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> Green Fen positive mobile two truncated stick, lying at the foot of a Yinzei, I do not know which way the heroes the middle of the night without sleep, even palpable here. WWW, QUanbEN com (.) a wear Night clothes, sneaking standing there, naturally Xiangyebuxiang beat Pilai. Sharp Pikong Zhang force across the Shu Zhang has stimulated Green Fen head Ma, busy left hand stick cross in the right hand, gold net boxing punch hit when empty like thunder sound out, Green Fen retreating step this shed residual Zhang Li. So sharp force Pikong Zhang Qing Fen this time it felt even on weekdays Big Brother and the enemy would give them the same door when Big Brother, quickly waved prevent. Small you, you are three Young? . Zhang Li Gu Yue Xuan then also know who is at heart a rude awakening is probably Young found what clues, but this time to say the words are late. Just shouted a warning meaning. Has been used for Genelec then Zhang Li Quan Feng of the fight, I am afraid that the movement of large Qingcheng backyard has been alerted. Green the Fen of course aware of the situation, the backyard room heard the sound of footsteps floor. Wanted to come to the next second is the numerous martial arts to punch it out, that time own a Night clothes standing here. The rational change did not care for the. The anxious Shengzhi protrusions an idea. Suddenly a push door door just Fang Yun flowers, easily grabbed Fang Yun, they rolled together into there. What circumstances? Almost exclusively at the same time, next door flung, a middle-aged woman is almost broken in the door and rushed out, and then we can see a white flash, fuzzy was actually a man got into his disciples the room. "Zeizi killed! "Middle-aged women rush to get up, not the whole body also refused to put the sword back foot rage burst into the door which situation do not look at Utah can look really angry like mad. Their most beloved disciple is flushed eyes closed lying in bed, quilts she has been kicked. corset has been pulled down more than half, exposing the white busts, but she was just like I do not know, the mouth while the voice of a seductive whisper, his hands still own body groping up and down, it is in the phase of the drugged small predecessors to take care of the junior sister apprentice I chase that Yinzei. white shadow naturally Gu Yue Xuan he saw Green Fen fit to break into this room, a look inside the scene suddenly things guessed seven or eight still do not know. "you, you are Gu Yue Xuan? "If for the other children, Yi Lan not like a nonsense has his dismemberment, recognize this person is well-known rivers and lakes on the young hero, a time mind natural paused, it is difficult to believe that this even to to bully their baby apprentice With so meal time,air jordan store, things became clear context up to 11 flower thief someone else just heard shouted Zhang Feng is in front of the people . "small good, and you catch that villain, absolutely want him caught and hacked in pieces. easy blue Yinya chew. turned around and saw his disciples that bear the appearance of quickly Cheguo to quilt she body covered. Valley the Yue Xuan bumbling flying never ending, around a circumference of this Fanshen down was so alarmed the whole Qingcheng woke up, until the time he returned to the Tianshan Pai residence,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, Qingcheng duty elders have arrived, others also continued arrival of Yi Lan has ordered them in the drugged He Qiujuan, a disciple to take care of her, since came to the door of the court all the outsiders stand in there. Tianshan female students the suffered the flower thief, although not hinder hand is not a glorious thing is worth a grand scale. aging generation is bad enough, the hairless lips younger kid do not know what will happen cranky. "qingxia child! Tianshan Pai enthusiastic warm-hearted to give you celebrate the successor to head, the result turned out to encounter in your Qingcheng mountain flower thief. This is something you have to give me the Tianshan an account! "Yi Lan of the Tianshan Pai elders, on the rivers and lakes prestige is not Qingcheng following under the head qingxia sub, Liu Mei stood on fingers point to almost Qingxia sub on the tip of the nose." White loom Young, tonight is your retirement by , how is this going? Qingxia child is livid. Own successor before encountered such a situation, really, is awkward to say there is more than embarrassing. "This, that we want to conduct a thorough investigation, we have to conduct a thorough investigation! "The white machine was petrified. Sweat rolling down his forehead, straight like a drowned rat." A small thorough investigation? "Well." "Yi Lan snorted:" If not Gu Yue Xuan Valley Shaoxia,, arrived in time, the consequences could be disastrous, not at you will be able to settle the matter a thorough investigation of easy Woman Hold your mother impatient, fortunately HE Shi Zhi and was killed, I Qingcheng must will give you an explanation. "Ziyang said Chen Sheng, an own self-confidence and domineering tone. Yi Lan also can not help but sink, it snorted be regarded as recognition of his words. Turned around and look to Gu Yue Xuan. "Valley