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21.05.2013 03:15
even some fuzzy plot antworten

> 768 Freddy rule the world of dreams makes you go crazy, not before Zhang Amoy estimated Freddie may be disguised as close to their own people, but things are really happening in front of him realized that I was not as imagined then prepared flawlessly. www. qUanbEN. com even if just illusion, but personally burned their "parents" feeling is also not such as to shoot dead a fly trampled to death by an ant that really does not matter. Set fire to their home,Air Jordan Store, Zhang Amoy almost escape out of the corridor,Coach Bags Outlet, fortunately, there is one-third of intellect remember before going out to restore physical form, otherwise the huge will fire for their actions would have been attracted to definitely be more than curious cat . Illusion but that is only an illusion, went outside the building when a scouring has been restored calm, look up at the steady stream of smoke emitted by their own windows are, are not self-deprecating laugh. It seems that he does not as perfect as imagined their own mind the gap still exists and is a great, Freddy other novels, as people feel the volatility as an opportunity to attack, have just been great danger. But when we had discussed this case, under the careful scrutiny of the so-called "mind the gap" is a bit flimsy. If this gap, such as regret, fear of these "negative" emotions, then I am afraid that no one in the world even God can avoid. Person is bound to have done something wrong, disposal is not perfect regret, if once again the opportunity, normal people would think to repair these regrets. Or, from another perspective, known fear before the face of the event that there is absolutely fearless, it must correspond to the absolute ignorance - of course, absolute omniscient one can argue, but even the beginning God still pursuing ignorance, so this theory would be too theoretical - how not like a good thing. Barely speaking, this type of test on the mind is similar to most, whether in the face of fear was to make a positive response, and the positive reaction may not necessarily meet the enemy. Face of kitchen projections fire, the fire escape and distress are undoubtedly the right choice. More specific as before, as the face of knowing the phantom parents, if the standard answer is "sneer or two mortal wisdom and then set fire to the heart even the slightest ripple can not play, it is not thorough but distorted - chopped a live cat and laugh like Cenang melon the not killing decisive protagonist simply metamorphosis. The Cenang melon and cut cat, kill the cat and kill, kill the enemy and kill their loved ones, after all, there is a difference, if it ultimately to kill someone and kill no difference, it probably is crazy. So everyone on the outcome of the discussions in the original pre-war meetings, maybe Freddy will make use of the object of fear or guilt in the sense of purpose, will target the negative emotions into force, but want to come there will not be kind to designate an independent standards, not meet this criterion will be absolute spike. Maybe he reached Qatar kind of change to the world the extent of the law when this can be done, but at least not now. Essence Freddy just a regular dreams, plus the first level of law manipulation, reference to the performance of other people, probably just a dream to achieve the ultimate nature. From the point of view of the ability to dream, after all, in the final analysis people died in a dream really dead, although different from the illusion, but even if no matter how strange is different from the often inevitable has its own rules, when we refer to two as many may think it is almost sufficient to meet. But for the rules of the dream ... this is too hazy and unreal, all is not so much discussion as it is speculation, but now Zhang Amoy was getting a little of their own looks. Dream of this kind of thing is not the patent of nobility, Zhang Amoy dreaming countless all dreams only have one or two scenes, but in retrospect, even continuous shooting "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie people do not know is intentional or unintentional apparently subconsciously such an arrangement, just a steel mill channel or a hospital room. Can Amoy took to the streets but found surrounded by many tall Li-Jen Lin head surging, or watch or call 119 or hurry looked straight ahead, too normal is not normal. Freddy rule is complete dream world! To say the truth, the rule of force in actual combat what Dayong Zhang Amoy moment also thought to understand, if you are lucky chances is a purely theoretical stuff, But even if true can such an optimistic estimated Amoy Zhang also was for the immediate situation in trouble. Trapped in their dreams has changed twice, from the original "original" to "Elm Street" and then the "real world" can be expected even if their self-test, then wake up at most only dream to another. And that means the burden is great, is obviously not the use of the endless, once the inventory is exhausted, and that they really starve dream. "Oh, this is not Zhang Amoy? Fire is your home? Reported the fire brigade did not ^" a voice interrupted Zhang Amoy thinking, the chattering sound very annoying. Zhang Amoy turned to look, it really is the unit next door neighbor, a Zilai Shu fat Aunt proportional to the sign language of the foot doing a concern like. This