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> Bian worm to the public line of business of this century the rise of dry insecticidal Year Book "appears. , Many desperate the WWW! QUANBen! COM Hey reward hole Xun manual labor like factory assembly line, for thrill-seeking, Bo life fiscal transfer did this line, many people died, more fiscal then attract more and more people, so the growing ranks of the insecticide. But it also brought a lot of people are holding an insecticidal Manual on the battlefield, even played a one-two victory pipeline operation, there is a lack of the most basic military literacy and The warrior skills not many people are willing to spend money to go to a special learning practice, so smooth Fortunately, the event of danger is the base piece of virtue. Walter injury looks scary fact is not heavy, are a flesh wound, the only serious blood loss. Around a busy Military Medical uneventfully. With his grenade, at least in front of these broken back-beetle has been less to fear level than the dragon and mining insects do not play by the rules, throwing insects pretty much law-abiding. Although insects around these guys can eat into the stomach, and then high-altitude jet a parabola thrown over the grid and the base wall. But there is no dragon circling. Under circumstances where neither moth foot remote group artillery cover to combat, it is easy to solve the crisis. Has been clamoring for a non-stop alarm finally tired. To rest. All mind all tired. A lot of people on the spot paralysis in the underground. First casual work is regret not cope, so dangerous insecticide If I had known, rather than to this ah working on other planets. While earning a little less, but at least there will be no danger. Zerg attack temporarily come to an end does not mean that the mercenaries who can go back to the camp to wash sleep. Finishing base, at the Wu wounded and dead bodies,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, to participate in the engineers building really have a lot of things to do. Only one third of the people can go to rest. The remaining two-thirds the mercenary still need to stick to their posts and crafts, but for the leadership of the team. Now is the second Conference of the spoils ". You a Zerg offensive sinister contrary to the expectations of all of us, according to the contract, we will improve this a reward irrigation pay for everyone. "Torun often ugly looking abandoned, it is clear that not only is the insect thing behind what outsiders do not know something. "Colonel, we require exit!" Corner. Two-class team with three. Level team leaders suddenly stood up together. "Russia, you are a veteran line, you know what it means quit!" Torun face became harder it looked. "Of course," known as Russia's Han sneered: "means that before we pay a huge deposit of naught, mercenary credit rating decline, perhaps not competent after this line before all the rewards canceled without , but also out-of-pocket for the purchase of your weapons! Of course I know what it means, but I also know that this situation is not normal, even life did not stay any longer also control what money! others are mean talking turned and looked around a few pieces with the advance and retreat of the team, apparently in advance of a good discussion. "Enough! Torun Russia snapped: "You want to stay away! By contract, you also need to guarding the base 2 abundance of four hours to the additional send someone to replace you. And I warn you, you want to go is your thing, do not alarmist. If you dry in the meantime what the instigation of others things, I guarantee you the rest of my life will regret his long tongue "Hey Hey." The Russian Commander threat sneer, turned and went out with a few other head barracks, Pro out the door back and sneered: "experienced just before the battle. need I instigate anything? Torun, we all like money, but no one is not a fool!" Russia out of the stagnation stay in the atmosphere inside. "Ladies and gentlemen." Torun looked at Russia and other words are said on do anything whitewash is the insult sitting here all the IQ: "It is really unusual, insect attack is also very sharp; just a war, we have lost the appearance manpower and can be expected, the next war will not be easy, but you is what you come? You are not here on vacation, you would have earned is desperate money, the more dangerous to the faster income-generating livelihoods. Otherwise you Why not stay on other planets to the restaurant worked as a waiter I have already apply to the Company, including level mercenary pairs, including the reinforcements soon arrived, but the original and the the compensation base price you agreed, we will rise paste, arms prices then fall gill Ladies and gentlemen, wealth insurance, since the election of a bread knife-edge trading has long been the mental preparation I waited a minute, would like to leave out, twenty-four hours after the rotating Earth this minute sitting here, then I do not want to hear the remarks of Russia ". Have to say Torun is a third-rate commander, but to engage in political work or a set of remarks rational strong section, better listening to the words of Russian or with already want to go, and now she is a refined feel care Lun words makes much more sense, already left their seats in the ass and fell back. A full minute, no one. People leave. "Very well." To see this effect, Torun haze face finally showing a trace of sunny taste: "Here we calculate a reward. Already dead families of public-shirt. Living people