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> Inch excited to return to base to see Dan Zhao Mo Yan, or lie. www QUANben com base under her. "Well? Back is really on time!" Zhao Mo Yan This sentence is not really lamented Qing Fen punctual. Always travel out in the ninth day of the back. The meaning of this sentence and eat it? "Almost, just to say hello only. "Well, come back." On top of the robe of Mo Yan Zhao Qing Fen saw a year ago to see the addition of a number of complex lines. Do not understand but always know that it is not used for decoration. In contrast, he spent nearly ten thousand ocean. The only impregnable reaches three related, somewhat ashamed: "I did not complete the task, impregnable only got three!" Surprisingly, Mo Yan Zhao did not Lengyan the relative. But the words of comfort: the year they got three tests, progress is almost unprecedented fine. Alive have the opportunity, you live is not easy! "Ah? Listen to her voice, how like empathy may also wish to? Green Fen this year did not to play Baihun. Listen to Zhao Mo Yan speak not only its only words meaning. Not surprising they "Mo Yan Zhao smiled:" I also converted four days to go for my story world, flies, it is not easy to do! "Far more than is not easy, is simply too difficult. Green Fen sigh, as if encountered Concert Panasonic breath, jump back to the sand live Yi Let's talk about their experiences without a break. The Aventure part in passing, own Zaoqin with the enemy battle of wits part is in letters, put it straight, such as storytelling, the so-called muck, even more than with a program that is meant. Mo Yan Zhao smiling Listen, do not interrupt him. The network talked about how the enemy playing in the hands of good eating and drinking for the back dish node. Wen pool back. A saw the Green Fen, unlike Zhao Mo Yan "Well," she is "Hey," a cry: "how do you fared five workers and injured seven?" Carefully looked at, funny, said: "long bone fracture from the middle, then connected with foreign bodies or parasites! Stomach entrenched a parasite seems to be the "curse media. Way, the cup surgery? You are not going to the southwest provoke Miao girls, and let people under the situation cup?" Wen pool playful looked young person, which is closer to the truth inference, although the essence is not the same thing, but let Green Fen speechless. The pool side joke while bayan between to get rid of the curse has been the first burst of warm green Fen to speak, hands and feet broken bones, and then if any creature naughty, disturbance felt the sting of muscles and bones. And then after the hands and feet did not feel, then lose control and change back to a state of paralysis disease. Pool so a reminder, and then I thought Qing Fen understand. The mother is Coriaria witch cup 'not a doctor, she did not so good as to really cure smelly man's limbs broken, just let the cup insect paralysis where the nerves to replace. In other words, this time they are in with a broken hand and broken foot action, although the surface looks harmless, but in fact every movement of the body to hurt a, if not the pool is now the intervening inadequacies this mission is likely hands and feet suddenly break down on the battlefield, this die somehow. Text pool to take a piece of clean cloth to wipe off the limb at discharge yellow pus, which is that a few cup insects of. Cast broken bones at the recovery surgery. Musculoskeletal grow slowly, probably twenty-four hours to complete recovery. Clear your limbs cup insects, can stomach that is too big, I can do nothing, you first and it live in harmony! Anyway, no master pushed, it seems that it will not naughty. "" Your doctor more and more professional! "Wen pool looked the way they handled hidden Qing Fen was surprised and asked:" this time to obtain new capabilities? "curse now, get rid of the curse and recovery operation, as well as elemental damage treatment. pious enough, this is no way to increase the depth, just expanded therapeutic areas. "" get rid of the curse this time I am afraid irrelevant, unless it can be insecticidal! "chips in a male. Chapter criminal back: "come down," Starship Troopers "background, those insects are not in any case want to come curse." He had finished talking and turned around and looked the sand Siyangbacha could not move Green Fen, the latter pharyngeal swallowing heap against the bad cop captain barely a smile. Forget it. Chapter criminal shook his head, has been pretty good to come back alive, no need to pursue him. "Starship Troopers", the main battlefield of the ground Fortunately possible space warfare? "Zhao Mo Yan wrinkled nice eyebrows, space warfare and ground combat both cases, the materials it needs is entirely different. "Unless it is man-made, otherwise press" Starship Troopers "design, the possibility of the ground war accounted for 99%, but does not rule out the need to steer the ship may escape, your spaceship?" Chapter criminal , then asked