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hand cited the Ge Jianxia antworten

> Second Sea Ya In addition, two executive orders of the old things are being discussed with the change in the situation of all the public today. The www! QuanBEn! COM first maoshan war, Maolao cents ventilation did not say, He never normal. Yanhui Huang get out, cause all decent matt surface. Yan someone unexpected tough is certainly a factor, but not everyone have different selfish work together this is the main reason. The opportunity to not only lose, you want to retrieve the Dragon gas, the effort must give it to big. Three executive order is to discuss the joint public meeting to talk about a good martial art when, suddenly jade exquisite sound, a voice came. Yanhui Huang What is the evil, you actually need labor force to wipe out his executive order number of joint camp? "Sound cool and soft, faint faint scent pass in. Not a daughter commonly used powder incense, nor is it commonly used in men cologne fragrance, but a Buddha-like sandalwood, people smell the heart suddenly life and meaning, even have been shouting Hansha the things are like suddenly faded down. "EC exit?" The three exclaimed together,Jordan 9 Shoes, sound with unexpected joy. I saw the door came a man, wearing a white embroidered robes of the Buddhist moon and stars gold, gold shoes pedal inserts wind water and fire Miss Sarah, back to back without to Zheng Yaoxuan cloth ball, take no dispute does not seek the meaning of. Silence, revealing a gorgeous, humble but also and significantly compassion, precisely retreat to nearly two decades of learning is endless EC jade Buddha son string sounds! Learning is endless Ethernet learn the Lord leader. But he, like and Maoshan palm to teach his role in most cases is just a mascot in there nice. Really in charge of the day-to-day affairs Xuehai EC led ritual, music, archery, riding, writing, number six arts executive order for high-level learning is endless. The EC, retreat has been more than a decade, all things are six executive order to discuss the treatment. Pinch EC just exit, three executive orders suddenly felt a lot of hard midfielder. Now the the book executive order to the maoshan spectators, the number the Imperial two executive orders otherwise go out on business, and the remaining three executive order the music executive order, although it is a woman, but nature was hard to fare better than their male colleagues man, a burst of fast language has the ins and outs to teach systems Takahashi understand. Jade string sound was audible, but it is asked the sentence: "so to speak, Yanhui Huang thousand men and women, there is no killing of the innocent, or other evil acts?" Dumb together three executive orders, they do no such acts , or earlier can be utilized by the call-up of the official road, why do so the thief sneaking. Their hands or repair or vulgar does have a few human lives, but according to the law makes sense to say, are those who first provoke them, this is not evil. "That being the case, then we all corpuscles! Xuehai the name letter factions of the EC. Refer this matter I have dealt with is not frivolous, create more Shanie factions." Surprisingly, jade string sound even Say the amazing words. Xuehai EC origin Confucianism door, but repair halfway into the Buddhist, be regarded as Buddhism and Confucianism, with a minor. Knew he has always been humble and compassionate, no one thought when it comes to thinking about not Wangsha innocent. "But, but this is related to long gas ah!" Le Executive Order exclaimed. "Because long gas can disregard for justice?" Jade string sounds rhetorical question. "Yes!" Moment hesitate to two other executive orders, anti-is music executive order to think about the answer: "If the EC think this is the killing of it I gave him a life for a life! Long gas concerns air transport, even if the bear and then a big sins, I can not miss this opportunity! "Why so persistent?" jade string sounds gently said: "Long Qi Popular born if everyone rose motivated the natural regeneration Kyushu Long gas, and prosperous China five thousand years if all growing, greedy lazy to read, is to regain these two long gas, spend every day, but also they branch of luck a few years?, is the executive so, do not think to Shanhua people, but would like to opportunistic even learning is endless executive order are so eager for quick success and instant benefits I can see is the back of the dragon gas, look to the future is bleak. "Executive Order listen was this, such as cold toppings, back to thinking the acts of these years, and she was astray many are sweating together to eat their words. Jade open string and then said: "Zuo Ci immortal reason for its own soul repression air transport, because the two shares of Dragon gas is not to leave since he took should not take things, of course, we must put things into the appropriate compensation of two Long gas where it does not leave, to dissipate today the vanished, you do not have to be superfluous. Yanhui Huang, apparently non-positive non-evil, just comfortable overbearing. various faction battle with him, must be of the Bureau of the rivers of blood. decline of luck, it is regrettable to do such internecine thing? let me advise school sea practice Hundred off his brutal Confucian Noble Spirit The gas side is the right law. "three perform the looked at each other, Yanhui Huang how overbearing and arrogant, to school sea of ​​self-cultivation, it is better to him the possibility of suicide larger. The EC even if the mouth Can Lotus and how right he moved, finally had to get involved, becomes an invitation for the imprisoned. But think