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my Young is the before you antworten

> Months time seriously dying twice. The green-Fen wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Carpenter Road back is enough to bamboo, the heart to say good luck that is good enough. Notes sell lotus valley all the Yin human hands of qualified people on the rivers and lakes can number over. Green Fen martial arts and prestige, if not by chance, is he trying desperately to sell does not necessarily mean there will be this qualification. Woke up again, day and night, Green Fen wake up and just feel the belly hunger. Recalled before Sustaining not flick injuries, but this time a little luck, just feel refreshed and infuriating flowing smoothly abnormal, not the slightest Guaai of, even more than before the injury seems to be more smooth and a bit. "Are you awake?" Happy child in the side of the meditation luck, and feel the bed movement this come to an end. "! Thanks to the predecessors rescue. The Labour predecessors wear and tear skill, really restless heart." Qing Fen internal strength for deep repair, do an endoscopy Made Happy child looks like to know these two days Happy child internal forces to help clear the blockage of the meridians and rationalize take the fork in the infuriating, such internal strength to help others heal, fast and useful work by the applied power would be so large loss of strength is Happy child, etc. Where to enter the holy repair I'm afraid may retreat to make up back in March. Mere skill nothing. "Happy child smiled and waved:" Tell me about that assassin thing, the number of the house of his martial arts stature voice What are the characteristics of "green Fen carefully recalled, with Mongolia whole process of thin surface Assassin fighting said it. When it comes to off to place, stand up and hands gesturing. His martial arts has good eyesight is accurate, trying to shift the scene to restore drip does not leak vital place is exactly right. "His powerful knife, but I think it was not his own family effort." Qing Fen folder palm gestures last that knife: "this beat do not know what tricks containing hot gas of the journey of a thousand miles, burning human bones, crash infuriating, really powerful tight grip. been masters tough but I turn out to be impregnable. affected by this beat I'm afraid the spot will give steam into a mummy. "ah!" Happy child stroked his beard point nodded: "That Huashan Asahi knife knife, Mountain Pine now count a few by the veteran of years down the mountain the total excel, but 78. last beat was more trivial matter, it is one of the Denon teach Ruin Chidi strokes, it appears that the case involves the "Denon teach?" Green Fen heard a new term, curious asked. "Tianlong teach things in the future you naturally know. Before said apprentice," Happy sub-surface with a smile, Here she paused. Green Fen what sent pillows do not grasp the it when silly tight grip. The moment quickly fell to his knees to the ground, a head knock on the ground. Master in seven young disciples Fen kowtow to the master! "Ah." Happy child by him and worship, be endorsed by the apprentice, and he stood up to stand on the side of this said: "Acts following the 'industry,UK Nike Air Jordan, heavy heritage Happy to send calendar By order of 500 years to have twenty-three generations of disciples. Speaking of martial arts one, we can be considered to accomplish something, be regarded as a breed apart, but Happy to send real The spirit is the vigorous, Kuang Wulin justice, supporting people's homes students if you can martial arts as a teacher of course, like, but if by Wu rampant bullying, just a sorry dry matter of conscience, as a teacher will not hesitate to take your life! "Happy child saying to the back of increased aid, Green Fen hear in the ear, no doubt his determination, busy and fell to his knees and said that he must be a gentleman. "Get up." Happy child looking this has slowed down, stood up: "Happy to send the name of Happy Green Fen, of course, is not so much red tape Suo section, as long as you section without losing the rest of the term you comfortable Happy. "" Yes. "Qing Fen respectful stand aside. This is not a bumbling. For those true heroes, Green Fen never very respected. Into Happy to send, then it can not know the origins of our martial art. "Happy child side next to the bowl took a sip, this continued:" Happy to send Leekpai in the former administration, at which time a person addicted to weapons such as mad, not only like to learn martial arts master, prefer to collect a variety of martial arts Cheats,Air Jordan 4, to learn from each other more Lapping martial arts Road. later Taoist find on the military first master Marshal Yue Feiyue, for his country and the people's sentiment. Xinzhe you willing to driven until later Yue Marshal is unjustly storm Pavilion Taoist ignoring this arena, setting a Happy School, chivalric spirit peoples destiny also be passed down? Happy to send not and rivers and lakes dominate, so never incense is not busy only the division two brothers of my generation, my Young is the before you poison down the man he angrily left the lotus valley because the head of the issue, although the act indignant quite evil, but not yet heard what big and evil things, I told him his guilt, not good he caught your future travels encountered,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, I remember a sense of propriety. "" Yes! "secretly Qing Fen stuck her tongue out, encountered that Lao Duwu is but also a sense of proportion when people Shishu really take advantage of. Here, Happy child up and remove the two books on the bookshelf next to handed green Fen: "martial arts existing foundation, building the base part of the ear to skip Shaolin Imperviable is the number one internal strength, Then he handed him you did not need to change the path of this "Road gas Penglai power of the heavens and the earth to financial things, does not conflict with any martial art in the world, you take practice level will help the internal strength of repair." another of the thicker books: Happy to send you very Weaponry longer than the fist, but need to know ourselves walking dead, the sword school nor light waste. the "Happy knife" and "Happy bad law", although entry-Wu learn, but the true meaning of the sword has included, you take careful study, what do not understand then ask me. "" "Green Fen took two books, a" do not understand then ask me "To put the state of mind of his time some emotion. Own martial arts so many years, has been blind groping in the dark wondering, when finally a master preacher, doubts. Those who are born with the master of the people do not know what, probably only such a person like myself to be felt, the teacher's precious. Yuehua Jian suddenly outside the ring, a lean and wizened, to keep the lips of a wisp of a goatee and middle-aged man entered. A look at Green Fen surprised a moment, then pointed at him and laughed: "You called Green Fen is not it? Nice young man, good!" Ah? "Green Fen do not know who to, but do not know why he boast Some silly Leng Leng standing there. <

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