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> The two distinctions Valley comfortable home, Happy child mentoring four sitting into a circle, blue one only known Zhen Zan, Luoyang, also went to the Songshan Shaolin settle a past event, this year, I'm afraid the rivers and lakes winds greater, division as a father naturally be told a few words. www QUanbEN com three thin volumes have been assigned to three hands. Green Fen looked down, hand-written line by line line arrangements the gas line exercise our powers Dharma tips, but at first sight is different from the celestial Qigong or Tian Cangong such Yang Qi healing the logistical martial infuriating description of the flow away disease and Jin, apparently learning between life and death in the battlefield. . This is the past few months I awakened from ten thousand to return flow "three sets of Dharma. Xuaner Ziqian thick, there is no guarantee that the villain plot, this "real dollars body care can make your infuriating to have considerable autonomy retaliatory capability, in order to avoid a moment of crisis; spine child temper too, fought wins, but people beyond Behind this "the art of trying, only in the case of physical and infuriating serious losses to play, broke out within a short period of time greater skill. However, this method is Bo life with life and death, can not be ignored; finally excited children. Your patience and gentle. Everything to care one way or another. The truly hands with people when the chill of the air would be insufficient encountered scrappy master, the outcome is likely to be around between subtle. This "bloody mountains and rivers, I binding Evil Chidi bills and ten thousand normalized flow gasification sword" the art created as gas was bone to blood-Feng, the most evil spirits, but you practice the Tian Cangong and impregnable, meridians hard and soft economy, tough far more than ordinary. only you the heterogeneity can really withstand such a strong impact infuriating. the Luoyang Jiang Tianxiong Jigonghaoyi people a gift, the Central Plains heroes , the name, I have been very much admired. weekdays doing things rather low-key, this 40 birthday is actually a big banquet, invite friends in rivers and lakes also seem to see the Tianlong teach dangerous big that time on top of the birthday I am afraid that will not be so smooth, when you play it by ear. help Jiang Taixia contributed Ching Union this just after the third, kicked three began rushing rivers and lakes plans reasonably division three brothers together on the road should be "Big Brother Want to which way to turn? "Thorns eyes do not see Gu Yue Xuan, seems to speak with air." Left waterway, and the line along the Yangtze River, ten days to Luoyang. Gu Yue Xuan did not seem to see the Young unruly, said good-tempered. "Then I left the land, look at the great scenery along the way is good. "Thorns Xiangyebuxiang said immediately." Since it is go out together there anything separate truth, since you want to see the scenery on land, we have to take the land Gu Yue Xuan said, frowning. "I want to take the water! Well, me come to the" thorns Gu Yue Xuan eyes turned to look at: I just do not want to go with you to work together If the roads are re-encounter. I do not want to the human arena confusion your credit or I've got! Small you will not care much about these catchy title? . Gu Yue Xuan finally could not resist: "You have much skill as I know, you know I can do, what say open between our brothers. Why wrangling for other people's vision and language?" I just want to get what I deserve! "thorns also increased his voice:" Those rivers and lakes fame obviously I deserve, why I do credit, but all normalized in your body? I just want fair justice! " "Well! Knock it off. "Qing Fen really can not stand this dispute,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, to stand between two people and waved separates the two:" You fight this war of words is interesting? If it is displeased human arena senseless. I'd have a way to let everyone convinced! "" What way? . They asked in unison. "Bet! Bet made public in the world!" Catch the Qing Fen moment is also what to say, the moment of inspiration so take out from his mouth: "to of the Denon teach event for the gambling Who in this things make a greater contribution, who even win bet is Happy to send the name of the chief disciples so that the outcome is clear, the two brothers lost from now on, do not say separate ways this Big Brother If you lose in front of the surface of the rivers and lakes of all the celebrities in self-supporting not as good as the two brothers the small good way! I did not, but also coupled with the one who lost the one who will no longer have to meet with the good Chinese! "Pick sound should be full of thorns confidence Road. Hei Wah? Cao Bodhisattva?" Green Fen stunned surprised a moment, then react this means actually two brothers took a fancy to the Huashan that shy girl? It seems that they really healing treatment for too long, he did not know so much gossip around. . No! "Gu Yue Xuan categorically rebuffed:" bet to throw in the towel thing I can promise, but Cao Shimei are human beings. I would not use the others to be my bet! "Green Fen must admit that these words when Gu Yue Xuan