about it, there is no difference, anyway, since the EC exit, everything is natural that he call the shots. Yuehua Jian, the the sudden alarm sounded, someone broke into Xuehai alert! "Do not go?" White inflammation hoarseness persists, sunset black windbreaker with bulging hunting wind moving, black Jianxia shoulders like more than two months ago sink. "Do not go, such as the inside out!" Together with white inflammation the big Explorer, Chen Xiaofeng. Yanhui Huang command Maoshan things before to keep the Green Fen life, the Maoshan war breaks, white inflammation of course, not against her. Green Fen things have God Guichai three Sanchazi, Chen Xiaofeng can not separate these things to take care of white inflammation personally tracked the learning is endless. "Boundless Learning rare honor which, I do not know what array of fragrant wind, sending a two ladies to come?" Open to a burst of cool and bright voice sounded, north, south, east and west directions Mo identified. White inflammation also hesitant, Xiaofeng has turn too far, a white light flowing through, led by Xue-Hai teach three executive orders have emerged on top of the patch of open space. White Yan face slightly discolored, know their cultivation owe this Xuehai EC and Xiaofeng Explorer semi-chips. "Boundless Learning EC which Chen Xiaofeng sharp eyes, jade string sounds at a glance cultivation amazing is not unusual executive order:" We hear that the EC retreat for many years, now get off the ground is really gratifying of you are very busy, I will straight straight. come today just for my master soul from others now in the hands of the Xuehai also sell a face! future must be something in return. "Chen Xiaofeng clothing, silk fluttering, Yuehua Jian has reasonable manner, which contains a commanding presence. "Since the body Xue-Hai, that is, students Xue-Hai, Miss, please, I am afraid it is difficult to" master soul has significant implications, since the EC do not want the text, it also had weapons of the "this is not unexpected,Jordan Big Ups Sale, Chen Xiaofeng is indifferent do not panic. flow of body red dark red skirt armor upper body, the hands of the sword reproduction. the mysterious profession's own rules. disciples of all sects are used to heritage incense practice, and not like army the lower the Ministry of Public is more expensive cannon fodder, so when born disputes need to force to resolve, resolved to not hundreds of people banging fight together. lower disciples die naked are usually like maoshan the war , about a mutually acceptable way to pick dry playing a loser let the natural winner disposal, which is also in order to ensure the survival of the whole mystery-border natural feature to the unspoken rules such as the so-called losing the fight before maoshan on gang fights but a very shameless thing, which naturally also become one of the psychological barriers of everyone involved, Yanhui Huang able to get out, many of them the reason for this. Chen Xiaofeng, either good or bad, pendulum, apparently To Xuehai formally challenged. "My master is a person no matter what, Xue-Hai Imperial College main also perennial ignore Affairs. You and I are true to each other those in charge. By a war between us! You lose on the surrender of the Qing Fen, I lose, it leaves your disposal! "Fair play, fair chips, Chen Xiaofeng standing sword in the other, the other side has no choice." Miss pacified for the time being, I have a word. "Jade string sounds still calm:" the facts of the Dragon gas is a misunderstanding, fish and fisheries upside down but a joke. Xue-Hai future involvement in the world the Shanhua people. No longer disturb the owner grams gas! Chen Xiaofeng this murderous from the results suddenly listened to so something reasonable, which makes her suddenly a little flattening out carefully distinguish each other a phrase sincere, but now is a few months later, all late . "Confucian EC really experience is different from the laity. My master said, the people that is the heart of days, the SPLM is fortunes, instead of looking forward to with the number of feng shui Yam sons of Ze, Ryusuke fortunes, as wide charitable edge, Fen Tuqiang. Just the vulgar world too much, since fish desirable, why should they go to the line fishing Chen Xiaofeng shook his head, rejecting each other's kindness: "is Xuehai not embarrassed, The other sects tried to kill my master, scattered go long gas will not be in the minority. now only occasion only kill the soul, when he died, other people kill my master would have no interests to be made, will not come naturally wordy everyone can be attributed to complex calm the EC please give and take, and we are willing to pay the same price each other surprisingly reasonable, Chen Xiaofeng is not a warmonger, a day without fighting bone itch, if the peaceful settlement of this matter, it is on the best policy. " double-soul of the dispute, although the number of days since the Qing Fen Shen Xue-Hai, facilitate reasonable in the circumstances I can not sit him distress regardless. As for the factions disturb the main business of the people, I am afraid I may say so, so that the master's temper seems quite debatable, the matter is not entirely without responsibility. I have a meeting, your master to come Xue-Hai guest century. Away from things hubbub, self-cultivation, as early as Gordon Heaven. The Boundless Learning willing to Yili play colored guilt, never let you by other factions nothing to disturb. Miss Province effort to hear the phrase seems to have referred to the provincial effort, Chen Xiaofeng unemotional in a wry smile, the EC is a discerning eye, pity ah. EC intentions, only no thanks! "Chen