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understand the world of antworten

> Low unbelievable price can buy together with Xuedaolaozu envy impregnable 12 Off; coincidence Long gas can help their own extraordinary achievements body; want joy Zen did not take much ; this morning said to be beautiful, the evening had the gentle beauty child friendly gestures. The WWW, QUAnbEN com looking at the vertical Green Fen luck is very good. However, fortune interdependence of things have never been purely. Outside soft Mengen rang. Green Fen feeling that strange, how save tonight this sounds a bit strange, but did not think should be the sentence: "Come in" The door was pushed open Xiaoyu did not step forward to, but rely on the top of the door frame, as if the body is even weakness, need to rely on what it takes to support his body in general. "Green Big Brother, I'm sorry, this book I had broken." Xiaoyu raise their hands, the hands of a few pieces of pieces of paper, ink looming above. Green Fen look a bit familiar, then think of it that is not their own "Story joy Zen? Cheats pieces sudden the fact that unguarded moment he gave to Xiaoyu they never jumped out of bed step-bashing in the past, to seize Xiaoyu's hand carefully inspected. That's not the Cheats, only read five becomes the look of the thing, how this is all about? Green Fen say angry it is false, jade usually careful how ended up this way? Just want to ask export the Xiaoyu suddenly stretched it out to the the Yubi hanging on the front of the neck, Park Green Fen arms, have kissed his lips. The Tsing someone never dreamed her first kiss is not so, my mind almost momentary shock Cheats forget. The lips of the sweet and gentle. Nasal daughter Hong Xu around. The arms very hot if you want to own melting together. "I do not accidentally broke your baby, I had to lose to you." Deep kiss Xiaoyu's voice was full of spring, shortness of breath, obviously is not a joke. She paving the toes, red if red cloth face buried in Green Fen ear: "That book I have down. You look at our posture is not like that book 11 type ah ? "mentioned Cheats, like a pot of cold water toward the Qing Fen head pouring down, the brain react jade is subject to that the" Story joy Zen Zhonghuo, and clubbing under little later. Like a drug, now delirious. Own when the bad guys have to have a bottom line. If looting. It not worse than beasts. Think of arms nephrite suddenly become a hot soldering iron, Qing Fen moment something like that prig, hands and feet, I do not know where to put. The heart secretly feeling wasting many weekdays and shooting occasions, I am really just a comparable timid mice Villains original condemning those otaku live a mouth, appears to be excessive. Mind the next cross. Hold Candice's waist and push it to go. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyu seems to have been as soft as you want, hands tightly clutching Qing Fen clothes is quite powerful. Dignified Xuedao door six generations of disciples, melee results turned out to be with each other fell to the ground. The militant fight this kind of thing really is not as good as the day Lee. Geography and better, he was beat Xiaoyu! When the mouth Qing Fen flashed the idea of ​​a really dissonant seen weekdays martial arts often has become instinct. The pros and cons of field upside down, riding on the body of the Qing Fen Xiaoyu meaning no shy, hands and feet quickly untied his clothes. Tibetan areas in late spring or some cold, but Xuedao door house warm Xiaoyu, would have been just with unlined, has only said something under clothing, exposing him seriously as jade, skin in general. Green Fen sense only burst of dizziness, was the other trick "dazzling" almost directly taken God. "Brother Green, we are now is not a book in the twenty-third?" Xiaoyu, smile charming, gently unlock the bun, a waterfall of black hair hanging down, covering the shoulders of the owner chest, but naughty peeped out, this move "Unspoken" ambiguous until the Qing Fen burn the mouth and throat, dry eyes do not know where to put. Xiaoyu, calm down you is that the "Story joy Zen Zhonghuo not your original mind!" Qing Fen saying very weak, more like to find their own reasons. He really to prevent ambiguous Exhibition down How can it be difficult, but for a well-read the virgin, so to the mouth of the meat to eat. Too contrary to human nature. Xiaoyu is not Aromatic, nor is the the Woe country Enchantress, but also looks graceful, gentle and generous, so pleasant little jasper are often more likely to win than those haughty beauty of man's favorite. Green Fen past busy martial arts, no time to do her Dreaming, but as a veteran of spare time fantasy about two lingering tenderness that is. Now the dream becomes a reality, is simply the presence of the general inner demons, to resist, how to resist? "What Zhonghuo? Ah Xiaoyu surface flash that is too strange feelings, then could not help laughing:" Brother Green thinking ah, you saved my life. And so good to me, also promised at Fu Chou for me. As a woman, in addition to other than sexual favors. How can I do it? . "I do not need you in return." Green Fen eyes as far as possible from each other plump chest leave said with quite reluctantly expression. "But are you doing to me so well?" Xiaoyu eyes sparkling with serious light: "You do not