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reinforcement in any case does antworten

> Bath'm looking forward to tomorrow you die Bu one or two people. The WWW! QuanBEn! COM as you buried the traitor valve Yi-foot stone is not it? "Face each other sharp rise in revolt small LORI without blinking an eye:" a scene like fighting an invisible enemy, losses are inevitable. This Song to reduce casualties to a minimum, the optimal solution. "Though perhaps easily get along with me will also do the same thing with you, but I will not do so morally. "Mo Yan Zhao said coldly:" die tomorrow you owe them, If you were a person, it is best to keep this in mind. "You see I was cold-blooded, I think you are hypocritical angle position, we have no common language. Lolita fat the other one: "Also, I'm not, I'm just a man-made! When I created the character set is absolutely cold-blooded, rational thinking and analysis, in order to obtain the maximum benefit. Human influence on the judgment of emotion, not the kind of thing in my mind. "Cyborg? Zhao Mo Yan unexpectedly stunned: "You are the giant Cyborg? "I did not see it? "Although small LORI not feelings, Mo Yan Zhao clearly felt a hint of sneer:" three of the five Cyborg pure vase, but there are two, but spent a lot of price create high-priced goods. "There is a muscular guard female archers? Each other a hint, and then can not tell who is who that will not Mo Yan Zhao, but her mind is not here: "Cyborg can reshape to what extent? "You are trying to save the life of regret it? Why should humans everyone has so much regret trying to save? Since we had to make their own choice, why have worked hard thing to regret and regret? "The small LORI complexion become somewhat blurred obscure." Can be understood as * humans are greedy our eternal pursuit of more and better will be to their status quo to meet people,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, we called contentment super vulgar, But I'm not that kind of person. The strength of the Cyborg What needs improvement. His memory and how is it formed? "Zhao Mo Yan remembered one important thing." Cyborg as a skeleton by the creator of memory and cognitive other parts of the complete personality and memory filled by the Lord God. But according to my several prototype artificial tracking research seems that the Lord God to fill part of a considerable degree is his real part, and even has even the creators do not know the real side, in some ways, creating Cyborg prototype can be understood as the resurrection. The small LORI very clear Zhao Mo Yan actually want to ask is what "Yes, I heard that you measure the strength of the standard program level, like you did not force the people to the classified what level?" Mo Yan Zhao changing the subject, do not say their own thing. Classified level under enhanced protection of the giant panda. "Our scientific officer has been designated to you the level of gene locks are interested in it, you have how many unlocking? Stuffy in the room, except perhaps We can also do some exchanges. "genetically determined body structure and capacity no matter what kind of energy, it is always polymerization through a specific structure in order to play normal there is a physical limit, too much energy on behalf of self-destruction, so open the genetic lock, first strong physique. As for unlocking not clear conclusion, probably belonging to the human body's natural breakthrough for crisis response. specific not know, in addition to the Lord God, there is no foreign law can crash. transformation of the human body to adapt to the energy, rather than tailored to strengthen evil ways,Coach Totes, in your opinion? small LORI briefly introduced gene lock, to avoid the other asked for the strength of his team. "What horse with what saddle, the transformation of the human body with a direct free ability to instill a perfect match. Very well. "Zhao Mo Yan Name Plates did not ask each other a few unlocking people:" That interested me about your mission experience? Morning panda and kangaroo really interesting ah. "Them? Is not the feelings of the people's eyes, but this time revealing a trace of mischievous: "that Ranma task, the two of them, people want to go at night to sneak out bubble female female spring, the result has the wrong way, one out into kangaroo female panda female small spring fell into the spring, is also deadly evil intentions. Yuanbuderen. "Zhao Mo Yan laughed, I did not ask them to want to become a woman to do, did not ask how they are taking the wrong path, Autumn Island team really is an interesting team." You ask me so long time, and now the turn of I ask you. Lolita gently turned the finger of blame: "your team practicing internal strength? I can simulate a variety of energy, but can not simulate the internal forces, internal