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21.05.2013 04:22
is a monster in the desert antworten

> The two Mo garden in the middle of sandy yellow rice gradually become black rocks, Briggs cheating great here is the desert as it is mine may be easier to make people accept some. wWw. QUAnBEn. com But when it comes, here there are many desert qualities, such as quicksand. "Help" the familiar voice shouted out familiar words. The calm men do not know how many times to escape this week. Each end to the same result. Fei Duan ever wondered, this guy is a good wizard, along the way, give yourself two brought a lot of convenience and to bypass a lot of danger, but why often escaped alone to always come across so many thing? Er er, ah ah, hold on! Pull your pants good to say! "One thousand and one urine escape fail, Fei Duan still remember when last heard save each other disheveled ugly poison almost blind their eyes. "I'm in the quicksand, I did not take your pants off, help me ..." to be replaced by ordinary people stuck in quicksand, a burst of the struggling long been surnamed Shen name in the end a small but calm male have this, when can calm live considered stunt hard to say, because it is saved his life several times. "Then you wait!" Fei Duan This leisurely stood up. Calm man screams and anxious voice leisurely walked the tall Heishantou behind. Sure enough, calm male mouth big call next second seems to go killed virtually always Fei Duan so mushrooms half a day, now just stuck to his chest. Readily out of the cane like a whip arm tied the calm male bird waving high, just gently pull and over seventy kilograms man seems to be an elephant Cheleyixia. Suddenly fly out of a pool of black sediment brought up. "Bang!" Poor man just out of the quicksand death trap followed by another to experience the treatment of angel wings, goes on to bread handsome face fall blossomed like flowers. Enough to scare off any of his former companion. Looked at the situation, but also check the injury, paragraph the Philippine Shuaixia look like a starfish plant Grilled calm male face, from a ditty turned away opened. While walking around with a whip in hand pumping the two, the pumping of two Blackstone hand fragmentation. Is to make easy day trip to take the whip to pumping I am afraid it is just so we did not use the shake Yu force. No wonder all the plants manipulator like to use the whip as a weapon,Coach Purses Online, this vine can be arbitrary compounds is indeed the best partner of the plant operator. From the plane for eight days, these days also encountered a number such as eight differences scorpion wants to play as a prey like cats and dogs, but overall fairly calm. Fei Duan began to learn how to use their abilities for their own services, now in the hands of that whip is the most concrete manifestation. Body just the ordinary forest of ancient warfare strangling vine, but magic after strangling vine three intertwined together. When they need to make special effects as long as the manipulation of three vine trends will produce amazing results. For example, when three vine in three directions at the same time contraction. Its placement at the "collapse" of the force will have a huge, black rock of hard to take the lead must fragmentation. If pumping in the human body, ordinary people will probably chest subsidence died. "I really want to see this goal." The calm male life-saving this sort of thing easy day trip has let Fei Duan to deal with, at least on the front view, her progress quickly. "I can not see!" Fei Duan direction of the easy day trip is facing efforts to stare eyes for a long time, and ultimately helpless abandon. I do not know whether a plant improvement to provide themselves with hyperopia. From here about 20 kilometers distance, but I'm not sure it was real or a mirage! "Easy day trip can turn off the sharp sense of rubbed his eyes, a little tired. "The possibility of a mirage!" The calm male black mud bust face safflower came to find touched and said: "36 gills of fish-chan this season should we hurry the departure three hours to get there, really lucky, we can return. Easy day trip say the calm men most want to hear. 20 km, Black Rock Road to end in the eyes of the scene with the narrowing of the road and zoom, to prove that this is not a mirage, but so real and practical goods. three hearts are glad, but not joy from the heart floating on the brow,Air Jordan 3 UK, I heard the roar of the monster suddenly destroyed all feelings of a 12-meter-tall one-eyed one-horned dinosaur monster walked the earth - in the pace of black sand patrol to see its weight is probably no less than a hundred tons, did not even entire sink to the black mineral Desert go I am afraid that in addition to the reasons, in addition to the pair of huge outside the soles of the feet. "beast? How to encounter it? "Calm male screaming." What a beast? "Easy day walk in the experience of the food sector after all, is not generous enough, a lot of time or to rely on the knowledge and experience of the wizard." A beast Yes, I can not tell what. Anyway, is a monster in the desert garden. Have not seen it do not know exactly where he comes from, as if to come out of the other similar small. Calm male pharyngeal swallowing: "this monster did not fixed the site is no point of random walk across the desert, the only thing I know it's only three points. First. This dinosaur eyes is not very good, always only walk a straight line,Coach OP Art USA, the experience out of the way on the demolition of the walk. Second, this dinosaur's favorite food is human, once pressed hard. Until the food into the stomach. So far all of the information on this monster are often companions were chewing, the survivors just found each other extremely poor eyesight was brought back. A conservative estimate, this beast hunting level at least over seventy! "Easy day trip looked at the monster's body and teeth, this guy physique than before seen ancient Beamon not much smaller, Leather hardness as its size, well-behaved it may indeed be more than 70 hunting difficulty this is the case, or you can consider it a let only two points, as well as the third point? "Anyway, all the way across, a beast that super myopia can not see here, Fei Duan to even worse curious time and Xianxin of." Third "calm male looking behave erratically. Looked Fei Duan a, consciously lowered his voice: "this monster is not only short-sighted, cruel, and good color! "Lust? The other two together was shocked, and had never heard of the word can be used in animals. "Is probably the only one, no other relationship, it is often the other female animals" but then touches it most Chung Shi! the calm male omitted inconvenience export lines. But the meaning has undoubtedly expressed very clearly. Mad beast! Bypass it! "Want easy day trip for two seconds to give up trying to understand the only strange variant of Tyrannosaurus rex, has just proposed to be avoided. Do not want to at this time, the distant mutation. A two tall, the systemic white hair has two the huge towering ears giant rabbit appear in the act on the way of the dinosaur. , <

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