know such a girl. Could easily let people attracted you to provoke me, and then now says "I do not" Green Fen words did not say it was the other hand to cover your mouth. "Hee hee, a green big brother is really an honest man. I'm joking. Xiaoyu leaned over, his hands on the chest of the Qing Fen, seriously looked into his eyes: "I really like you, I'm really willing to give you the body even if there is no father, even if you have not saved I, even if we meet in the warmth of the southern snow-day Tibet, I would like you, Brother Green, as long as you answer me, you like me? "" I "is such a gentle and beautiful girl, day and night relative few months, if not affection, that unless physically and mentally unhealthy. Abandoned Fen now looked into each other's eyes, he can not tell a lie, or do not want to reject this Aventure. "That is not on the line. Xiaoyu grabbed Qing Fen hand, very bold on his waist, no contact between the two skin together, body involuntarily shaking up:" Let me pay you that. bad book club, green big brother to me. "I like her, she likes me, the rest of what is the relationship? Qing Fen last no scruples. Derailed after the world's extramarital can confidently say that love was wrong. Pursuit of true love. Own men married women unmarried, why not do it? Thought here no longer have to be patient, Meng stood up on the bed, holding Xiaoyu no longer have to think about what can do anything enjoy with beautiful body, his hands on the smooth skin swimming inserted into Xiaoyi first reaches out to women that tall peak soft and flexible feel to stimulate the nerve of the man, Green Fen think his body's blood in the combustion kissed the closed eyes, looked at the long bore hair along with the owner's love and light jumping, listening to the the small mouth waves of people ** moan could not help but hands more force your body servant of the more painful and Relax is difficult to distinguish Di Hu Meng sat up, Green Fen fast take off their clothes, although he only wrote down several pages of joy Zen, but tonight we must try the power to try the Zen. "Brother Green, quick! "Just a moment of physical separation Xiaoyu seems to have been extremely intolerable. Legs struggling to kick the next half trousers, his hands clutching the sheets, the body seemed intolerable in bed Cengzhao. Body skin has thrown pink ** eyes blurred mouth whispered groaned: "Green Brother, I love you. Let me serve you. Do you like what position I will be with you, a day after I will make you happy as if in heaven. What you do not need cheats. I'm your cheats. "After the day I will make you happy as if in heaven. Unusual ** love, then a boudoir, green Fen actually listen to the ear like a bolt from the blue. Still take your pants off instantaneously froze in the original sweat on the forehead suddenly flow out every day? How "Every day" law? he did not If later the Earth, perhaps between men and women do such a thing as "every day!" in this world only in the second half much time, Xiaoyu do what kind of commitment? play table tennis as only a double movement, the movement is over would be finished, pleased to be able to continue to play, unhappy or situation does not allow, they will no longer have to play is no big deal, but here is ancient China, if a woman virginity, her the rest of your life it is almost finished. shot ass leave after six months "Jade how to do? Which innocent people will marry an unmarried woman already virginity! Cold sweat instantly extinguished ** Tsing someone. Blankly standing in the bed, a time seems Nisumudiao general. "Green Brother, you,Jordan UK sale, how do you?" Xiaoyu finally now does not, open your eyes. Strange looking green Fen. "I'm sorry!" Green Fen sentence declaration of the end of the two men: "We can not do this!" "Why?" Xiaoyu anxious, stood up and sat up, loose the Xiaoyi off down exposing large segment of white Sang Sang body, some instinctive clinging to his chest. "Because, because, because I have a sweetheart, I have a fiancee!" Qing Fen random and find an excuse. "Who is that? What is your name? Where? Family situation? Father enforcement HE Ye housekeeping? Jade apparently do not believe that such a clumsy excuse barrage of questioning Road. Qing Fen had not proved wittiness. Suddenly flash head over several heart actress and comic female angle, but actually did not seem a suitable now used to the top of the cylinder. "does not it? You're lying! "Jade looks like as if the tears coming down:" Why do you lie to me, you said, like me? . Green Fen can only say "I am, anyway, I can not be with you in the future, let alone" every day "I even do not know there is no" tomorrow "You're a normal girl, you should not be involved in my world!" "the truth." I am not afraid, "Xiaoyu said firmly:" Whether you later in life how dangerous I have with you, I'm waiting for you. As long as you like me. I am not afraid of anything! "I do not like you! "Things green Fen finally come to realize this can not be good, their sperm on the brain stir things, a hodgepodge only is getting tangled, only cut the Gordian knot!" Lie! You obviously like I said! Xiaoyu screaming. "I did not say! "You Xiaoyu this to think of it, he really did not say, but he did not deny ah. Tears flow down flutter Chi Chi: "Then why, why hold me to go to bed, told me" because you are very