forces given by the Lord God does not have exclusion all my characteristics of the origin of life. "" would like to study it? ah. "Zhao Mo Yan eyelids blinking put someone betrayed:" But as opposed to, I also have something you want to borrow it, "Green Fen totally I do not know once again betrayed by their peers. Uphold the in shallow trouble then well and girlfriend ... game, they put aside, look at a scouring Zhang Fei Duan is actually very hesitant when allocating rooms obviously want to separate one, but do not know why he said a few words stumbled, almost reluctantly pulled into the same room. When looking at the layout of the room of the Zhang Amoy first conjure up a sufficient individuals until bed, Fei Duan subconsciously wanted to open the door to run out, but his legs felt weak, his face too hot even she feel fried eggs. Not alone, but in an absolutely closed environment, usually with little or no thought mess the idea seems to plant in their own garden bass bass coming out. If he wants to me that I should not refuse? Fei Duan mind almost empty,Air Jordan 5 Sale, only one can not think about the answer to the question in spinning, suddenly heard Zhang Amoy like said something, she subconsciously loud replied: "Do not." "Do not? What to Do? . Zhang Amoy somehow, he asked the caller did not see the ability of interest or items. What To Do? . Ah, that, I'm sorry, I get lost, you say? . Fei Duan face red, is really shameless in cranky. Zhang Amoy looked at each other's embarrassment, probably a little guess just what she was thinking, like laughing and forced to hold back, paragraph Fe thin-skinned, and this time be sure to play dumb. "Well, I asked you anything favorite here?" Zhang Amoy strong to make a serious expression, and so said. . Me. "Fei Duan once again hung up the Lord God systems, non-captain dial retrieval system, only one page manual page did not turn two, dizziness, shaking his head slowly to say." I Zhang Amoy to find what I wanted, said: "if you can get full wages, I Blazerunner to level up to level is good, but a flame avatar skill level I also want to press price can be exchanged for three days, but Zhao captain required of us now allowed to spend "small is probably to deal with the case of a dead demerit points. What's this? You look at their menu, not see their own worth? I like the value of a class extension plus a 2,000 point bonus, I have so worthless? Paragraph Fitch strange asked. "Worth? "Zhang Amoy remembered to scan the list of their status. Six properties there is no need to take a closer look, anyway, in addition to their own spiritual power outside expertise, and other property only general course, this is relative to the own team of people. normal person can hand wring reinforcement in any case does not in general really makes Fei Duan prompt him to see something that is worth a line in the bottom of the list in the state: a class extension 7,000 point bonus! so valuable? "Zhang Amoy touch head to say and Fei Duan, his mind a turn over reaction," infinite terror "in team battles kill not unlock players is a 2,000 reward, unlock players is a 7,000 reward. Although he did not know whether the lock is open, it is clear that this Lord God league, their combat effectiveness is regarded as open at least a first lock level. The evaluation down is not too much, but anyone an unlocked are valued at one and seven thousand reward words "Zhang Amoy feel his index finger to jump a look at. A not unlock the value of a one unlock the value a! Infinite world reward good demand Extension rare, even vapid this reward detained light, if the opposite can kill a level regional mean anything? behalf of the Qing Fen that long string of personal experience. gently wiped with a knife on achieve the same effect even better. Zhao Mo Yan said we are all worldly ** off, and human nature are common, Zhang Amoy think of things other teammates, of course, would have thought. autumn Island team local indigenous think of peace in the interests of the face is such a fragile thing. traitor, what difficulty level did not appear in front of all are clouds on both sides of the feeling of insecurity, the undercurrent in a calm raging below the surface, Zhao Mo Yan and small LORI continue to chat below the big ball of light vigil you to your players do not come out right said before twelve? "Zhao Mo Yan suddenly turn their attention to small LORI behind, the latter was turning around, saw the door was open, and the giant has gone out." I said. "The small LORI nodded." How to do this? . "An excuse for the breach of the contract jumped over the traitor might you be living Qinzhu he? .. I have tried my best, but if you can not do?" Mo Yan Zhao pick eyebrows. "Kill!" Lolita even bat an eyelid said. <

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