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21.05.2013 04:09
Deep the Xuanming sub-skill antworten

> Liu Huhu has passed between the two referral Satsuki. wWw, quaNBen, COm Qing Fen finally not to venture into the Phi World ridiculed. In fact, the so-called Green Li Xue just my big brother and I nonsense product if their brothers dare finished playing then say, will cut Fortunately, Xiao Yao temporary action can be taken, at least still in bed lying on three four months, Green Fen to find their own excuses, when a few months ostrich. This morning finished school piano, nothing else to Qing Fen suddenly want to hunt, they bring a bow and arrow into the back of the mountain. Even if not moving Genelec. Will not pull too hard bow to shoot pheasant hare, not a dinosaur, original without much effort. The archery surgery to pay attention to a quasi-head, had shot the rabbit Han Qing person's eyesight naturally is not difficult, but the spirit hug grass playing rabbit psychological, this time can also be a small exercise eyesight and reaction. First alerted that rabbit, let it run, then throw in the starting moment bow. This trick skilled hunter from not so difficult, but green, the practice can be considered better than nothing. Just lay two pheasants a fat rabbit, you could hear the faint sound came the distant mountains. Lotus valley is not odd mountain danger. Around does not densely living, people will appear here basically only lotus ri, the voice was unfamiliar. Green Fen suddenly alert, know their current physical condition should not use force, no longer dare to casually move to avoid exposure, just Shen calm air, you want to eavesdropping on the other side of the dialogue. Lucky, the wind in his favor, the upper hand scraping sound down. "Xuanming child. Tutor main four-please, you have to foot the face what is your request conditions to raise them to, so many excuses pretentious but count how is it?" Strange voice third annoyed sub said impatiently. The "the Denon teach potential, but Happy School is not unknown small camp,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, I did not need sleight of hand trick pretentious not interested in is not interested in tell you the Dragon King, the future, do not bother me!" Xuanming child? That nearly poisoned Shishu? Green Fen surprised listened more carefully. "Happy to send?, Rivers and lakes only know send Happy Happy child, who know you Xuanming? Unfamiliar voice sneered provocation:" You are not used to this set, we know you and Happy child known as substandard, you have been angry that he stole the Happy School head of the place, as long as you promise to become a Denon teach a visiting. We deal with Happy child, it is you and I both can benefit a good thing. "Hang! Brothers read the wall, defense, its a total insult. Happy child and I are our business. Fail to get outsiders to interrupt. Conveyed to the Dragon King, he wanted to engage in the political arena three to engage in four it was his thing, but if he put his hand in his lotus valley, do not blame me when the time betray! "" You're toast Monastic since stubborn, then go to Happy child play before the Road! "Two Yiyanbuge, that turned suddenly a fight, Quanfeng Zhang Li hanging dynamic wind, green Fen could hear clearly separated so far. Really Denon teach as Happy child expected, different schools have taken the internal break another way, but I did not expect this Xuanming child made no secret of the brothers and the fact that, in the righteous cause of the above is what sustains very positive, unlike Ziyang child as being easy to use. Listen to over there fighting is fierce. Green Fen is not the kind of hiding in the side of the theater, said "dog eat dog" kind of thing a lot of money together his character. Although this Shishu had poisoned almost poisoned, but just listen to him in a few words is very above-board, even if the position is different, so people also appreciate. Think here quietly pacing the front, Lin Feng dense vegetation, hold your breath lightweight even take him in the way, two of the fight was actually a moment did not notice. The covered dark picture Xuanming of sub empty-handed blows with one, and that life is too odd and strange. Head big as a bucket. Eye, such as soybeans, two broom eyebrow. A bloody mouth, the stubby neck almost invisible, tummy is outrageous, straight as a pregnant woman may also wish to. This appearance is strange. Stature is extremely flexible, the whole person into a yellow wind around the Xuanming sub-rolling milling, the occasional punch beat play, not wait for the other fight back wash its hands of the conversion trick, so it was actually gossip tour itself palm superior effort. "Hey, Xuanming child I know you powerful poison power, has long been prepared under the blood python beads you my hard fist, you have to know that they can not account for what is cheap. The small fellow triumphant spoke to, it seems a big mouth Some of the Bulong like saliva along the side of the mouth dripping straight dirty. "Well. "Xuanming sub Lengheng the cry:" But Denon teach holder under a running dog. Deal you do not the human resource Alondra work with the old lady,Coach Madison Online, look carefully "just one look carefully export. Xuanming child suddenly seems one of four, four Xuanming sub stopped the four cardinal Eight Palms Qi seal man ever seen such wonderful shenfa of dead man all courses of action. surprise, lucky martial arts is not low, which distinguish each other Mami where busy, the palms a welcome offset by palms with each other. Xuanming child again. cry more Zhang Li urging, the man could not withstand the palms forced open, the chest door wide