beautiful, this kind of thing a man can do it, I just suddenly conscience now only! "This sentence is also the truth. Green Fen know why Bazan monk mentioned the own beauty pro and abilities have that smile, unless himself into a woman such as clothing. Otherwise, this talent is just out of thin air suffers only through the rejection. This is a teaching azelaic again later. Make sure in advance and may entanglements woman hold distance. Understand words. "I do not believe." Xiaoyu desperately shaking his head: "You must be what are the difficulties, you must be some difficulties, I do not believe you do not like me, I do not believe" can not tell is still firmly believe in self-deception, Xiaoyu desperately to deny this reality, and suddenly eyes showed the whites of non-stop twitching up the whole person down on the bed. What's going on? She YinJi? Green Fen surprised a moment. Immediately jumped, explore the the Xiaoyu meridians, I felt as if the probe to the turbulence in general, suddenly suddenly reverse, unsteadiness, not even a quasi-to. The not YinJi happy Zen go wrong! Green Fen finally react. Although only the first few pages, but this strange door Path of Meditation Outline clear. Men and women ** already contains the life of the machine, is one of the world's most magical ability of joy Zen with the men and women Huan, comfortable body muscles and blood, to open the minds of the essence. Without the basis of what martial arts is no martial arts practice. But the gist of modern love, mutual open hearts, harmony. Very sensitive to the mood drastic changes, grief, hate, sadness, bad is bad emotions. Zen joy can provoke people **, people release the shackles of moral rites. But it is not adopted yin yang evil ways. Since ancient times, never heard of which the flower thief practice this a. But now understand this is not hindsight it? Green Fen a shot forehead, now only emergency, first pointing out in the middle of a Xiaoyu Yintang. She immediately fainted. People lost consciousness, the infuriating no longer naughty, nice quiet in the present position, only be considered a temporary solution, but can not be homing infuriating after all harmful. Started the trouble should end it, can only wait till dawn to ask Bazan monk. Xiaoyu placed, Green Fen from the one sitting at the table back to the trial of this matter is how come this far. The beginning of the Xuedao door, Xuedaolaozu next day retreat, it did not give yourself too much guidance, saying only that an own martial has not been built the base, the door Garan, who does not necessarily mean heart pointing. Although the the gold mesh Temple Bazan is not martial arts, but profound Dharma, if difficult, they can go. Was a strange and not martial arts how pointing to other martial arts, really met before we know, the so-called things in the world communicate with each other, not martial arts people who do not can not be pointing out their lack off. More winner, Bazan came to understand what is the strength. Had thought that strength is strength, strength, comprehension, rocket launchers. But the rights of Bazan understand is force, money is power, Knowledge is power, Dharma is also strength. These forces, unlike their own imagination so vague, but can be real. Bazan help very much on their own, in addition to pointing martial arts,New Arrivals Coach Bags, open mind, understand the world of all things which the truth is a lifelong benefit countless great goodness. Such a person would be reasonable that should not be harmed, but tonight it. Morning performance of the old monk, even if it is not clearly understood the long twelve predict, or can not say the words "This margin of non-Peter edge" to. Since it is somewhat predictable, then know that tomorrow he will go to him, it is, after all, is a solution. Think of here, mind finally put down a little bit. After all, not of this world, almost forgot about that. Whether male of female curtain are just over the public enemy, their dislike, it does not matter by the patience to care for their own people can not help but put into consideration. Can imagine there will be many of these life experiences,Women's Jordan Shoes, and they will eventually need to leave. Should not be left to others the burden on the end of the left hand, leaving dangerous. Originally heard on the network said, the young men and women the two shared a house, no matter what the situation finally go to sleep in a bed, he was laughed at the man, and now it seems the ridicule of their own. In fact, the plan several months evacuation Xiaoyu home the way back to the Hunan node, which already contains the impossible Xiaoyu What is the relationship between the meaning, but he was just sperm on the brain to forget. After all, is mind cultivation as being inadequate. Take a deep breath, Qing Fen finally thinking back over the soul. Sitting in a chair, meditation meditation, trying to get into the realm of God went to the concept of the body. At dawn, Green Fen catch a carriage carrying the still unconscious Xiaoyu came Kongoji, Bazan old monk really well prepared and have been waiting for him at the door. See the Green Fen, only one sentence: "how do you know? Finished speaking, he turned back to the Temple. How to do, they do know! Qing Fen smile, but can you do? <

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