister, the two of you dark guy Do not blame me ruthless! "words seem to stimulate the two undead skeleton warrior by just hit the shield of the potential big step back, followed by the blessing in the Master the power of a bull warrior who remains Samurai Chen Jian held shield, like a monster suddenly bolted like assault from. "Only this awareness as to prevent my collection, not to save my sister? You are too superficial sister with me!" Nondescript prayer sounds, powerful charism come, bright light brilliance paladin, strength, agility,cheap jordan shoes, speed, physical and magic resistance all aspects of the property has been substantially improved. Azeri screaming, destroy evil chopped driven more than ten meters long white cut out the break good cut on top of the skeleton warriors before the momentum as far away as a full strength of the high paladin. Bones warrior, though blessing the dark divine mercy and Master of brute force technique, but the difference in rank, the gap between God pet still let him as shells hit out. If not promptly launched a layer of black wide wrap his body, of injuries will be heavy. What's this? This move seems a bit familiar? Azeri subconsciously feel some familiarity with each other's body care technology, but then throws away now sister waiting for their rescue, all the margins. The hit fly bones warrior behind the Skull Master In addition to the blessing of a brute-force technique has been in gesture and whispered mantra, presumably in preparation for what ** surgery, not afraid of it, but my sister lose face shall not. Screamed, Azeri launched a sacred charge, the target hit everywhere, but it is an empty, forces to fight empty stature suddenly imbalance. Illusion? Awoke in the trap has been one step too late, The numerous black tentacles from the ground to take out, wrapped around of seven wrapped around eight caught himself. H comics these tentacles is not the soft stuff. The Ai cutting black tentacles of the Master usual pit trap means, although only a fourth-order magic, but stud Individually kilograms of force. In front of these tentacles force is comparable to the large lifting machine, presumably Master degree elevation or powerful magic skills, even if their gods Laisenia held on also, but suddenly catch him, you want to get free also takes a few seconds. Azeri real vision swept away the real body of the Master has been developing, in less than ten steps, singing and gestures continues,Jordan Big Ups Sale, presumably this is really big move. Other Mo Yan Zhao and Xu Zheng this sudden coming of the holy angels surprise, the angel I did not waste his style, sacred rich gas, even the naked eye can see, the forces of darkness blessing merger bull surgery effect, turned out in force to fight the loser mess, but Xu Zheng-flow already familiar with the art of defense, what I wanted to destroy evil chop I'm afraid to make a clean break. Release the spell chain - illusion surgery last saved concurrent and AI cutting black tentacles. After a series of fighting Undead Knights today and just in front of white pro own magic spells reserves have been depleted, Master of the drawbacks in the protracted war bared. Only the final blow, if not able to subdue his own and Xu Zheng really dangerous. The angel magic resistance does not seem to low, and just disperse body technique skill, sacred to disperse seems to have to hand to state very low utility spell on him,Air Jordan Spizike UK, and as a direct attack. Evocation to their strengths, but now the situation can only Bo Bo. In case of missed only expect to play hide and seek and the other fled to the maze. Trap trapped angel, Zhao Mo Yan Mami ducked, began to weave the last magic spell for the hot rays of the sixth-order, and spend some time together with the metamagic skills spell puncture, targeting that instantly surprised head, be sure to seek a strike to wear each other's vital. Magic eye has ended, to the last stage of the release of the black tentacles trapped the angel suddenly a sweep seems to see through their stealth, followed by a wave of the hands, a group of St. Yao Guanghua pre-emptive, straight pound head. <

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