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> Really make Begonia out four-color flowers? Small courtyard? Www. QuAnBeN com is listening ear domiciled book piano can not let drink to calm down. Since she can say, that is it! "Xiao Yao on the inside people have great confidence, but this is really beyond the common sense thing, the very people who do the very thing he had to hold the mind to look at. In addition to the martial arts, Maze powerful, she had been able to play the good hand piano, but unfortunately her of turning into the man looks like, but had no idea if the exchange of Women "Xiao Yao dreams inside the Green Fen know , I'm afraid immediately necessary to copy the piano out he shot dead Li Qu continuous cycle of four seasons, each one revealing a different mood. drinking gradually piano smooth irritability, and so integrated into the natural Vocal he first experienced the heart could not help secretly whispered, perhaps the sound of the piano help to keep the flowering crabapple also unknown. an hour is approaching, the sound of the piano gradually dissipated, sound break, after rhyme aftertaste still in the hospital two mind at this time we know, and really buzzing thing in the world. rime has not yet dispersed, Green Fen hands the Begonia go out, clearly still the front-end into a pot, then was surprised to find the whole basin full four-color blooming flowers, red, purple, pink, blue, contests, gorgeous exception is, is this! drink excited voice trembling, as if only the potted his surname and that any fairy only implicated tell the truth Qing Fen feel that this behavior is silly, but it is too negative and low self-esteem, but he is also not in the mood to learn because of who experiences with others, are only interested in each other, Chen promised promise. "here talking inconvenient, go talk. Green Fen actually been worried about what they are doing are invisible to the eyes and looked, after all, here are the Dragons teach Zongtan, while "visiting" is not the kind of convincing obedient citizens even if the drink has been to ensure that there is no monitoring is the same If three people came to the room late, Ji Mei Xiao Yao This note is not green Fen seems deliberately did not want her to participate in more things. "Luoyang drink to know people came to their own purposes, people not sit down and have a word to point to understand the subject. "Luoyang? Here is Luoyang? Small Xiao Yao Qing Fen together shocked, knew where is. Big cities, no one thought so Central Plains Center. No wonder people beggars all backcountry turned upside down can not find, really hermit in the DPRK is really a surprise to the extreme. "We are here is the home of a dragon surnamed rich, in fact, the Denon teach Zongtan been erratic the past three decades, every now and then moved very acoustic stealth" Dragon now only seen the Dragon King, the Yasha and Mount call Luojia, I know the kings thirty years ago has been killed, the other four do not know where to go? Happy child once spoken Tianlong teach the ins and outs of the disciples for their internal matter, but only vaguely, but Green Fen asked did not hold too much count on for drinking this except a potted plant, I am afraid there is no excess What thoughts. Asura is former Ren Jiaozhu Denon daughter, seems to be dissatisfaction with the current Dragon King, he went to the Kunlun Shura Palace. Garuda any flying Dragon King dissatisfaction, self-discharge in rivers and lakes. Kinnara and the Gandharvas the two seems to be the Dragon King pushed out of the Denon teach. These people are unaccounted for, the Dragon King and later promoted some person to fill the position of the previous eight, but on the basis of ability theory prestige, and it was 30 years ago, these people are very different. But the Denon to teach enlist many martial arts high. Character is rotten scum, while black smoke thin air, but the strength should not be underestimated "drink looked surprised and bewildered eyes of the opposite two, added the sentence:" I just do not investigate any Miss intelligence carefully inquire into these do not coherent things surnamed any? And Garuda any flying it? Green Fen an idea flashed, then aside, this is temporarily useless. But so it seems the Denon teaching forces was actually not as good as expect so huge. The talent is not regarded as very superior. To know if the description of the drink, and that one word to describe it just rabble! So there is no sufficient cohesion sectarian organization,Air Jordan 7 UK, only to see threats and inducements together, that real combat is severely a discount. . That the place where the garrison now why so lax? Green Fen in fact have not been thoroughly understand the problem, own and Xiao Yao the two engage in a series succeed too easily. "Said here Zongtan, in fact, only stayed a Dragon King, the other visiting only started going to teach live in subordinates is only directly responsible to the Yasha. Dragon King did not need to arranged sentry, who can threaten him with his martial arts? . Filed confused the meaning of the powers of the Dragon King, drink eyes suddenly a lot less. It seems Dragon King had treated like Green Fen, left him with an indelible impression. Luoyang? "Green Fen suddenly your mind a