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secretly try to figure out her antworten

> Ancient Fen-old until I saw prostitution to kowtow again and again in front of a young and Ran. Www. quANBEn. The Com that, and Shang Yougong and has its own one King Kong momentum, people can not be underestimated. Imaginary to be come true come near, he turned to looked at prostitution, nerve twitched. Woman with long hair scattered disheveled, wearing only a shirt, and a golden vest, anyone would think that is a prostitute for flowers attempted anti-kill. This is true, although there are some small exception. . Pinseng virtual real the female donor polite the virtual real hands clasped together for the ceremony. Step forward vaguely will the prostitute stand in behind. "Virtual real? Imaginary bully, Xiaoqing Fen snacks surprised this person is famous contemporary and Big Brother young master, it really extraordinary spirit." Next Happy to send green Qing Li Xue. Qing Fen bit annoyed and embarrassed to read out the name, but listen to the virtual real ear actually thought she was a prostitute gambling thing and embarrassing, the thought of going to this the four wicked discuss security, but also a bit awkward. "Turned out to be Happy sub predecessors outstanding students. Pinseng Gu Yue Xuan brothers and thorns brothers have seen a number of face, I did not know when the addition of a macho, physical prowess of no return, a blessing really the right way "! On the subject of class generation, Happy child with imaginary division really On cross-progenitor same generation, that Gu Yue Xuan Qing Fen than his generation but we are not the same door, according to the general arena practice, fellow human, especially the door division to pay good is according to their older brothers Young senior sister apprentice Shimei barking. "This is but one of the four wicked prostitute, her numerous evil, I chase here. I do not know a true virtual master plan to how to deal with? . "Reasonably law, prostitution is a capital offense. But God has the virtue of self-supporting disobedient regret own Goddess to the Shimei discuss personal love. Brought him back to the Shaolin Temple wall bowing to redeem his earlier life sins. "" Oh, yes. " Green Fen promised is extremely refreshing. Originally, he did not want to waste places three times a year to kill this guy who was in his early best. Virtual real and prostitution are surprised a moment, all she did not expect such a good talk. "But we must first destroy his the Wugong Qing Fen request. This is a natural virtual real nod, which is originally he wanted to do. Mercy is not pedantic, prostitution and others desperate what would have put it out, virtual really just a monk, not the impostor. "In addition, the prostitute is to be entered a monastery as a monk, is not it? . Green Fen surface exposed strange smile: "I sent him a Buddhist name okay?" Name of the empty. Course, no there is not. "Qing Fen bending over to pick up whoring out the knife on the ground, he exclaimed: "it is called is not available do not quit." Four wicked things come to an end. Green Fen returned to green urban days to transit, to retrieve their luggage quickly left the place. Line to the sky dusk came to a great lake, long sight edge, and then look around the deserted, just to release Disguise true colors. Green Fen went to the shore, leaned over sips won the first lake, the meaning cool straight into Insufficiency. A whim, Green Fen want the whole face into the water and steep, and who knows just head down lower, the lake suddenly emerge out of a face, the two one last look, almost hit together. Such a distance of two inches apart, mutually breathing can be sprayed onto the face. Green Fen first reaction was encountered the Hymenocallis, think about iron hand skill instantaneous force. Even though only two inches distance, such as installed machine includes general bounced out. People in the water did not seem to expect the other side there is this trick or above petrified to endure each other's forehead as hammer-like blow on the head haggard nose, screams and smashed back water. It was not Shuigui! Green Fen this time to respond. A grasping hand quickly grabbed the water Ran, for fear that he was knocked unconscious after falling directly into the lake and drowned. He had been grasping each other's arms. Suddenly feel wrong. This is a martial arts for many years the hand and arm muscles evenly distributed within the power inherent in just one-touch can feel. Heart illegal channels is not good, that hand has anti-seize his arm, suddenly go out into the drop-down. Green Fen quickly luck to catch herself. But at the moment he is half lying on the floor, the body to lean forward, was extremely difficult to force. This is not, the key is to pull the hands of the bird came strength Tough exquisite, Jingsi more than their impregnable masculine and mighty, coupled with their own hasty luck. Even the whole person is pulled down against the lake. Off the lake, only feel the surging water front. Green Fen scared chaos, the first exercise our powers to cover your whole body the resurgence posture cover your body weaknesses, but no attack hit, but rather head came a laughing sound. This sound does not contain any malicious, but rather mischievous succeed greater meaning. Green Fen across the water then he saw the land-based. That a young man on his hips and laughing at the same time wanted by just thrown down climb. Actually be playing it! Is nothing malicious mischief but also exasperating. Green Fen treading water climbed to the entire people have become a veritable drowned