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21.05.2013 03:12
scene of the Qing Fen leash antworten

The end of the> 759 Ensaka terminal just get rid of the white Hu Tong is not World War II in a blink of an eye "back from the dead". Www QUANbEn com position distinct from each other at this time to say what is superfluous, from three or four hundred years ago from the Royal three would not what a good friend, but do not need to swab the wound with each other to comfort each other, just let out of the way things disappear that will be enough. The old the snakeheads appeared between Tong Fuji seeing each other waving flame fled, Xiangyebuxiang instinct insect technique against an enemy flow stream of fire and insects suddenly coming together. However, such a stalemate for a full 23 seconds, seemingly no problem allows Matou Fuji heart to give birth to a sense of bad. Because the other released after a strong flame flow seems to be no further action, the flame Too their horizons and all your senses are blocked, though of course will think Ensaka terminal is still the other end to maintain the shares flame, but hiding ...... 30 years, not only their looks into the animal, even spiritual sense tend to the animals. No problem fighting let Tong Fuji felt uneasy, then suddenly a reminder force the countless death squads general insect to break the blockade of the opposite flame, but I saw a ring alone floating in mid-air to maintain the already sparsely flame stream, the owner of the ring have been foreseen is not in place. In meter love to know has been in the plan for the other diversionary, Matou the best time to go fine thinking more, while releasing more insect body care, while suddenly jumped off the place. This is one step too late, the left side of a white Zhixi from insects along way regardless of what has to be wiped out between touch. White did not disrupt all the insects, the Matou Fuji has been flying leaps still point in his left foot, instant light of flesh and blood like building blocks box grid-like horizontal and vertical cracks. The rift grew farther and close mesh, the more the smaller the program, by the light of the foot began to decompose discrete. Crush Magic? Shocked loss Matou knife between the best hand his leg the whole cut below the knee, a broken leg has not yet had time to floor and turned it into a pile of dust. Not just the ashes of his flesh-and-blood, even the broken leg that moment a few stuck his head worm to escape together into ashes. "Without legs feel how? But do not worry, I will not let you out of leg three decades of" white light at the beginning of Bai Hu next to the body far, Ensaka terminal hand a slender Staff, is the relics. Unless it is a general-purpose thing, or other magician's props, he may not be able twinkling of an eye brought on by, but only crushed magic he had carefully studied over three decades, for the routing problem can not upgrade this door exclusive Magic practice to the point of fragmentation of all things, but to make use of his staff released the accumulation Magic is no problem. Said White Hu really is a good man, if not his again and again bequest of three opponents in the face of outside material considered really some trouble. "Curse calls, the souls of" a look at the other side could have held the crushing magic,Coach Bags Outlet, the old snake head suddenly shocked to find this dangerous war. But the other side and then worse but a mortal, they have the souls of the dead did not lose the truth in hand. For the Holy Grail War, they have prepared three decades, one of the body to maintain plural undoubtedly is the svnt of life's largest Magic achievements, for the magic prepared in advance Mochong solve,Coach Handbags, and set three souls of a total of nine one that curse all in one. Not the first time calls or some accidents only summon pupptst three souls of the dead join forces with Merlin and more ln Yuehmei of children nk five souls of the dead is completely amiss Magicians Society positive compared with force. However, those are passed, even though it is there are too many variables in their own unplanned, but now even that has broken two, the last remaining still own chips. Alas no the odd variables spoiler, Fei Duan that petite stature between two old and two long ears slightly Yichanyichan the surface it seems to have some shock plus a bit baffling, does not seem to know why suddenly summoned to come here. "Get rid of him to kill the old man," last only summon the souls of the dead, between the Tong Fuji is a bit helpless. Summoned three combat effectiveness of the Fallen, and regardless, On the starting grid belongs to the least longer than the battle, but it is interesting the battlefield the strong are dead ahead, the weak but survive to the end, there's a sense really is ruminate. "Holy Grail War, of course, still have to use the souls of the dead to decide who will win that the souls of the dead, but also follow my wish accompanied this really positive that curse summon, the terminal Ensaka hands to grab that curse only one, His spirit - a stupid Imperial main wretch turn contract also responded to the call of the. Green Fen fell, to said the truth a wheelchair the old man Ensaka terminal by surprise sense of the impact hundred times more intense than the other. Before the reason does not really call because he knew Qing Fen has been contaminated with black mud, let alone move does not come, even provoke the curse constraints adverse case I am afraid that is also a priority to get rid of their own. But Fuji has already begun to move out of the souls of the dead, if they are not risk a stroke, then it would have no