move, and think of one thing:" Luoyang heroes Jiang Tianxiong of local snakes, the Dragon King so blatantly sitting here, there is also unaware of? "" This is something I do not care to drink and shook his head without looking at the basin of Begonia "Since Luoyang easier to handle. Impart information gap is always looking to get. "Paiba Zhang Xiao Yao said. Since Luoyang, That February of Jiang Tianxiong for life, all over the invitation of the rivers and lakes things the right way, pinch refers to a set, has only three days, the Denon teach its proximity, should no action it, but wanted to ask this, drink 10's ** will answer did not pay attention, thought, a question is asked. the small recently Denon teach, including the entire city of Luoyang, there is nothing unusual happened? " In fact, now drink has been well aware of the two men in front are not exactly loyal and good will, but also about such a person. The two of them to eat the poison are not afraid, more does not matter. "I did not even send abnormal, the addition to a group that seized from the hunchback Kou porcelain dragon rich man also is Dragon King to buy it, that day shipments I ran into a little strange,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, the dragon man very deep, never play antique porcelain or something. "in shipment where? was such a, fool also understand that it is not antique, unless luck is really so back, hit exactly the Denon teach in business. this is not to know drink a Tanshou, the tone a little impatient, and anxious to go back and take good care of the the basin four-color Begonia. "goods out of hand by those who. It's always know it? Green Fen feel the impatience of each other, speak the same speed up. "I only know that the dragon house all incoming and outgoing things will be over the housekeeper Ronfaut hand, well. I know all I have to say, I am with you and then nothing arrears. Xiao Yao drink came to me, the Honourable Well, we still have not seen is wonderful! And drink seen Qing Fen not a good person, and not into the house under the expulsion, no longer holding their own pots trot out. Luoyang, "Here is the Denon teach Zongtan" not how much Denon teach dignitaries "" Dragon King, just bought some suspicious cargo, "There the Jiang Tianxiong Zhongyuan heroes" There are two service antidote to the poison on a regular basis have to Cooler. above is Green Fen and Xiao Yao need to face. worried before heavily guarded Zongtan, now this consideration, hard-punching two separately would be able to dash out of this Zongtan exposure is not a big problem after all Denon teach main combat power in Yuanyang side, the beggars no super expert hold the line not storm snatch away their own Fenduo, Denon teach have to leave considerable combat power addition to the Dragon King shot himself, any other master wants these two deliberately foot two left, that is some difficulty many rivers and lakes of the city of Luoyang. the Jiang house is no shortage of factions master, if they can be together siege here, want to come even if it is as strong as the Dragon King can not escape it as long as the Dragon King is down, the entire Denon teach flew tree inverted paste called scattered two of their own tomorrow expenditure to a living advertising opportunities tomorrow. tomorrow must be the message sent out this night is the last chance I always feel that the batch of porcelain weird, when the mouth time coincidence is very likely to go for three days after the birthday Qing Fen is not too body of the poison as one thing, and one month after the later the poison will be too far away. "Long house inside lax, but have high-rise outpost alert and out of place, how do we go out? Once alerted the Dragon King, none of us could not walk. "Xiao Yao the anti-the usual Xipixiaolian, face very serious." Can not be hard to go to the wall though it seems as long as the high jumped to escape, but the Qing Fen always feel if you do. Is likely in the floor to find the Dragon King is smiling stood waiting for their own. Without any basis. Purely these personal feeling. . Can not contest and the Dragon King, we can only North and his text. Tonight is your honest Ji Mei stay in the room, let her disguise my appearance, you are thoughtful, I think of ways to mix out. Green Fen think again. Or give up gently leap intend. "What are you going to go out how? , Xiao Yao asked,Coach Classic Bags, concerned. Is my own idea it wants to night, two more silent, Jiang mansion, but also when the voice of one issue, it is to drink a keen interest has not been resting places. Siemens due diligence efforts supporting the eyelids, the river front door throughout the year, are open 12 hour a day, the door is comfortable. They may gatekeepers of luck. Is yawning, suddenly see a man walking strides towards the door, Siemens quickly changed Changing Faces, smiled and greeted by a. Jiang Tianxiong contemporary Mengchang the name, the human arena, whether high and low prestige come defected, he is warm welcome, go often also sent dozens of two major money for the journey. Central Plains heroes in the name of a well-deserved reputation. These Siemens know. If hit autumn did not wait, and finally to the mold or their own. <

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