aunt to do with their own neighbors for 10 years, was brought also have to take care of her, it seems that Freddy has some kind of peep memory, parents get so personal calling to mockery of themselves? Zhang Taobao already smoothing them anger because the person in front of boiling up, but here is the top of the street instead of your own home, and then the other burned to death or even all around to watch the address for Freddy or turnaround to say that not a cent. The depressed heart tumbling, Amoy with almost able to ignite the eyes saw that fat woman one, without a word, wear clothing with the crowd, into the city. In this city has been living for 18 years, a scouring plants and trees here are familiar with could not be more familiar with, came to sit down on top of the instant came to the west of a park bench, continue to think about the immediate situation. First or return to pre-war meeting had discussed the point, Freddy's ability to dream rather than illusion,Coach Crossbodys Sale, dream and magic, what difference does it make? As ** 'Zhao Mo Yan is explained: the root of the dream from the reaction of the people around the target things and inner ** image, there may be distortions may have exaggerated, but it must be rooted in the target memory "This is the biggest difference between dreams and magic. For example, a dream 'that people can dream about the most horrible thing in the target, an illusionist master is seen to he considered the most scary things. First he had experienced three dreams, three of which are the scene in their memory, even the Elm Street and have seen the movie points where there is no difference, then said to himself is really just In their own dreams. Second, the level of these dreams are not the same memory, replaced the Sike scene with the souls of the group, I am afraid he is not so leisurely and even may have been blown away. Each other since it has been said began in earnest rather than child's play, it is likely there is no dispute but not the whole story which is perhaps the key broken trapped. There is one final and most important, how to counter this disgusting and anger both Freddy? Yes, that is to fight back! Not a defense, not to escape, but to fight back! Plan does not change quickly, the pre-war meeting is really just defense and escape through the trials of the first principle, but now Chapter criminal madman so a get, all housed in an iron cage becomes wanted to run no place run, only passive situation. Then have no choice, whether from the private from the public, the counterattack has become the only viable solution. Spirit based attacks - physical attacks heavier contact with each other on their own dreams means two collusion between the spirit in some way, say understand that the world must have something Fry Di incarnation. This is all a dream manipulation inevitable defects, as if all the phantom must have a minimum of one or more flaws, which is decided by their own qualities Without these two qualities, they are not a dream and magic, but reality. To put it plainly, the easiest way to find out in this dream and the "real" get rid of Freddy, it really was all over. But the question is ... how to do this. A scouring looked up and looked around, here is not a square inch of land, just the eyes see are all a super city with millions of people and countless non-human, not a clue, then was like looking for a needle in a haystack , or he is still should be counted on the meter, drawing the snake out of its hole ... thinking about the most time, such as Zhang Amoy all sorted out a clue and then looked up sunset west link, when the approach of dusk. Just at this time, with a screeching halt sound of a police car parked in front of him, the three uniforms jumped down without hesitation came to their own. Saw the police Zhang Amoy then remember their own imperfection in the world dreams are 10 holders of the full set fire to their own "home" and deeds have been seen either as victims or suspects arson, police look on are an inevitable thing. Just ... should be blatantly burn all the way past, or province and save just walk away, or simply being arrested pleaded guilty and then look at what kind of drama below? Thinking of the moment to have the answers. These dummy paper horses would be six billion people on the entire planet all burned to the ground did not mean much, and deliberately caught this kind of thing is too boring, but it is not green Fen so good mood will accompany a desired life people playing some kind of trick, so come up at the crack of the storm of the dreams of Freddy, multi-less attitude. Think of here Amoy sneer in a group of sparks, a mass of red light flashes under the watchful eyes disappeared without a trace, leaving the only evidence of his existence only becomes Montreal smudge former chair. Blink of an eye, a week later. City of an unknown cause bizarre fire case just like other intricate case at seven o'clock local news shake a shadow, and then in some remote forum was the top for a couple of days, and then from the field of view of all disappear, as if it had never been what. Yes, a week! Freddy dreams apparently in addition to space to achieve unlimited in terms of time to achieve the same real level. Zhang Amoy usually very scared to spend the "comfort and safety" of the week, there is no disfigurement Killer jumped out to poke him, there is no death to the other dangerous, nothing, as if time goes back