need for them better living, both no looked up and watch an exciting psychological fight, anyway, that he is not run, do not fee that mind, or calculations about what to buy supplies more appropriate. the pretty state team kill thirty-one dragon the a phase spider girl, stationed at the base of the northern wall of the task is not any arsenic drain, coupled with the rescue and treatment of others should get paid the other part of this total Once concave multi-million commission. coupled with Rose price increases, eventually won four true. Blade million business, under normal circumstances, 100 people struggle to earn a hundred years this figure Man Chau team of six people a few hours have been easy to be incorporated into the pocket, the so-called put his head to make money faster, do hereby evident. However, for 6 both people, the only meaning of money can be replaced with the lingua franca of things, so no one is counting money hobby to add 100 frame, automatic machine guns, ammunition replace a full-time tactical combat computer and recharge times, to configure some medium firearms, basic stationed in the city section of the task can be completed. then some individual needs, Green Fen ordered an advanced knife Easy day trip to a carbon crystal axes, text pool some special effects and special medicines and equipment, Xu Zheng also set a set of armor and a sword and shield. the Wang Jie would like to Puppet configuration stronger and more flexible firepower Set, whether she want to buy one, Transformers, then both depressed now, the money is not enough! side of the base in the distant ground, too many bugs and uneasy. Zhao Mo Yan, but can not find bugs and worry of course is not an absolute sense can not find the bugs, but the track in front of the giant beetle has gone four, five, their own and others living in the location of more and more deep underground, in addition to patrol insects often see, seems to be too open. Could the insects are out in force to attack the base? Although not all the way insects congestion, should be regarded as a good thing. This is not smile of Mo Yan Zhao side all the way while recording with the figure of the maze, the brain did not retired and sit If this is indeed the background of "Starship Troopers" is the story of the third set after the movie. human Zerg operator has been very "thorough" thorough to not even have to using the military to the point where a group of no-name mercenaries will be able to sweep the battlefield, but seems to Zerg is not the case with mental retardation slaughter of the role, and more importantly, the Lord God will not cloth such standing to win the game party sit back and enjoy the boring task in order to achieve its ultimate goal. task may not be dangerous, but certainly not relaxing. From this perspective the front of it all is not the story theme. certainly has meaning behind point to the meaning of "Well, think things clear. Zerg will plan, strategic goals is only one elimination or enslavement of mankind! If the scale enlarged view. These hundred years as a period of battle. Worms just to show the enemy weak, numbness humans. Mankind has assumed in the depths of the universe from the the numerous bridge piers, straight road has been repaired, respectfully Zerg classic across the huge barriers of space they would have been insurmountable, step into the field of human deep in the hinterland. This thing down a bit like that story: King of Qin want to crusade against Shu, but too the Shudaonan difficult to take the army. So pretend to send Shu five Taurus. Shu Wang Daxi, pour the power of the country building roads, and finally the Taurus shipped back, of course, follow Taurus comes Qin army. In front of human beings just like the king of Shu, Zerg is undoubtedly the Qin. Some people say that if the person can not make the mistakes of their predecessors, and saints have been as great. In some ways. This sentence is justified. Just speculation, but Zhao Mo Yan think Zerg counterattack Earth time soon, the Lord God gave the gift of the game is this. Been assigned to an empty troops not to attack the small base, but no longer know where to gather up, ready to Star Wars. Just wanted to say, the road is an abrupt turn. Space in front suddenly, out of that suddenly narrow tunnel suddenly wide erratic, even if the space in front of these huge Zerg open enough, looked up, and even give birth on top is the feeling of the day. Nothing so much space. More contrasting cave is huge, to a radius lasts more than three meters of huge jellyfish floating in the place of the three-story, long tentacles hanging fall, almost falling to the ground. Lord! Zerg party the princes, Fengjiangdali so quite Chau front of the crowd. A huge bird Beetle, or walked the pace of a specific frequency, and go step by step before the lords. It in place, unlike the around the same flat. But like table bumps, look at it carefully, is actually more like a hill-like ground raised. Beetles climb up the top of the hill, the lords of the tentacles hanging safety, as if touching generally on the beetle's body. Four in this team there are three magic vision, saw a shining light along the beetles who swim across the tentacles, eventually integrated into the body of the lord. The beetle is slowly dying rock, eventually becoming part of the body rock. Awareness! Mo Yan Zhao, react sparkling light. A huge number of Zerg 99% awareness Gan Jiang can be said that there is no self-conscious thing, but do have a small number of the mutation Nengchan