chance. Already intend taking advantage of the black mud mixed with own gems Magic to get out to this Staff only two or three rounds solution from the magic moment, the result is a clean souls "first your jaw closed, those black mud failed to get me how, if you want, I can call them to come back "Green Fen Actually, I think Ensaka terminal also able to call themselves the curse, and even also have the courage to call their own, but all in front, Green Fen had no choice but to accept this fact and the other a little ironic. "I know you I do not have a good impression, but you are the souls of my Imperial master, as long as my hands are there that curse you will not defy my power." Estimate goes wrong, I did not expect all the world's evil "did not can contaminate the monk, Ensaka terminal is really big out of the material, but as better to have a handy tool is better than a bomb. "But even so I do not want the line to the point of rupture, the Holy Grail has been purified, but also already have five souls of the soul, as long as you longer to kill the opposite of the souls of the dead, all the conditions are ready. Then we can sit down and share this vow, as the souls of the dead to this was the goal is achieved and how you intended it? "Ensaka old man trying to vertical in front of the souls of language. "Jie Jie, this rhetoric from your betrayer mouth to say it really is beneficial ah you intend to probably let the souls of the dead to kill us, then that curse command him? Qing Fen, their lives do not need to give the old man, you how to transfer the contract to be his souls I know, some deceive fraud which can be written as a textbook to cheat, you should also understand this pseudo-Jun is better to invest in my side to kill Ensaka terminal you re with me to the conclusion of contracts, Yuehmei children how to say I single-handedly trained magician, her souls I take care of it should be compared each other's combat effectiveness, even if just to hang out in the fighting fst this The fight also failed to account for the advantage of this is not to say plntst. Is Matou Fuji to the first wave of the first soft offensive. "The little girl inexplicable is also what you have done? Fundamentally immature child implicated in the Holy Grail War, between Fuji Tong, you're mad that there is no bottom line to the curse in the name of the souls of the dead with the other the Royal owners and souls of die "no longer bother to pursue more value to obtain Ensaka terminal with the most direct way to the last command issued. Since it is the last that curse, then in order to prevent each other's back to bite the cable in conjunction dead as a doornail. Green Fen no room for resistance under the curse, has nothing to do with their own wishes, the sword of purgatory reproduction, apart from anything else has been cut away cross towards Fei Duan neck. "Can not fail to hit you?" Fei Duan fighting bad can be said to be forcibly dragged into bogs, just hide to hide, can not hide now also had to scalp war. Green Fen knife slashing appeared to be the head of that wizard cut fly through the air, but the actual leash Shique is empty, if the result is a body of a Warrior or is not surprising, but the sight of the problem apparently is surgeon, this is not agile. Although for a Ensaka terminal sacrifice their lives did not have much interest in Green Fen style all their own different technique or even interested, but unfortunately under the reminders of that curse he did not work to fine grind trick truth, rhino horn dashed when the left hand has a pointing out, one short of the wind to spin into the air facing the pit of the stomach of the old snake head drilled. Although get Ensaka terminal for magic not much, this refers to the power and not the usual, but still more than enough to kill a mere Imperial main. "Poof -" There is no doubt pointing wear old snakeheads chest, one about as big as the cup port the size of the wound in his possession, you can easily see the back of things from the front. This strange crawling biological does not cover their chest and fell to the ground, just like that kind of impact a general pushing toward two steps back, then looked down at his chest, facing hair strokes "Jie Jie like laughing at. I know reptiles heart hypoplasia, but that does not does not matter to this field? The Yaran but the hearts of the Qing Fen hands of non-stop, did not continue to go after that disappeared without a trace souls, instead is a knife Zhipi to want to see from the middle into two snake could continue to crawl. Green Fen hands, unwittingly behind Imperial Lord are pitching. The terminal Ensaka right hand has kindled a flame, while the left hand raised white Hu Staff, one at any time preparing for the appearance. And he did not in vain, only to the opposite attack in the Green Fen same time, the air a small piece of thin things floating by on the other side over. This things like aerosol like dust, open Juenan noticed, but this time Ensaka terminal both engrossed, and the environment here is a melting pot of steaming, it's all this hidden strokes become hidden. Presumably plot plntst. I remember her before the attacks, those who summon plants are sensitive to the flame, although not as martyrs, but the general level of the flame is not a problem. In order to save the magic Ensaka terminal no longer launch their own gem magic, but directly with the surrounding environment of the flame changes to a Flame, and instantly the "sneaky" smoke burn the whole inside. Can even holy warriors know the same tricks can not be used twice for the same enemies Fei Duan With this in mind, and Ensaka terminal seems too old to