large mains indifferent smile:" Unfortunately, my master sit still. Moreover Everyone has his own heaven. Zuo Ci is the upright officials does not mean that all the fairy had and his the EC is mediated mercy does not mean that all monks should be asked from a good place. Instead of trusting say, it is better to believe in yourself. sorry, Xue-Hai EC, or hand over green Fen, or please enlighten me it. " "It's kicking the nose face, next to the small music executive order to see his side let a let, must we onslaught opposite, really the last straw:" This is such ungrateful tutor wild girl, if no one to teach mind, really would not know bragging! "More than the EC, and I am now an account and you count! "Has been silent radio executive order such as dumb sudden step forward, pointing to white inflammation, thundered:" A month ago my friends wine the Taoist killed your hand, and I have been looking for you afterwards but because you're elusive variable to find people thought about you since ye small right at your fingertips, today we have only one out of here alive! "You want to die, the benefit of you! "White inflammation Jianxia the floor and cried Dayton, hoarse voice made simple." Well, God willing! Things or to be pushed to this step, the EC with a sigh, his hands clasped together for the ceremony: "That being so, the Boundless Learning jade string sounds, Ling winds experienced the two clever Miss" two on two, the moment the two sides are setting legislation does not move the body does not move, have been submitted to God alone air-induction in a virtual battle in four minds, he how to attack, how this anti-how to meet, how to coordinate, as a war, multi-operator wins numerous small operators, but the virtual battle there is always the end of the sunset falling, the last ray of light on the horizon, both sides of the hands at the same time. Chen Xiaofeng, who charism suddenly from the St. force as if the torch illuminate baizhang radius, the distance of a few tens of meters below the sacred charge almost instantly to his hands under Wojian Zhipi, such as Thailand ended top pressure thousands of momentum. Confucian EC bland, hands Fengjia, went so far as to meat palm Jia Zhu magic, palm inter Purple flow, is the Noble Spirit have been practicing to its peak level. intersects the sword palm moment, others suddenly the eyes of a flower may also wish to conjure, Chen Xiaofeng and second hands, sword ! saw her calmly hands out of the blur, Jianying, turned towards the EC chest cross-cut from this not an ordinary Bianzhao of! power split down the sword not only the image does not disappear, even falling sword force did not disappear, if they withdraw hand Qudang the chest sword, top sword of falling, immediately can be seriously injured his forehead that is, Chen Xiaofeng relies amazing swordsmanship, and really become a second sword! Jade praise the hearts of the open string palm micro Confucian Juexue such as seal for similar closed. saw his elbow axis radius of palm, subtle power split under the sword, should be an occasion to take him away to counter the chest Sword slam move, like two swords collide, Jian Shi Chen Xiaofeng actually reveal a trace of flaws got the upper hand and tide wait for no man, jade string sound progress, the right hand jianjue point refers to the sword emerged armored cavalry, blood fall The setting sun momentum is pawn Azolla! the Jian Shi micro meal stagnation, Xuehai EC has proximity to come cut into the inner ring, sword anti cumbersome. Chen Xiaofeng simply by the crash of the potential, tip take the hilt refers to being hit on the door seems to reason or another so potent? jade hearts of the open string Wei Tan, left Weitai, palm has been satisfied to live hilt, suddenly, such as the Whirlpool Rapids spin positive-breaking. high flow Noble Spirit to the other sharp blow. At this time, Chen Xiaofeng Zhang Yin suddenly heard behind showing a huge dark original light wing, at the foot float Emmanuel dark sword black flame flow, originally the sky a flash of Light into a dark holy force. jade string sounds suddenly felt front pressure surge, the one dark forces trying to shift the opposite would have been pure holy power to pollution is vigilance, suddenly see a silhouette afterimage drag and Chen Xiaofeng homes, even ran away back Changfeng Ling Li Zhan! good move! jade open string light drink soon, the Zhang Li refers to the force and destroyed in front of that kind of out of the way of the dark holy force crushed Chen Xiaofeng ghost footsteps of a move from horse gap outsiders view of the distant Jingru surgery to shrink, step by standing on the other side of the war situation say White inflammation and radio executive Ling-Ling winds, the two Taking away hit a move, then become a close fight. director White inflammation as Sword surgery, Ling winds, director of archery, the two under a strike feel his long board may not be more than the other simply with each other than a short board, short board and see who is shorter! Ling winds incarnation of arrows, surrounded by white inflammation anxious around, which is also an anti-usually the main habits, seven-color lightsaber supporter was drip does not reveal they are from each other to find flaws, one reason or another the power of the Holy One dark suddenly upon us, Ling winds awoke sword cut off the passive a withdrawal can be seen compete points difference, such as Ling winds when faced with evenly matched opponents with their own, often requires the full attention, everything around me could no longer distracted aware of this and other figures such as Chen Xiaofeng, is another strong master of the enemy, still four sharp