Shaoxia, the circumstances of how annoying you give us a small. Gu Yue Xuan should be a cry, half-truths of things to say, just changed to change the results, become that flower thief by their own; the Yao specifically, since only interested in housing human safety, failed to timely Yi hit that Chen Chau choke thief up off the "small mouth, the Mount Qingcheng actually come and go, this Zeizi work really amazing! "Yi Lan half angry Qingcheng half is angry themselves, in their own room next to almost out of trouble, actually a little unaware of, so many years rivers and lakes is really walking in dogs." That Yinzei Wu, martial arts seems to is the Wudang ones! Gu Yue Xuan hesitate, Fang Yun will shake out. Qing Fen, he immediately recognized the ins and outs of that flower thief, but grew more and more scared, who dare to Fang Yun competent this things to Wudang Could it change? just take the opportunity to test. "What? The original side of things not related to Wudang elders pine almost jumped up: "Gu Yue Xuan, you can do the slanderous accusations." Pine Presbyterian Mo excited Wudang sword Fahehewei name, rivers and lakes with both hands at the meeting is not surprising , Valley Shaoxia is not directed at Wudang is the murderer, they must not misunderstand! The "Ziyang sub hastened to say anything to justify." May be or may not be what I'd picked up a two-edged sword in the house, Valley Shaoxia,. This is the murderer Pei soldiers? Yi Lan sneer, the Nabing sword handed Gu Yue Xuan front, the latter nodded his head and said to be true. Wudang Fang Yun Yi Lan remembered the lettering of the body of the sword, looked coldly looked at the pine: Ziyang child said is true or false, to please this Wudang party cloud to come, "Cush, go to your brothers called" ashen face, such as pine, slightly to one side facing the side of the disciples shouted a question at a glance. Is strange Cush has always been honest not only failed the first time to run back as people,Coach Online Sale, but looking flushed Shaikang the. "How do you?" Pine sideways surprised. Cush plop down on his knees, head knock on the ground and did not dare lift: "Brother, Brother middle of the night. Middle of the night out, not gone. "What? Pine only sense of burst world dizziness, almost fall busy forth his hand to hold the next column." You Wudang, teach Chu Zhedeng disciples to. Pine, I do not give you a hard time, I'll go back Tianshan, let us head-on with the Zhuoren Qing discuss an idea! "Read Zhuo Renqing words, Yi Lan suddenly sound low down, Gu Yue Xuan heard horror, do not know the elders of the Tianshan and Wudang palm Dan have any grudges. Gu Yue Xuan the out burst payable plus getting laughs, Green Fen caught forward to of Fang Yun 躲在房间里 victims under the bed, watching a few feet and out he pinched the cold sweat the wisdom look under the bed which is a sudden burst of extraordinary people Yi Liao, and that they really give This flower thief accompany towering lucky all attention Gu Yue Xuan distract, no one will want to afford to take a look under the bed. hear bed that He Qiujuan of the moans gradually falls down, take care of her junior sister apprentice is loose a deep breath. **, drugged or something, shameless hateful, but the solution up easy, a little water to bathe drugs do enough. crisis gradually over a time can not get out, Green Fen reflect on this series of unconscionable things first party cloud, although enjoyed days, but after all he is not an idiot, despite how lecherous, such as life unreasonable Qingcheng mountain Tianshan Pai disciples start, it is simply crazy there Qingcheng patrol nightwatchman funnel it when woman master bed the Shishu and sisters no return lot of Sakon either happen to be now in this cloud is it almost can really hinder hand? Tianshan send elders walking on the rivers and lakes live up to now there was an anomaly. Among other things, alone these two points, if said behind no reason, it is killed do not believe is this time, bedplate suddenly again sounded the cry crisp Mei is Life groan, hear the Qing Fen a shiver the body cold Mao Duli up. although he was also playing with the Chien feet she smiles tenderly again and again, but never this sound to see the original smell what "woman smiles tenderly cry, a man bones Dusu the words, and then only when exaggerated, did not think that there really such a thing. Quickly secretly chanting horde of mind, she called her to call, or great things to do. Well, continue to have ideas. Party cloud raped He Qiujuan the issue of back-up aid, hate their own now only hiding under the bed can not be subjected to torture chamber torture. And so the saying goes, no benefit is not to get up early, donors cloud can stem such a thing? Matter became, however the lust meet a Yinzei,, if the defeat, the the Tianshan and Wudang course gap the local main Qingcheng afraid have bargained. Not to mention born in the head Following Ren Dadian before, qingxia sub head tomorrow I'm afraid when extremely reluctantly. Qing Xia sub-head tomorrow when I'm afraid it really was? Qing Fen suddenly felt a flash of lightning Plan mind, all the clues are all even moment string in together, <

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