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> The wind, Chapter criminal public Helen disciples did not know how to play even each. the registered six wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Unfortunately, on the force in the game is probably not on the row number, to say that the battle of life experience, not junior can hope for items back. Head do not have back retracement of the left hand, in the other right wrist, even across the wrist A fresh through the meridians, the Paskin fingers suddenly Ma grabbed this sword is not doing nothing, but to bring the enemy Ju Wang, a sword will eventually die a natural death. Then only at the same time,Air Jordan 14, the the Paskin right fist this play out, just paste it into the other tip of the nose, jaw suddenly a pain, Chapter punishment right fist uppercut, the third hit in his head, the whole referral,Coach Madison USA, mandible suddenly shattered, the front half of the face. No one is still good. Three punches finally crushed the other side of the defense, the Paskin finally the door wide open body care St. force crash, Chapter criminal renewed punch results of this level is necessary to cattle. Suddenly behind a cool, seems to have slightly thin wind to their back. Attack! That's not the wind, it is murderous intuitive induction. Zhang criminal less than back Cheguo the Paskin hastily waved his shield himself behind the same block in the. When it returns to the eyes to see a dark elf holding a longbow, was actually shot to high angle from the top of a window at the bow. Such attacks in the castle of the dark wizard this is not surprising, and even can be said that is completely normal. Odd odd flying out of stone without pity Pasijinzha transparent arrow drilled, would end inserted into the belly of the Chapter criminal! How can? Chapter punishment surprise. Puzzled. Confused moment my heart. This Paskin ordinary tin cans, this set of body armor is more than six other armor, he himself ** more sophisticated and have St. protection. What kind of arrows can shoot him there is so transparent power? An idea unsolved, the other is a shot out. Archer's bow, and the degree of unhappiness, deal with Chapter torture and other figures, this this shot count stone is a stone's throw. Dare not then Paskin shield, Man Hung captain fingers relaxation, five small purple wave the ball should hand out, four blocks that stone, one was fired at the height of the dark elves. Seeing the arrow is necessary to wave the ball collided moment suddenly transparent distorted through the wave the ball without obstruction,air jordan store, to continue toward Chapter criminal shot to. Phase arrows! Can penetrate all obstacles direct target of the arrow. Even if the arrow Chapter someone just heard, I did not expect she ran. Leng Heng, do not flash does not avoid, stretched fingers life and chaona Arrow arrested. Good bow, good arrows good shooter, but if planing to attack factors, we may not be able to match their own. Force to seize the the Paskin neck right hand at the same time, it is necessary to complete the off the biggest hidden trouble. "Zero gravity! Put." A man and a woman or two wrist sounded chapter the punishment just felt between the foot of a light, the whole body moment floating up. The sense of a huge force coming down the mind is a loose, his right hand fingers involuntarily. Get out! Chapter criminal mind soon Bao, eight bands divine spells a divine command surgery has been driven from the brain, but the impact of anti-gravity surgery after all, not the left hand fingers a deviation, actually grazed with phase Arrow nothing, but we do now shift stature, had shot to the chest, a stone's throw headlong into the lower abdomen. At the same time. Mention the neck like a dead Paskin sudden supernatural power like spirit, the pair already hanging down, as if the dead bird wings suddenly expand, Chapter criminal sense fingers clutching his neck is startled several efforts from after all, could not catch. He got out off. "Boom!" The purple light of a mass the size of a basketball fried in the the Paskin neck at the open, but it is Chapter criminal Seeing cooked duck to fly out effort to do the final strain, rush a record of fluctuations punch the neck of the paladin. Said to actually play wave is the the Man Chau captain most good things, fist kung fu only in the second Paskin five workers and injured seven with Half-Life, it can not be, at most, can only say that there is breath, you really want to be a wave of fried neck is definitely the end of ten dead students. "Puff" just ran down the upstairs of a priestess a blood spit it out, the other hand, the Paskin but nothing serious. By a push of the power of the wave the ball, rushed out from the anti-gravity space. Stumbled ran to the door of the two. Warlock opened a reel, a transparent golden hand suddenly fly out, such as a huge parcel the same leveraging the prolapse of the entire package of anti-gravity ring chapter criminal in the inside, pinch insects as human fingers force wriggling. "Drink!" But a few seconds, over and over again Sheng from Chapter criminal fully earn gold Bigby Extractors turned his life and tear to pieces. A few seconds too much on the battlefield than before, when the situation became another deputy appearance. The Paskin because the pastor that supremely "guard others transduction wave power of the ball to himself and spared a life, a few seconds delay has been enough to get him back on to the battlefield under good medical surgery the. Touched his facial bones have been hurt more, just think almost even own thought dead field violence, are now also a lingering fear. Voice is still floating "really underestimated you, I apologize to you." The Paskin right shot with a straight face, left hand carrying large sword sneered go off to: "Come on, let me experience the time of your fist!" , have immediate concern, golden wingspan, Revenge of the sweep, opposite the systemic Smoky Purple chaos to take, is really an angel to punish the magic figure. Chapter criminal know just accounted for a surprise cheap, and now he's preparations, not so cheap. Not to mention there is a priest and a warlock in the back. An archer in high places. Now is not to kill him, but not homicide problem! Seeing each other a sword cut to the foot of the chapter criminal force penetrating the floor, the whole people suddenly fall down, want to get rid of each other's siege. But Warlock mind deep experience rich, chapter someone had expected there will be a move, almost at the same time is zero gravity spell shot, just scratch the itch. Zero gravity of the world is not as what will be some people imagine floating up, unless you give something a force. Otherwise, the thing would have which also honest to stay where it is. Chapter can be criminal to tread crack floor is definitely a foot down hard, the results natural flooring fragmentation crackling fall down, he was the footsteps floating up and rushed out. Did not hesitate, the Paskin foot upon the earth flying into the range of zero gravity, from the bottom to catch up to the sword piercing. Warlock and he had in mind practiced action and cooperation in zero gravity, but the other 10 ** no such experience, such a battle is more favorable. , <

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