open. more blunt Xuanming sub. progress push palm strike in his chest. Zhang Li to Xuanming sub- , is the one who cast steel have the body played two handprint, Jen ... to implement, the man not only does not spurting explosion death. Instead, the already large Tatu called on Kay high ridges, as if blowing full The balloon then continue filling gas Qing Fen first reaction is that he will not explode. "the Sumeru power? "Xuanming sub Yaran out loud. Is the Sumeru power". Triumphant man. Stomach suddenly deflated, the Qi Jin conduction hands, palms face of mounting counter-attack over. Xuanming sub oversight, did not expect the other even practice such as Hanshi outstanding service, the hands anti separated Parry was hurriedly lack of capacity, the other side of the blow of course savings ten times before Zhang Li contains two together, you hear a click sound, Xuanming sub-arms fractures, the people went flying out, straight severing one person hold the thickness of the trees. "Xuanming Laoer,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, how do you not think about it, but I have mastered the outstanding service, full kill your grasp, how can the leader sent me to when your escorts messenger? Happy to send people never arrogant, Yan Luodian must remember, is the first of the four wicked kill you eat! "That Frankenstein opening the mouth casually shouted, take significant steps coming Unscrew the Xuanming sub-head, just out of step, sudden chest pain. Discovered meridians seems crammed into seventeen eight needle , with their hair just power from the chest to his hands all the way meridians have been torn. Canhao cry, eat few steps back down again and again, his arms broken like hanging down, blood-red eyes looked opposite. "Hey, running dog lackeys is your boss gave you two bones they will not know own a few two kilograms of. Xuanming child feels like nothing stood up, his hands flick even commending ourselves off to many joints are connected up, the way wonderful you in the palm of my Lethal dare to vigorously counterattack, I admire your bold or are you ignorant? "Xuanming child just the right arm joints slowly approached, his face ridicule feelings undisguised: the Denon to teach lackeys always so arrogant and ignorant, Yan Luodian'll remember Kill You Happy to send the first The a master Xuanming child. " Us the wonder child imitate each other's tone, as if the cat and mouse are generally to be slowly mercy, that eat the fighting spirit full funeral how dare talk back to fight back, turned and ran really like a stray dog ​​hastily. "Well, you really want to kill you no one dish to the messenger, you go tell the Dragon King, since he disregard the old side of the edge, I would not tell him what mutual affection, you let him send keep a good master who quit net, from tomorrow, the old lady see a sweep one! "Xuanming sub transported from the true power of a single word such as Dragons Tigers shocks throughout the mountains like swinging, eat hear in the ear is more a sense of panic more spared fast. See, however, eat the back has escaped from the line of sight, and had a long pause, determined enemy really gone, backlog of Xuanming sub One congestion in the chest could not take it anymore, and a mouth spray in front of a blood-red grass. Although the lips can be as large as deceptive words, Sumeru power to build dozens of palm force between the beat in this effort although the trouble is difficult to practice, but the power of the corresponding is extremely alarming, worthy as a supporter of the power to save your life. Deep the Xuanming sub-skill by the blow V somersault, if just to eat is not intimidated, that they probably only die situation. Enemy of go, no longer have to cover a blood spit. Soft Zuodao the on the ground. Green Fen when it is from a haystack climb up. Seeing the two. Playing with the stove at best, then lead out picking Jianbian Yi, this seems to be some degree of treatment of the protagonist, but green someone came out and said now is not cheap, then, just now it is too late helping hand, yet still have a chance. "What people?" After Xuanming child injured spiritual sense greatly reduced, this time to see the shadows shaking to erect the alert actually there. Shishu is I! And Xiaoqing Fen hastened to say anything. He know such like Xuanming sub 10 ** hidden die Henzhao of, hard to say what is the smog Du Dan, the event therefore longer be toxic to, will not be killed I will not speak. disgrace throw home. "Shishu? You, you are that day I was drug to the kid. You become disciples Happy child? Well, it touches on luck, an old man now Hardships never, you want revenge Come on! "Xuanming sub-recognized green Fen Tiger refuses to pour Wei, Shouyi Bai Qing Fen waiting to come to hands-on." ", The master gave orders may not Shishu rude, not to mention you on me poison, but in the end I was a blessing in disguise, this is, in fact, I do not hate you! "Green Fen caught under the hair, is telling the truth. Green Fen is not overly nice guys, he is willing to let go of the only two people had revealed hostile. One is like a prostitute, shut pass away, martial arts, meditation has over hope one day can really 放下屠刀立地成佛 the people. Second such like Xuanming sub, the two conflict just because the position is different, and as individuals, is to appreciate. For such people, Green Fen feel, whenever possible, to make friends than enemies do cost-effective. Offerings child up and down carefully looked Qing Fen. Estimated as if what he said is true or false. Last palm down. More loudly: "It's what the master received any apprentice, you and Happy child, a fool!" <

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