small awareness and intelligent, they are dying copies of consciousness to the lord, the lord is relying on the convergence of these awareness to grow and evolve. Technical problems, talk about it later, for now solve this thing and then to see there is no chance to say through the Star Wars thing, if you can not directly back to the node it! Zhao Mo Yan also had a bad feeling, and Russia is now the name of the idea of ​​home. "Insecticidal Manual on lord and mastermind as Zerg's leadership, the leadership of the entire planet Zerg, but itself does not have any attack or defense capabilities around the general lords always surrounded by the army, human recklessly hard only way coming to kill. Man Chau team all the people are not surrounded by an excess insects, the lords all alone a coach to stay there, like a spree waiting four Tannangquwu of. Chapter punishment also feel that some strange situation, but the action does not stop, raising his hand fired several fist-sized blue wave the ball fly pulled away from a different angle. If real fight, not to mention rock jellyfish, steel jellyfish also be broken into pieces. Dark lord great stature like induction dangerous collar, a slight rotation of the body, then the four opt felt a. Stare action "insecticidal manual" once again demonstrate its amazing error rate,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, to this lords not only protect themselves Zhuo, and the most bizarre psychic abilities! Chapter criminal tentative wave ball and cut-off in the air burst shining blue light curtains, dark black cave come first bright multitudes truly see Lord looks like, unlike the video as Bai Zheguang slip like woman skin, eyes, this guy has a dark brown appearance, undulating folds such as 78-year-old country farmer. sense of the years and the old sense of suddenly blowing from the cold and evil huge pressure. experts! everyone has been shot at the same time in the first instinct. flame spears, napalm, fluctuations in boxing, there is no fancy, this is pretty Island team assumed the posture of recklessly stare feeling again emergent, napalm and fire regret the spear again were intercepted in mid-air, and boxing fluctuations seem to punch through a layer of wave-like air of excitement burst of volatility, to penetrate straight lords body penetrated forward into a volleyball-sized hole, I potential prodigiously hit in the back on the cliffs, Chuochu a dark potholes do not know whether to play how deep the highly penetrating blow to live a thousand years of ancient lords times to experience the wounded feeling all only feel the air exploded like a bomb monster invisible shock wave mixed with pain and anger spread directly charged into the most vulnerable brain even when distance lords There are nearly a hundred meters away, just the aftermath of the sweep to Logically speaking, everyone consciousness burst fuzzy, Zhang Amoy footsteps of a reel almost sitting on the ground. chapter criminal deadpan, Blue grudge blink of an eye has been transported to a peak around the body rolled up a blue whirlwind, all of vertigo on the occasion, he has gone in situ the two wavelet test out the bottom line of this monster, the psionic playing. equivalent to level the game, but merely mediocre. Chapter criminal jump through the air has come to the top of the lords, puts his hands together above his head, blue vindictive cohesion as swords. seeing this damn thing under a split soon become former manor Millennium odd after all, not living a fake, see murderous enemy bashing will come, no sign of weakness and a "stare" housekeeping mind control has been resorted to, the spirit link below is necessary to direct future offenders into their slaves. both Zerg lord, if determined to supernatural can , the strongest will the soul link and control of this chapter the punishment has long been speculated So when an evil consciousness penetrated his mind, insist snatch control of the body when he is not scared. psychological preparation case, the erosion of the soul is the most difficult to take effect, even if it is such a monster cast out, and he can control his own time has long been cut into 1.75 twenty-eight seeing lords would be all two, suddenly surface a normal rock suddenly extend to two hold together "people" suddenly appeared. lords buried around pro-Guard, this idea is nothing unexpected, really surprised everyone is that these two guys, actually ". ! Two-legged standing, hands, slender physique. Features five appearance, this is not what is it? Absolutely different from the appearance of insects, two. The human face expressionless man and a woman at the same time to display the moving of the mind. For any door similar to the Master, you can send to their own vision Ran anywhere. The one behind the Chapter criminal, he reached out to hold his neck. The other appeared in front of him, to give birth on the wrist bone skull bayonet alignment Chapter punishment the heart Mengzha over. Chapter criminal think about it, before and after the right-hand man,Kristin Coach Outlet, Zhang Yuan brought up like a knife-like blue shadow, two head suddenly fly up. By common sense, this is a wonderful, and now it is out of the question. The head of this people fly do not leave, but the action did not stop, an arm hold on his neck, a bone blade tied to his chest. Confused! Chapter criminal That suddenly thought these guys look like people, but not necessarily people, the key may not be such as human <

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