if would not ride a bike. "How can!" Mo Yan Zhao answer of course: "God knows what engine spaceship, not to mention driving, but easily control a driving, this problem is difficult to solve. Speaking of the spacecraft, our position must in the human side of it? Will we simply helped insects cleaning of mankind? "the possibility, but it is not!" Chapter criminal frown: "But in that case it will much easier." Yuehua Jian others 66 Continued Continued returned to base. All come back first thing you see is lying on the sand for people with disabilities like green person, but everyone except nodded Actually, I'm too, have become accustomed to reckon his garden-like. The rest of the pre-war meeting and there is not much magic. Green Fen since early Tatian do not know, the rest of the people, but will Exhibition complementary to each other, just reporting victories only. Chapter criminal or absent-minded self-cultivation, many will not bother to ask. Zhao Mo Yan in the library reproduces the size of the 14 new spells and most of the zero-level spell. : And the heart attack and surgery. Teleport prying eyes. Four spells. Any doors, hidden Higher muscle; a spell, airmanship, higher magic weapons, tongues, sharp ears, Hawkeye. Two spells, hearing the wind surgery, brute-force technique. A spell, color spray, silent image, hypnosis, magic missile. Plus access to a feat do not know which magic world one hundred days of practice, more than five thousand of her large sums of money are now only a small few hundred. Select the spell is still mainly assisted. Few direct killing ability. Both also chose Conversion time, all the results is just the simple two aircraft and a number of arms and ammunition as well as the improvement of the communication system, seemingly unremarkable. Easy day trip to participate in the the food the acquisition ingredients of activities, do not pay reward points get the same amount of practice time, the successful capture of Alaska crocodile meat accidentally touch the second evolution of the cuisine cells. Logically, he should take advantage of the lucky ones, in fact easy day trip was the most unlucky covered person. Wife is a cat away the fact that he had to go with the cat battle to defend the dignity of man, and this was the final result must be a duel to announce the vesting of his wife. If this mission came back lost cat. Wife really ran with people! The most carefree people still Tang Ya, in addition to hit the point of silver complements the ammunition, is to choose a magic Assassin variable Yan surgery, obscuring mist, ghost sound, sister-line operation, toxin detection, low-level spell . In fact, these are secondary for her, the most important thing is she won the ability to perceive the magic atmosphere. Parties who are abducting event, the cat seems to not consciously, spend all day on the roof of the sun, are they not drained away the meaning of the bell lock in the neck, which makes for a person asking this question. Wang Jie is one of the hand a few not convertible time, he was merely the straw ashamed puppets escalated into wooden puppet, the other is able to manipulate the number of shame puppets have more strength and firmness has been increased abundance of eight can be regarded as Legion. Xu Zheng unredeemed time. He can only choose Shield skills and improve some physical cash-strapped, his guard position whether due diligence is still in said. Pool pray get rid of the curse and recovery surgery, but for divine spells sometimes poor, she would have to keep separate some medicines, Zhang Amoy to continue his Blazerunner the road. Perhaps knowing a short period of time is unlikely to have much to enhance the lethality of selected flame stealth and scorching heat capacity is not known to destruction. Green Fen needless to say, a product of three tests impregnable, barely able to block the knife block sword, and unfortunately do not know the face of the Zerg minions but fail to do so resist. "If the task is for humans, it does not have much to say, we should be very accustomed to, but if it is the way we combat against Zerg, may need to adjust." Finished at each other and begin the real task was located in front. Zhao Mo Yan analysis of the situation: "film background, worms where the planet is nothing organic matter. In other words, those bugs are eating live rock, which can be learned, their bodies possibility is not carbon-based. movies to popular do not consider this issue, we are very likely to hit the whole planet of the Transformers. "This may not necessarily!" both broke in: "all the energy from the sun on Earth all creatures without exception so the formation of such a biomorphic if the creatures of the planet is similar to "StarCraft,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, Zerg. Main energy from ore, their physical structure does worse and our common sense is very far away, but as far as their body is not to say it is hard or soft, not eat