calm and regular mortal life before their own into the game. But looked at his left hand, Zhang Amoy clearly know before burning everything "is not a dream. Seems to despise this Freddy. Small hotel in a Amoy opened his eyes looking at the ceiling deliberately remember that before the eyes closed, even a crack stains did not change, the stability of the reality completely instead of the previous dream can be compared, or, in other words, let Freddy themselves in dreams almost can be understood as a real world - a parallel world. But even so, that disfigured in this whole week did not make any action, he played in the end is what kind of thinking? Stand up suddenly sat up, Zhang Amoy beginning to realize something. Same in the previous question, why Freddy is not your own dreams arrangements for the group with the souls of the battle, that he did not survive one week. In fact, from the beginning to the present, they suffered the most "decent" attack, but even mere mortals may not be able to do nothing of a disfigured killer holding a bayonet hook. Rattled the chaos, although there immortality backing, but if such an attack can be effective if those monsters in front of the high-end war situation, it is not a joke but stupid. Freddy just idiot? Think so are the real fools. So having said that, assuming each other's dreams can not make or only limit to make a high-risk environment - in fact, think about this more scientific, along with the continuing escalation of the war situation, the combat effectiveness of the target is bound to continue to upgrade, to keep creating more advanced rivals, even in the form of capacity and energy consuming each other's memory as a template will be like an arms race rising. Initial time or regarded as a way of fighting, but to reach the height of the s-class a bit on some of the less efficient - then it should be in what ways should the enemy? Such as ...... such a low intensity, but unlimited in time and space, but tend to dream. In the calm waves in the "real" world to spend a week as a rest, spend a month as vacation, to spend a year it? Ten years? Even a century? A thousand years? Even if he has a large proportion of the elements of biological origin has almost no restrictions of natural life, but this eternal life, how different from eternal imprisonment? It's no nightmare, no, this is the greatest nightmare! Zhang Amoy brain emitting a terrible sight, a drop of sweat on the forehead could not help hanging out. Meng stood up and rushed out of the small hotel. To demonstrate their own guess is very simple, want to do a real prison shut himself crazy to hold back the suicide that the world can not really have unlimited changes people will not be bored. The easiest way, where is "complete" the world, but this is a turn of the world and tile by its own consciousness and memory. Perhaps Freddy in a random manner with their own material added into countless buildings and NPC, but there are a lot of things he can not and will not create false resurrection! Blink of an eye Amoy has come to street corner a bookstore, feather shop, four rows side by side shelves to store only sideways, but after the sale of all comics and piracy Internet novel. At first glance these things have seen seven or eight of ten, take down an open book page hearted, even some fuzzy plot also book clearly without any ambiguity. Zhang Amoy even if it was, no matter how hard read comic novel, it is impossible to achieve the degree of a whole store shelf, readily remove one did not read the book, opened to really saw inside a blur, seems to be printing a full page of type, blocks, no matter how hard a word can not be seen. It really is such a thing! A scouring suddenly closed in the hands of Bestseller, the flame from the page jump up quickly jumped on the shelf. Paper and wood burning, the entire store into a huge flame monster very speed. Mustache in front of the store manager screaming dancing feet called, turned white book bookstore innermost high school students from the fire of the moment into a humanoid torch, to issue several Canhao will eventually move closer to the coke . Things really as good as their expected, Freddy did not intend to come out from corner attack or other weird. His ability to dream perhaps more than that pattern, but at least cast himself is so simple. Operating dreamer only spent very little energy to make their brains to create and load a dream, the fairest became his accomplices! Has confirmed that the other party will not take the initiative to show up, then what kind of patience and lure are invalid. Anyway, as long as the dream would still exist that eternal flaws, since they can not tell which one is in the city Freddy camouflage, it might as well kill everyone, Freddy is certainly among them. Zhang Amoy body shoved start of expansion sneer, as if annexation on fire bookstore as suddenly become a three-story height of the Great Fire of strange. Each wave is a-group kaolao size fireball flying out on the street trees or house is a raging flames, and then fire up big time right again spawned another equally giant salamander ...... similar split proliferation within just a few hours spawned tens of thousands of giant salamander. China Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, shrouded in human history, the largest city in a fire, there will be no survivors after dawn. ...... Www. <

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