forget. Floating in the air over a pile of plant species, each piece is only the size of the dust really looks no doubt with a burst of sand. Once exposed to sufficient heat source, these "small" things immediately show their true colors, the entire flora in the air then completed the entire growth, the xylem of the trunk in the air interacting with each other and form a tumor-like tree body,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, and those full of tough branches - said branches, but it looks more like some kind of food the human monster neck in all directions toward Ensaka terminal bite past. Hi fire plants, along with the heat, and the more heat, the faster they grow. This thing could have been prepared before order Fei Duan Qing Fen little surprise, the result is the main useless on the Ensaka the old man came to fill the pit. What is the magic home, the old man Ensaka first time react with fire counterattack is a wrong choice, but he will not reverse the magic of time, there are means to solve problems. The fire of his right hand has only Tim, the crushing of the left hand wand is stretched out, the second decomposition light hits the positive the long teeth Dance claw from the plants are. These things can not be broken leg survive this trick, crushing phenomenon Central spot started to spread, and soon the whole plant large plants have become ashes scattered on the ground. The souls of the dead of both sides of each into a move, on both sides of the Imperial main are not fuel-efficient lights, this round seems to tie did not apiece, both life and death in the second round to decide the winner. May at this time, the channel mouth is a burst of static and dynamic sound, there are third-party entered. Fei Duan side of the attack seems to be divided because of the sudden outsiders mind paused, Green Fen ... even his own curiosity would like to turned to look, and that the effect of the curse will not allow him so relaxed. The knife is still no difference pixia, old snakeheads is clearly not a nimble generation - even once, a broken leg agile up - meaning no dodge from the cranial vault is divided into two and a half, it touches before dying sprayed the few insects regarded Mao-like counterattack, but those things are not close to the Qing Fen in that move under the spare capacity ashes. Six reincarnation, Hellfire "completely meaningless to try the immortality of the old snake-heads in the end to what extent, Ching Fen knife is not pixia false, but this knife was attached on top of the power of the flame, the fire of hell burning , whether the other is what the rest under the knife. Six reincarnation offer or solicitation to bring out the fact that not a real flame, but the the hell meaning of figurative and realistic to the fire, but for mere mortals such as magician There's much difference, anyway, the old snake head is two and a half two halves of the body starts to burn. This more evident than before a broken leg, the two halves of the body while burning side of countless insects out to climb out, just watch the volume, this guy really difficult to understand how the total volume over the worm fully into the body. "That body is not vital, Matou Fuji has been completely insect, he is one of an insect see insects with dance, Ensaka terminal seems to suddenly realize, Matou Fuji even cast in the well-known forbidden technique his own body. From the point of view of fighting and magic than personal convenience hundred times, but a person moving into a squirming or "buzzed" worm, that is tantamount to give up everything man. Even the population such as the magician is not most people would do. Tong Fuji? Father? "Just by the souls of the dead from the hole totter came in, Merlin multi-view has not yet fully adapted to this fiery environment they saw the scene of the Qing Fen leash fuel split the old snakeheads, just called "mercy" there are the world's best information ears. "Homing protect his" the nk saw Yuehmei children in the hands of the burning sword play scattered escape all the insects would burn clean, Merlin and more also refused to go to Ma general thinking in the brain, first under the command of protection. He could feel the breeze of a killer hit, fast no matter must be his head strike and ground this thing. Green Fen had no choice but to be greeted with a brandished a knife and knife killer collided Green Fen paper seems like every now and then Shu Zhang, homing hands shocked Hercules almost landing. The green Fen now all the magic lies in the terminal in the hands of Ensaka He was afraid in case back to bite them, it will be low for magic, and that curse also die. Is now Green Fen is actually not subject to the constraints of the "half the power of the knife, but instead with countless tenth of a knife. But his opposite homing might not be good, has been completely scrapped hands the black mud recede back to normal Royal help grow back, but she is not the kind of regenerative capacity of the souls, the strength of the Merlin and more reluctant to restore hand type has reached the limit, she just lift heavy halberd has barely, if re-cast really much to choose only the people of the opposite. One with wings like flying ants insects fly slowly in front of Merlin, falls on the palm of the hand she deliberately lifted. Father? Really is my father? "Merlin multi trembling hands to the front, even if the whole face with a bandage Chande do not see the facial features, but a pair of eyes tears fall. That flies "Om" a cry I do not know what suddenly soared toward Merlin slightly open mouth flew past. 759 end 759 end (next to the URL <

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