stones will certainly get that hard shell, the specific circumstances when you want to be able to judge. "Then two hands can do! "Judgment by experts questioned Zhao Mo Yan Dayton did not Dayton went on to say it:" If we are familiar with normal ** since Needless to say, if it is such as iron shell, our existing weapons enough they cause fatal injury? "Movies in high-tech weapons Tu insects such as dog carcasses However, if these bugs really are each dressed in a three-inch thick deck, that most everyone here can only wash sleep." And for Biotin effects agents and viruses and other objects for the insects may be invalid, the worst Li case, we may indeed once again face "could not move, this embarrassing situation." Xu Zheng went on to add, straight impeccably dark picture of the future. "There is no perfect creatures!" Or both table views: "insects must have its structure, the structure of things must have weaknesses. Weakness against creatures that can not be killed! Addition, although they are Starship clan "as the background, if we are living in the human side, probably start only two out living insects planet, and that our task of ten ** survival, hidden, without too strong firepower Second, we are living in the attack team, which bound to the Earth's army and high-tech support, do not let us the attacking tanks Shaohuo ridiculous scene! "" just envisioned it. "Zhao Mo Yan turn a circle: If the insects appear similar to the characteristics of the silicon-based organisms, toxins and other objects they can not play the role of pulse weapon became their nemesis we can not predict exactly what kind of things will encounter, but the preparation of this electronic weapons not be difficult, right? "is not difficult." both shook his head: "the rest of the day time, procurement and processing in time. the electromagnetic weapons JOSEN prepared, just did not do a large-scale., but I also need a. Extension made out of materials. "" I still have excess feeder "The speaker is the text pool, her surgery in exchange for God through prayer, a short period of time and there is no extension of the largest consumer, but rather how many reward points are not enough to fill capsules the reward points in exchange for devout practice she felt vaguely uneasy. "Starship Troopers" background, the physical environment of the planet and the Earth about it? There is no demand for oxygen, gravity? "The questioning is easy day trip" movie, of course, is true, but "Zhao Mo Yan head turned to the chapter criminal, it is clear that this experience-threw the senior. "Lord God is certainly not out of thin air we throw in a vacuum environment or the surface of the sun!" Chapter punishment finally lit his cigarette: "If you suddenly need space outside walking situation, the nearby must have adequate protection facilities, but may have to take to hand some difficulty. But then again, if available; sudden undoubtedly the difficulty of actually declined several levels since it has been a space background, then I suggest everyone or the space survival gear ready for the most basic. Anyway, one hundred points, not expensive. "" We will face the planet bombing? "Zhang Amoy sudden show of hands words:" the disaster class movies often Yongzhe Zhao to cleansing the final outcome if we are human side, the human warships should have planet level destruction weapons. most incompetent of the nuclear bomb? If we are sent to fight against the Zerg, then all of these things should be the most convenient, but the story characters may want to consider what kind of economic development, strategic exhibition we do not need if we can be the big kill, steal or grab a hand this task is much simpler. "" ah, but also the route write it down Come that time easier to see which route left which Zhao Mo Yan and turned to look to the chapter sentence: "This is not to limit it?" Chapter criminal shook his head: "with specific mission statement." insecticidal "So no matter what means, as long as the insecticide is to cross the border. course. hijacked the human warships attack Zerg, will lead humans and the Zerg dual wanted not necessarily." "Yes, why do not we configured mass destruction weapon? "a scouring this has in fact been very puzzled, asylum in the field of nuclear bomb is openly sold, although the asking price is a lot of money. But not to the point of not afford, can team these people seem to have this interest is not carbon "weapons of mass destruction and our team does not match the exhibition route!" To answer his or both: "This problem seems to be" a Jedi Why do not you drive up to, almost. "Zhang Amoy speech, although they are still thought to understand why there is a nuclear bomb is not, this kind of thing and Jedi driving up to what the associated Green Fen listen in the ear in conjunction with their trip is to understand a little more. This is like a teenager beginning of the rivers and lakes aspire to be a knight, I did not do a few things