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> "No Bu Yongsheng undefeated in fact, to the words everyone knows, oral argument, the victory of the people is always difficult to understand suddenly to fail. Www quanbeN, com back to the Wizard asylum field all silent, if this level task challenge fails,Air Jordan 7 UK, we killed even half of all off I am afraid there will not be such a heavy atmosphere that at least is the result of the failure of their own hard work, rather than now, purely playing in the hands of seemingly idiot suicide threats forced the a more idiot was another group of people to surrender. more ridiculous is that these people actually still been in their own think "protection". Well, most people are back, you challenge a success? Zhao Mo Yan? Tang Ya seem to be more earlier step back, look swept away found a few less people, she hates her favorite easy day trip fast one step further her aside, tells the story of what happened, others sit in silence into their position, waiting for the first second daughter of the absence of the captain in the meeting. "pop" Chapter criminal black crystal card knock on the desktop to attract the attention of everyone. "I'm not good. It has always been do not have analytical attitude towards the tasks and things. So here I do not want to review the mission and every one of us gains and losses, such a long time, everyone should be self-summary. My principle is beaten face will snatch it from me. The dozen people that. "High-end players. Playing round and round, regardless of the angle from which to consider the matter can not give up In addition to brought back each award, we also got a middle of the prayer opportunity, I looked at the alternative pray May the content, decided to pray that the next task content Who objection? "Chapter punishment did not smoke, cold eyes sweep from left to right all again. The so-called prayer a mission, not self-evident to to find autumn Chau team Lolita unlucky, we basically all shook their heads, in fact, which most people thought this somehow lose the case must go drip drip this how deep pool of water. "In fact," that. The opportunity to pray is not directly Zhao captain in return it? . Zhang Amoy hesitated a moment, said some limitations. "Praying to send someone to where they are going to need that voluntary, while eating chocolate that hell, I told her willing to come back no confidence in the" Chapter criminal faint looked at him: "What's more, just a code to get people things, Xu Zheng and Luo Fei accounts to be counted not everyone is willing on demons calculations, but different is also requires considerable courage. paragraph Fira the tension Amoy's clothes, get him to talk to the attention. "No problem!? I pray that Chapter criminal Unlike Zhao Mo Yan, he did not have to explain myself or by analyzing the others to agree with his reasons, he was saying not to discuss, just notice it. The pledge is not the same, such as "Starship Troopers" that greatly changed the living, just look at Chapter punishment in that a stay. All watches. Both issued Tip: Ten days later task on Southern Europe team, autumn Island team, Man Chau, Northern Island team, the West African team, the Australian team team battles no special settings. Task background: Resident Evil three. "Chapter criminal looked at the prompt, full stare minutes exhales:" melee, I have not encountered this team mostly acquaintances, Northern Island team that evil sword girl and Majin summon if not dead, then, Zhao Mo Yan before selling human probably starting point role. autumn Chau team on do not introduce a. Australia team is the famous one group, all of their reward are strengthened in the captain who. and served as captain succession heritage ** limited curse each task one raises his more potential to make him more powerful, but the task of the twenty-seventh he would die a natural death, but served as captain seems to be no peace, too End ** limited time to, if not killed any sovereign, should also enter the twenty-first task, he and I seem to have had little friendship. unnamed West African team squad, now the situation Unknown learning last Southern Europe. first fork sentence, this team is called team name the asylum field of orthodox team from the nickname subsidiary team. southern European team. Well, Southern Europe, Southern Europe team team this name is not from the eyes, it has another louder nickname souls of the group! "" Mission? someone exclaimed out loud, someone gasped just a level tasks have their own get was disgraced, is hit by the strongest team in the legend, this really hit the iron. "occasionally occur such high-end team decentralization of Chapter criminal hand touched his chin. Mind memories: "the intent of the Lord God of view, this melee, high-end team, the original meaning of the weak against the strong joint, but unfortunately in general. Still feel hold the thigh and thigh enemy of security, so multi-group melee has been useful fun things