rat. The askance Nudeng grinning villain clothing, two left internal strength, this body mist transpiration. Actually body Bu clothes heart Shun Yeung internal strength "claw evaporated to a good effort! "That young smile loudly praised:" knew the Happy School cents Qigong Yin and Yang and flow, but before I saw this skill Gu Yue Xuan and thorns. Green Shimei really towel smoke as their male colleagues! "Celestial qigong, Happy to send his secrets small can co-exist with any martial arts, any martial arts assimilation, Green Fen impregnable interior strength to display this feature is Qingcheng mountain many old traveler also failed to see the curiosities front of this young man is no exception. Qing Fen bother to ask how did he know, happened yesterday so much, not far from Qingcheng Mountain determined the strength of the organization is now afraid of the staff a "Green Li Xue "data bound unlock the head, long hair waterfall hanging down, Qing Fen both hands to hold the hair at the water drops evaporated to dryness." Hey, do not ignore me, ah, you wrecked me nose. I poured you a water, we're even, okay? Grinning villain to take two steps to go to the front of the green Fen who turned around to continue with the side facing him. "Do not be so narrow-minded friends, my name is Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao beggars, we are Xiao Yao you heard it? Qing Fen drive from the hair on his hat. Grabbed the burden ready to walk, he really did not want to with Qing Li Xue identity then deal and more people, "I have something to ask for your help! "Xiao Yao to see each other really angry, only that the woman is always in mind, a little regret the joke is not the time, nor should such a way to test her martial arts, get down to business quickly said:" beggars disciples found before toward the tombs of heroes Xu Xiaoxia, just the tomb mystery heavy, it is difficult to want to enter the non-expert help is not available. "Both previous tomb, still do not disturb the good with the owner of the tomb does not matter, but Green Fen or do not want to just go and living to disturb the peace of the dead, frowning spit out such a sentence. Finally see each other speak, Xiao Yao feel pleased, as long as openings that are easy to handle, and quickly also said: "If it is usually naturally not to disturb Xu Taixia, but according to beggars disciples reliable intelligence, Denon education also found the tomb, and hands in two days. I beggars of the players in the Qingcheng near the few went to Qingcheng aid to the people of the delay has not yet returned, I watched not only boring angry in the water, now have your help, the two of us should be able to the first step into the tomb. "Small that tomb? Actually Denon teach and rolled into the room again and again, and again, Denon teach frequently, this action is more and more obvious. . The Xu Taixia life practicing hundreds of martial arts martial arts miscellaneous fine up and down five hundred years was not out of his right, but also complex skilled in alchemy pharmaceutical, during his lifetime had refining can help martial arts to break through the bottleneck of the nine turn yin and yang Dan. Since it is his tomb, there is no guarantee that there is no magic Cheats panacea or something like that, if Denon teach the harm the depth of inestimable heard this Qing Li Xue enthusiastic martial arts justice, Xiao Yao quickly under the rhetoric. Green Fen hesitated, Logically speaking, they should help the busy. He really did not want braved the name and swagger, inevitably hesitate to miss this point. Xiao Yao hesitant to see each other secretly try to figure out her own teasing her regarding the heart have heart disease, a discount knees fell to his knees: "I to Xiao Yao sincerely apologize to the Qing Li Xue girl, girl of Qing Li Xue on the common people points to help me stop trip Tomb of the Dragon teach! "Xiao Yao weekdays always smiling. But it looked solemn, sincere tribute. Head knock on the ground floor sound. Green Fen is actually not a stingy person, repair Dharma for many years, is teasing a little angry,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, but the blink of an eye has long vanished. Hesitate just thinking not to find someone to fold another identity again, who wanted to Xiao Yao even line this gift. Man knees with gold, this sentence is not to say nice. Ching Fen quickly knelt down and salute, two flat knock a head. . So, you are promised? "Xiao Yao people kneeling on the ground, raised his head and looked at each other desired. Qing Fen grunted:" I'm not playing the white workers, which should really have a good thing,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, but I am going to lay hands on the "." Of course, of course, Xiao Yao grinning get up, the uphold the mouth muttered couple thanks to a class of words. "What did you say?" Green Fen eyebrow Mao Yili, Xiao Yao immediately played sloppy eyes,Jordan 1 Shoes, turned around and led the way to the front. All the way straight toward the tomb. Tomb, in fact, no monument mound, making life difficult for beggars and Denon teach people how to find. The ground has been dug a big hole, looked down and along the Walk of swarthy not seen its bottom. The number of beggars disciples waited beside the hole, see Xiao Yao to have to salute. Xiao Yao waved them continued vigilance, pointing to the hole and said: "I've been to the bottom, the bottom air breathing no problem, but not far away was a broken dragon stone sealed, even with a person I can not open there , so just looking for your help <

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