chivalrous move suddenly encountered a sum of Stealing from Thieves good deal. raising his hand is gold and silver jewelry, martial arts Cheats into the bag, at first glance to take advantage of a good opportunity, are not accounted for on glue In fact if the person has been so shake the East West pendulum it would never be able to become heroes or underworld Bazhe, Cheng Si life can only be a free black and white Road Frankenstein, definitely not when he had determined the direction of the end of the combat readiness of the meeting, other people are doing each ready to go does not have much room for ready pool and the Green Fen, Zhang the Amoy sitting together listening to the green heroes "Secret History of the martial arts" one hundred and one together, from time to time into laughter. them this time last relaxing moments. twenty-four hours blink of an eye that is too, through the rooms of the node is no longer safe areas. starry space in a pleasant to the eye, not imagine,Crossbodys Coach, but like Northwest Gobi desolate and lifeless earth. cliff towering hills aspect, but just could not see the slightest bit of green. looked up touches blue sky and white clouds, down is a good weather Of course, lifeless refers only to the outside. fact the Man Chau team where everyone who is like a busy town horizons hundreds of people back and forth, a medium-sized spacecraft ups and downs from time to time, the two tall freight robot carrying the container is swiftly ran. "Hey! You support mercenaries? Do not set this still stunned with what? "Wearing a military vest, face exclusion walked over toward the side scraping with a scar flat head officer." Man Chau team! Collection of locations where? "It seems there is the story of Chapter criminal down each other Buddist answered." Man Chau team? "The man looked at the group of people had muscle did not even several several people from beginning to end there is no appearance of soldiers, could not help heart under doubt. To bow while Lou looked at the directory, while talking about the damn outsourcing discourse company turned a few pages finally found Zhezhi mercenary. "level mercenaries? "The man looked up looked at, it seems some incredible, but still hand toward the barracks next to a finger:" All mercenaries go there collection, and then go to the warehouse to collect your equipment? Equipment? Do What? "The officer almost growled. Attracted people around stopped to wait and see, but also some people have gone over, want to see the students what happened toward the side. Trouble! Mo Yan Zhao fingertips slightly light flashed, mankind has the charm. This officers dish limb of simple-minded, suddenly caught the eyes look pretty Island team they have become cordial up. "Well, I mean, how your equipment did not record? Transport link is not a fault. Shipped missed?" That vest officers seem to have yelled a little embarrassed, whispered asked. The people around them no matter their choices. "Our equipment is to carry the other team is equipped with a lot?" Charm person just let each other to become a friend of the caster, not to turn him into the I the cliches still need skills. The right to open the planet belongs to Alpha Company, they outsource the task of cleaning the planet to the outsourcing company, outsourcing companies to save money they did not find large clear Du but to find your mercenaries and equipment owned They are only responsible for transportation, this action takes so long combat, you really do not have the materials supply? "That vest officer seems very puzzled. "It does not matter!" Zhao Mo Yan smiled and said: outsourcing companies to find a total of How many branch mercenaries ah? "Level support. Stage bleed branch-level support. Motley crew lead people." Tian scratch when it comes to public that the barracks door out of a person, struggling sounded sharp rivet Pat hole six weep aggregate signal actually continued for thousands of years to spread to the present, can be considered a monumental greater than the actual stuff. Hear the whistle. Zhao Mo Yan is no longer chatting and vest officer, walked into the big barracks, which has stood or stand to have more than a hundred people, each entirely different obviously and own a small team. These people dress just unusual. Sign of the presence of a mechanical Veyron. Presumably heavy weapons are still in the container. Others are passenger boat. "This is not the group fights, right?" Watching them a grimace in pain or laugh or anger appearance, Ching Fen could not help but whispered to the people around. Which so many groups fighting for? Should have. " Zhang Amoy whispered. Looked down at his watch, until now there is no task prompt. They are talking, the Man Island team all different Garments early attracted the attention of most people. Passing next time the itchy guy I do not know where had enjoyed, actually reach out to touch the face of Tang Ya, easy day trip already hold for a few