eyes ears this raid is playing in each other's soft underbelly, dark San broken good chop hit, he appeared to be a cut two sections! hide certainly not immune to such a large sword force it can not impede, more importantly, white inflammation has also turn defense into attack, two punch is absolutely no luck! Ling Changfeng seeing teach The unified step has a step that Chen Xiaofeng behind, simply a bite fight it, regardless of the two women offensive, reverse the attack with the EC punch Chen Xiaofeng! the instant situation becomes four are to give up the defensive work together to lay siege to the scene of the other one we never thought would come to this, Chen Xiaofeng dark avatar dark San assault with the excellent Cherish, who wanted to Xuehai EC cultivation amazing, strong solution dead end into a lose-lose situation. Unfortunately, Chen large mains Antan Unfortunately, behind jade string sounds come too that Allied beat Zhangfeng has blown his neck skin cool not care! Zhihen own Cleave not yet got to the point of pinnacle realm Whirlwind, otherwise they do not make things difficult for before and after dark paladin smite good cut to a close, Cleave true strength of three percent cut in the Ling wind chest 70% of the force but fought back behind the beat four mile move, Ling winds the Rainbow sword through, into the front out although avoiding heart the nail on the head, but the lungs have been seriously injured, plus the chest knife, immediately caught the point of dying. Chen Xiaofeng around the block, but the other side of the attack is not a joke, the ribs in Ling winds arrow, arrows are sharp armor, Burst open trial of a defense, suddenly causing light trauma, cross the blood stream, is one forty-five could not stop. more important is that palm in front of jade string sounds, they only blocked 50% of the Zhang Li, five percent hit in the chest. awe-inspiring power of seemingly the soft floating, in fact, re-if Taishan ho sense only five internal organs, such as Yu Lei, somersault, body desperately, this is war A power or hit heavier! four staggered, jade the string sounds has been recovering Ling winds. then stepped to the war out of the loop the injured to the other two Executive Order treatment, Chen Xiaofeng need time shipped holy force heal, a time there is no effort to chase. "must martial arts of the physical fitness, physical health and heart out, Physical Recreation and the heart. Competitiveness of the road a little to far, why pressing the killing? The two ladies insisted insisted to life and death in terms of winning or losing, jade string sounds can only fight, it is regrettable, but since ah! White inflammation hear these words, his companion seriously injured dying to see jade open string is not anger, nor from taking attack instead do some pacifists sigh, reigning the hearts of disapproval just raw or sex, have not been exported nothing but she fell did not think the other is hypocritical, after all, the other side would like to implement the concept relies not on words but the strength of the hands of white inflammation Jianxia to open ten sword soar necessary to meet each other between life and death strokes. goodbye to each other a word has been completed, a suddenly hands suddenly surrounded by wind comes up, which is not an ordinary air traction, White inflammation sense of each other as if into the eye, all of the air rushing up to him The Confucian EC feet getting off the ground, actually floating in mid-air. on the mysterious world of people, flying is not a difficult task, but, few people will be in addition to the very small number of vice-like flying in the fight, because without him, he did not receive a down-to-earth so fast flexible flying in the sky. Although specifically not know each other what to do, but certainly not to their advantage thing. white inflammation hand cited the Ge Jianxia Silver Star fly out turned into tens of millions of points, it is necessary to take advantage of each other's posture uncollected Buddhism large exposed to attack him by surprise , the most incompetent but also interrupted him do a million points Silver Star Qi, came to the front of jade string sounds Que Tu chaotic ones, where the wind is not a simple airflow, faint, have forged an array form the potential, Silver Star sword is that the atmosphere battle to block, and then reactive white inflammation was going back to find the correspondence, mid-air ready has been completed, but listen to his light drink soon, metacarpophalangeal away at Allied days pressure the power of the falls, surrounded by Dayton rife hell, the air is chopped chopped,Nike Air Jordan 2, the Air Knife wind Jianfeng gun air halberd, like the weathering all forms Armageddon-down white Yan Di heard, seven-color Jian Qi combination, 288 sword-screen reproduction, firmly protect the front just listen I heard the sound of broken crystal, the sword screen difficult wind resistance force days, already slammed chipping white inflammation is connected to the gas machine, suddenly in front of black heart pounding, throat moment sweetness in my just Ying Yan back. Bangui healing force on the ground Yun San Chen Xiaofeng and then refused to take the injury, to come forward sword, black flame recklessly remaining wind, half pulling half injury to trick the injury, a blood finally sprayed out. "the wind swept ten Fang Shanze move! No fixed Sanjue! "To see such a shaking moves of the EC, ritual, music, two executive orders exclaimed loudly. Chen Xiaofeng the lips bite, you know real strong in this world, after all, to provoke out! Yanhui Huang are pushed to this step! <

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