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prophetic or clairvoyant antworten

> Asia a corner at the end of the world to establish a small tribe survival of mankind. www! Quanben! COM from oil smuggled out of the city to support the operation of the generator, so that more than 1,000 people gathered to shining modern civilization afterglow. This is a fifty kilometers from the city at a human gathering in the hill, close to the highway, also erected around the zombie insurmountable walls. Is convenient to obtain supplies from the city, there is sufficient defense crisis in the situation now, and paradise exist. But this paradise is now landfill in hell. The top of the hill, surrounded by tens of thousands of zombies and their minions can not go beyond the three-meter-high walls, but the atmosphere of terror and death to penetrate all the power into the wall behind the hearts of everyone. "Has been a week, we reserve food drastically reduced, as it goes, in any case support, but the second week!" Sealed room, supporting the entire group of five thousand base operation is open dull responses meetings, and in the past,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, in addition to try to save material support for some time, and they could not get a better idea. "I told you we should also dig the way to the outside of the authentic!" Said a curly hair complain. "This place rocks andesitic digging tunnels in such a place is how much engineering you are not do not know, when you had decided to suspend the proposal also voted in favor of the lift operator What do you mean?" Long-haired women dissatisfied with the companion The belated, suddenly refute. "Oh, why I would give up their insistence, not because you are all clamoring to rest, rest camps more than a thousand people have to rest, I ..." "Enough!" The gray-haired half-old man whispered a drink, drink off two people quarrel: "I know you are very irritable, but the more urgent the more we need to calm down!" the old man seems to be a man and a woman are quite prestige him say, the two grunted write away and did not speak. "Said authentic it was too late, though do not know these things have been in the city Why did he suddenly ran out also surrounded, but look forward to the zombie leave their own unrealistic, our only way out, only to break out "" That is impossible! "several young people together called up. "We have only one armed carts, only the power of the car is enough zombie group rolled out a way to the car even Cypriot most they can go into 30, and the base but in the full over twelve hundred people! "the old man fiercely suck on his cigarette, heavy cigarette butts on the ground press to float burst of black smoke. "Do you mean?" Curly hair asked, tentatively. Undead wisdom, only in accordance with the instinctive action. Anyway, we are now trapped inside, in another three to five days only servant eat the fate of the good to go, simply bet he bet! "How to bet?" armed car as a bait to lead the undead go! "the old man tell a feasible, but the feasibility of low to almost no idea. "No, this possibility is too low!" Sure enough, the crowd shook his head together. "If zombies did not lead away, that is to say armed vehicle was successfully weaned, then they will bear a heavy fate, that is, help us!" "The world now,Coach Online Sale, and even the radio interrupted, the state machine also collapse Even the Government does not exist, even if the armed vehicles are able to go out and went where for help? "everyone shook his head again, help the object to be found, they would kill off. "Do you know the legend of the end of the world?" The old man slightly lower face, the sound with the words mysterious up. "Otherworldly visitors the end of the end of the devil, pure innocence wake up the lost humanity. Plot of this movie, boss, you will not take it seriously it?" Curly shook his head, began to suspect that the old man is not crazy because of excessive fear the. "This is a legend, a miracle, By now, in the world of doomsday addition to the miracle, and you also want to what?" The old man's words may at first sound negative remarks give up on themselves, even under careful pondering, revealed a deep the fate of the deep sense of the crowd and sometimes silent. "Miracle, or, what is good, anyway, I know that if we do nothing, then surely die. Students hope in any case not in the closed walls, I support the views of the boss out to give it a try!" a square ear youth finally spoke. "... Who is out?" Asked the woman out of the most critical word. Armed ride car will get the protection of life, the first jump out from this at any time of the collapse of the death cradle. People do not want to live, even in the presence of everyone, everyone's eyes revealing a light of hope. "I know how you think, rest assured that the car at least a dozen people ride is not the problem, my old man left reassure tomorrow four of you to bring your family members drive away. the lives of more than a thousand people, it is in your hands! "the old man insight into the people, first of all make the most stable situation solution. Sure enough, everyone heard that, though his face slightly red, but they are relieved. Plan in secrecy, we all know that if this plan for help or escape plan spread out, in which more than a thousand What will the vibration. As if they do not believe others will be moved to the ruler of the other people would not believe the five men ride out will come back, not to mention or bring their families, is simply admitting their guilt. That time, the only outcome is probably infighting all shredded. At night, the undead spirit. Do not know what these dozens of days on an empty stomach can be lively where they come from energy, but they dull where and when it will be more excitement and is indeed very powerful. Armed next to the car, only six meetings did not speak of the 24-year-old young flathead gray old man quietly standing. "Boss, really I am a person on the road?" Drug that few people calm down is not that! "Grizzled old man sighed loudly:" daytime meeting situation you see, if you wait until tomorrow you one really went out together, they will be dedicated to find reinforcements? or more that happens, the hope of the people within the base first will collapse together. "......" the young man hears is silence that is not clear he had been too naive or they are too pessimistic, in all four, may really only for the future with hope. "You are the only to find hope. Although I did not have much confidence in the legendary, although I do not know where the reinforcements go, but I believe that the fate of mankind does not have to end before we give up, no matter how darkness and difficulties can not really knock down a person! If you do choose to leave, you will bear a heavy mission here all life will be back in your body, if you fail, you will never be able to sleep ...... really want to do? "obviously escape route, has chosen to also ask the other party is not considered good, this scene is somewhat funny, but flat-head young man was able to understand what the old man said. They are the kind of the responsibility back in the body of the people, to live up to the responsibility for them is always inextricable spiritual shackles. "I'll try to find, no, I will certainly got reinforcements within ten days of the group heir named Momo curse!" Highway tent, pajamas out of the temporary bedroom, came to sun, sunshine her eyes narrowed slightly. Are doing breakfast sovereign to the side and gave me good morning, reflexive brought out wash the tools to start a new day. "Yesterday, you dream about what? I seem to hear you talking in your sleep." Sovereign soup and bread and gave it to the girl finished dressing. Nothing to spy on personal privacy, Momo awakening abilities similar prophetic or clairvoyant abilities, you can see people come into contact with the change in mood, feel, for example, before Zhang Amoy speech greeting the movements of the heart, and occasionally can see some similar to predict the future fragment, which often sleep in the form of a dream performance. May not prophecy, but I've ever seen a movie fragment. "Momo drinking soup, bite a morsel of bread. "A plane crash, out in the big middle of the desert, the radio does not map, the direction is lost, everyone is facing the risk of dying of thirst. Was suggested that this time, all the water is concentrated in one person and to let this man go out for help. "" And then? "and then struggling Finally,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, we have to hand over the water, and that person is also burdened with the hope of all." "Finally, he came back. ? "back!" Momo swallow bread, light, said: "the last scene I was under the impression especially profound on the man carrying, carrying several huge gourd rushed into the aircraft cabin, mouth excitedly shouting 'water to the water is coming!' but no one answered him. everyone is dead! everywhere signs of struggle in the cabin, people trying to people around the blood as a last support before dying means , and the result is to die! man kept gourd of water poured on the body, sad repeating the word 'drink' drink 'drink' ... "" seems to be a tragedy movie! " sovereign complexion without wave after eating food from the hand, began to clean up the mess. "How good, anyway, is a dream that to say the end of the scene and now is somewhat similar, but ...... how all good!" Momo does not matter put into the tent daily loading, and then out see dusty outside an armed car driving into the distance from the back as if to pull the train far generally followed by a long list of zombie. <

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