righteousness handsome very, the MAN gas to open twenty-two suspect. Since as long as the little girl will certainly feel that Big Brother compared Having said that, Chen Xiangyun that minx thorns not have it? how fancy Cao Hua beast? "not gambling? Are you afraid of losing it? . Thorns ridiculed. "Is not my thing, I definitely will not be used as a bet!" Gu Yue Xuan light, said: "As long as the CAO Shimei said to me she does not want to see me, not what bet I will naturally disappear forever in her eyes. Apart from this, no The second possibility! "Well, do not argue, listen to me." Qing Fen in the middle raised his hands, although the two brothers substandard, but back to this sort of face junior in the sector together to stop the mouth "everything has a well-organized, one at a code. Since the rivers and lakes bet bet confined to rivers and lakes. Two brothers If you want to Speaking about love, you will openly compete with Big Brother, this year when you win the title after the young hero, if more can the Denon teach things to win prestige is definitely far more than Big Brother, means must be used to bet this is not self-confidence. Big Brother Can also promised issue in before Denon teaching resolve the matter, and Cao beast, talk to a marriage can be regarded as a senior Young a fair chance to compete. CAO Shimei which is a good think clearly about their end willing to choose Qing Fen who suddenly discovered that he is now more able to say, rational and powerful section does not engage in MLM is a pity. Worth mentioning. According to Young's approach. Young how you look like? "Gu Yue Xuan little thought for a moment, understand that this is now able to find out the best way. , Say this I mean, it would do just that! "Thorns also promised the contest, turned around and looked at the green Fen:" You, your trip is going to go by land or by water ? "that is, with a Big Brother or with two brothers, right? Green Fen shook his head: "We are three soldiers in three columns. Anyway from Jiang Taixia birthday more than a month, we in the North gate of the city in the early morning of that day confluence Gu Yue Xuan and thorns probably know each other just to say that's the case really do not fit together on their way to come to the fork in the road on a left right away, leaving Green Fen want in place for a long time thought to understand which side to go to small simply took out a coin to: The front left and right opposite Green Fen recited readily toss coins. Seeing it in mid-air tumbling several Wai, were rolling for a while and then dropped to the ground rolled around, and finally fell into a shallow crevices. Not positive nor negative, stand up! Green Fen showed the whites of eyes, looking up to heaven, silent, do not go left or go right, went straight to the front that there is no road in the woods. Junior high school,Jordan 13 Sale, Lu Xun, or who said that word, had no road to the world, many people walk will become a road. Green Fen are acting as the "people walk more, which that part of the front, a path through their feet. Fact Distance in Luoyang date there are more than a month, ample time for capital to Happy to send disciples to splurge to do something they wanted to do things, such as Green Fen so pure in the mountains go blind, probably as long as the direction is good, always going out of the result of the fact seems to be that a person not in irony Green since within their means, to go three or four days, farther and towering old trees blotting out the sun, nothing signs of human activity, and no signs Shashi Hou go out of either green person on their own direction and viability confidence, and replaced with ordinary people this time the crazy stone mowed down a wild boar courage to their provocation. although this thing known as the overlord of the forest ranking above the blind bear, but Green Fen bow Nock, a stone's throw from eyes shot into the transcranial break even if the brain is the overlord of the Earth can only obediently lay down a portable bow and arrow of become green Fen standing equipment, since last hunting experience Xuanming sub after, his leisure exercise our powers a small although the technology is not the top, but the arm strength of the martial arts under the eye with light quasi-head is concerned, that is, the Jinian old hunter may not be than excessively him. just seem to naturally go out to save the life , even in the deep forests seem to have not relieve life-saving, life-saving eleven deep forests where there are people actually call for help, do not know is bold drugs off or what. The sound delicate significantly young woman is no doubt that Green Fen had to let go of the front legs of the wild boar, the direction of the sound of foot Ben away. Forests sound is actually the pass not see very far, less than a mile away we can see the call for help. Only this time not bully bandits robbed the male hegemony female. I saw a safari girl sitting high above the tree right, under a tree a bear attack angry with claws and head sinking two encircle trees. Bear mighty, and knocked it village foliage Luanyao the at the girl both hands tightly clutching the right to the tree,Coach Bags Store, the situation has a close call. , <

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