months to anger, at this time there is actually someone to twist the tiger whiskers , really kiss of death! Fellow cheap hand have not met Tang Ya face, the large casserole fist in easy day trip has to beat in his face, boy throat throat not cry went flying out like a broken sacks, and head into the wall act recklessly. Seeing companions were hit, How can five or six people left on the sidelines, Aoao cried pulled out the gun. Appears to be not intend to go beyond that. Soldier fights this is unusual, but many do not involve human lives. But these people to each other are employed soldiers. Does not exist scruples,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, this hands appeared to be lying down while considered settled. Side here faster. Taking advantage of each other pinch sheath pumping gun when I pull insurance, Man Island team a pump gun, the race against time has first strike. Kicked a chair toward a smashed in the past, Tang Ya knife inserted in the throat of one, Xu Zheng Qing Fen feet from sacred charge directly to one Zhuangfei up, of Zhao Mo Yan bands or mage hand distant a ratio, clutching a head severely hit another head, and together they fainted. This is a face to face. Level team only one still standing, and the man poke Green Fen kick to the the chair hand gun finally ready, who knows the back of the chair is a mass of flames impinge upon. By surprise face suddenly a burst of coke taste. The poor guy dropped the gun with both hands casually gestures while down on the ground while rolling will no longer move. Only that flame like a splash of oil, still signs of burning but not extinguished, when out of the sickening sound of grease lightly fried. "How is it?" Just like the police in the movie, the maintenance order is always in hindsight rushed. In fact, he has just been opened in the distance to the side from the downtown, but that both sides of the conflict from the play ended, but a second or two, he is turned Dwyane too late to stop! See the commander Chapter punishment known to him to step down the stairs and called his men glanced at. The last kick in the Qing Fen ass kicked him jumped up: "So doing hair manic panic? Touch less piece of meat? Qing Fen felt my brother Chan has not axioms of this kind of thing, so shameless words out of deficit, he said. Tang Ya is thick skinned enough, pretend like nothing heard, looking around as if in front of this tragedy is not she cited that commanders looked at the ground on the wall a few corpses. stare at one on this side, this is not to swing their own blow? but he was not in a hurry for just dead carried him out cold command, took the site preparation began his inaugural speech. " my Torun Colonel. Alpha senior Planet advisers. And your commander. You are all mercenaries to take the money of their lives, but the discipline of this kind of thing I thought I need not repeat his pointing as to the Boy Scouts of class, the screen behind a slight breeze on the planet, and with him explain changing. Our feet this star special has not yet officially named, because the pit like a footprint we call it a "Bigfoot. Bigfoot Stars layup diamond mine reserves are very rich, but also entrenched a group of interstellar insects. These guys I think most of you have heard that some people even with the grips, specific information will go on, and our task is to thoroughly eradicate the insects on this planet! "Continue to roll on the screen with pictures of all kinds of insects. One by one like a magnified several times giant insects, mouthparts awe-inspiring, arthropods forest, to see that this is definitely not compassion for the generation of pregnant." We collected a total of mercenary team still support the old knife, otherwise scattered permanent staff cited million people, more than non-combatants Asahi, but we are faced with tens of millions of insects! Even if all stood still, let us kill have to kill a few years. However, we do not need to kill all the insects, these things each nest has a lord, each planet has a mastermind, kill the mastermind and all lords, and the rest of the ants will become all do not understand the move rocks. Specific information in our strategic goals is only one, the mastermind and the lords "telephone network Here, four weeks suddenly Sirens. Commander stop words according to the communication on the ears listened for a while , then serious bottom all the mercenary said: the insects first batch of assault troops about two million "ant fried, now 100 kilometers from here there is a moment from our defenses yet to stand up. all troops to the warehouse to take their own equipment, ready for battle within half an hour. mercenaries who fight for money, first fighting for your life now ". The hundreds coax However, Green Fen hands watch a shudder suddenly, looking down at the task cloth. The task-marked: insecticidal difficulty: No upper limit. Time: no limit <

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