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21.05.2013 04:41
Amoy blew soon turned into antworten

> Sima calculations very clearly, the other on the ground themselves in heaven, no matter what kind of attack that can not escape is the eyelids. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm never occurred to sudden knife, such as antelope hanging corner without a trace, react when the knife after the rest of the light and shadow. If ordinary people, beheaded, of course already damned, as the the Sima old man said, Undead immortality for nothing. The crisis of the moment the whole body turned into a the countless bats scattered, even falling down head into a three or four bats, flying north, south, east and west. Daoguang did not dissipate, instead turned it into foil, although only a few extremely simple arc, but all bats circle up, even a layman could see under the knife must be Thunderclap, get rid of all net the fish. Dare not go thinking the knife is such a big deal where the vampire king again change all bat into red blood, and then the last knife come, hard to break through all the Daoguang before flying out to foil. Blood polymerization cemented in blood, is a liquid form, but probably can be seen that he was not hurt, it's not like he said as undead! Even cut people did not bother to think about how he is cut, ground quite Chau team which also the effort to explore the purple freesia how Kandao heaven standing on the ground, grabbed pretty easy day trip in Africa The three beast, shouted transported from the force of the shake Yu three against Sima old man throwing in the past. "I am Azeri, on behalf of my sister!" High paladin Utah in the air does not forget the slogan shouting his shameful, but fortunately charism not be affected, single sword cut out, cut the Light planning a huge break evil broken more than 10 meters in the sky cut off to Sima blood people. "I am a beast, on behalf of the rabbit!" The head some simple dinosaur beasts suit shouting slogans, bulky body in the air operation inconvenience, but the destruction of the horn on the light or toward the vampire king shot out. "I am Green Fen, I represent ... whatever!" Has come to the point of self-esteem, Youth someone two mouth, tears, his hands hovering under the white feather floating now, Tantric broken magic trick fully tested,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, and golden agitation Tathagata wears to show. Under the merger of the things most holy light, even far from the bone dragon trouble moving uneasy. Not to consume some of the blood can it? Stingy, such as Grandet Sima under hesitate to face of siege Shazhao,. To take advantage of his most happy, but if he pays for it and to his life almost. Bale Bale, this bleeding at a loss! Sima old man distressed consume their thousandth of blood can suddenly had three identical blood shadow avatar toward the three immediately become in three mind Shazhao under the bloodshot eyes, the old man taking advantage of this empty file a ghost disappeared in the sight of all. "You both teams do not know cherish opportunities stupid! Harm Naturally,air jordan sale, I am such a huge loss, is really the million dead redemption Mo!" Dragon boat I do not know what PA equipment, distortion Sima that frantic voice that did not pass down. "Unfortunately!" Chapter said criminal faint, little surface but no pity mean, not even shot attack from both sides. The event so that we can get rid of it too joke a little leadership level characters, like the souls of the group in four districts. Trash the souls of their offensive resurgence, this seems at the old guy seriously at last, the powerful war finally began to play. In front of the high flame resistance ice corpse who spit cold vegetable oil fires extinguished along; apparently followed by refined skeletons and zombies are also put on the armor to take on the arms; remote skeleton archers arrows start rained arc toward the fire circle fall; more distant places, skeleton sorcerer or brewing cloud of death,Coach Outlet Sale, or laid enchantment Man Chau missile firearms team were all blocked in the middle. Even more, a few huge siege vehicles appear from the transfer matrix method, vat Chase green gas and venom really seem to be the same in the siege to the ring of fire to life throwing. The face of overwhelming offensive in place that is unwise to stick to the troops of the two teams can only meet each other's invitation, ring of fire blaze began with a game of hand-to-hand combat. "Huh? Legs beauty girl?" Fall from the sky to give yourself the blessing of the Brisk surgery paladin just landed looked drilling boss promised to sweep its own reward, but could not find where to look. Ah ... people? We never noticed when she did not! "The men of the Northern Island team was surprised to find that pretty woman gunmen seem to trace missing. "Well, all right, she did her thing go!" Forests Hey smile, hold back did not say, if you can find her missing when that Tang cats also do not eat a bowl of rice of the Assassin. Before because the enemy did not summit, want to force do not know where to play, Sima greedy vampire sent over, of course, combat capability, but also will have a target. "We the ...... stick on the line!" Elsa Man Chau team a few people some understanding would be able to guess that the disappearance of people go. "Or we can There is also a choice, to play this game by the hundreds of thousands of souls! Rotten!" Zhang Amoy blew soon turned into a Firebird, fly through the air and then the wings, suddenly becomes half full under the thud of the size of the square, the fire wing, the more thousands of the fire plume lasing, more than 100 open-ice corpse suddenly burned into ashes. The fire hand began to blaze the ring of fire and the other souls who fight, the rest of the auxiliary or a member of the Law Department also began under the protection of the Guardian into the souls of the Corps with mixed down to the efforts of the other long-range strike and siege against minimum. Weapon encounter the master when lost formation advantage, the only way to win is to use only this incarnation of thousands of souls Mission games are not weak, in siege battle to destroy the country, he may even all games by the strongest one, but for small-scale fights, inevitably becomes white elephant, can only really rely on, but from another angle, Man Island team and the Northern Island team, they may not be like this "heap" feeling. Thousands of troops - count non-stop repair and resurrection, I am afraid that the actual amount was more than two hundred thousand - even in front of cut have to cut a half-day, not to mention the people will cut. Skeletons and zombies with swords and guns toxins and curse side is not everyone is invulnerable body. Quantitative to qualitative change, the master face Zabing also non-full ten winning situation, not to mention the other camp there are a hundred times more difficult than the trash Skull Master. Venom barrel is not suitable for the melee throwing cloud of death is one and a falling down, though not as Qatar dip Both are dead, but also mage or paladin kept dispersed around the skeletons and zombies are subject to the spread of the power of death is more developed and full of energy, a force multiplier. Is surrounded by two teams he felt pressure gradually. "I went to solve the Master with me!" Forests hello, any door brilliant flash has appeared in the end of the monastery is surrounded by dead after array. V <

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