generally do not ... two blue high-end team are not dangerous, the Department of 1000 Mai is not a small machine cup ... dish cited crazy group mad ** prey time to hit the magical group of law enforcement machinery group and blood group as long as you do not tease it, it is definitely not to mess with you, the opportunities for the souls of the group is a step soaring Chapter punishment mouth full of ridicule. opportunity? did not mouth to ask, but his eyes are the meaning of "the souls of the group is not to recruit new people, it is always to the other teams in the group fights issued recruitment interviews. Willing to go to surface, surface to join the souls of the group,Madison Coach, did not surface in another capacity also joined the souls of the group! "To join souls" group in another capacity. All did not ask another identity. They would not want to come to VIP guests like it wants. The fray estimates may really be labeled as melee. " Under the text pool in exchange for the white robes of the clergy who, although she is only a small man-made, but in addition to the part of her own element, Mo Yan Zhao also own part of the template add up, I am afraid that this paper the ability of the pool is not in the original . "Bo Luo to autumn Yuan team supercilious temper, I am afraid that is not in good faith join the souls of the group both small Luofei or that horrible ancient Beamon, presumably interested in Qatar will be on both sides of irreconcilable contradictions will dry up. According to what I said just now, the captain of a group probably can not be changed, but so, Northern Island team and our little friendship, if arranged properly will probably really become even weak anti-situation "However, if Qatar as the Zhang said the captain divine, that ants. Total bite undead elephant? Wang Jie expressed not optimistic. "Qatar's practice, the non-high-end team battles, and even their own usual tasks. A task he only shot three times. And not to use the power of law. This last point may also be class monster self-restraint, in addition to their each other, in fact, no one has ever witnessed their rule. "These are just a legend to my knowledge the same level master Lodge opinion, even if it is not utilized under the law of the case only shot once probably want to take over is not easy. Chapter punishment from his pocket and pulled out the smoke, the point the twice before lit, took a mouthful, spit smoke to cover his face in the back. Anyway, in any case on the head out chickened are knife, but I have you who are interested to try the souls of the group interview? Sneer after the smoke of her, not questioning, but the threat meeting is open to the outside of the house rabbit cat landlord inviting voice shouting again sounded: "Chapter criminal! Surnamed Zhang, to pay the rent! "Well 7 a month it? . Chapter criminal pinch calculated, really have to pay the rent: "Green Fen, and now you have a thousand awards. Speaking of rent out to pay the rent, Chapter penalty then remember things turned around to see with paragraph Philippines: "I remember the last used your pledge reel is not it? Easy day trip, said the two tasks with interest back to you, but also not? "Hear ye Yi someone smile together, are losing money trading, crop failure what means also." That is not also? This quickly on to play against the souls of the group, those worth only the value of one, plus 2,000 reward can be described as 10 dead students. The next time will not also. "Chapter Criminal words or so ugly, but who knew him will know, this is already his care and advice." I understand that the mission gap, I would definitely put debt on easy day trip also received played a wry smile, said seriously. The end of the meeting, Green Fen has two full days without a word back to his room. Make a. Legged sitting up in bed, eyes a little confused in the past two days time growing. Just establish a strong self-confidence, just realized that he had not the original incompetent, just had upright temperament. But in an instant was an absolute failure. Although there was no attack, but the more reflection. A sense of powerlessness and incompetence will be more and more heavy, the reigning began to doubt. Really confident capital? I do not know. Really do not know. Look Halal me, his eyes have been impaired blindfolded. "How can people in the world do not fail only the strong will fail as an instant, and the failure of the weak will be eternal Chien went to the front of the green Fen said softly. Qing Fen without a word, he did not understand, but to go not come out Linqian Jing, suddenly laughed her hand to unlock the buttoned a piece of clothing off. Qing Fen deceive can not be confused. staring at the front of occurring in front of some incredible things. "I happen to know a way,Nike Jordan Spizike, you can cure all the trauma! "** Chien stood in front of the green Fen, bent over holding his head and said softly. <

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