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21.05.2013 03:09
groan yín of is like cutting antworten

> 750 acting performances fire anyone moves its own to xìn grid, Zhang Amoy is that love changes, love strange love hidden-hand, this is also reflected in his use of fire trail. www. quANBen. com even when Phoenix turned, obviously Shun Yeung fire to destroy all the big kill, he will have to come up with similar Huoyun houses became secretive tactics, is easy to use Leaving aside, single xì of ; n grid of the things from these convenient show exhaustive lù. Although at the moment is to attract several times relies instead on the power on only half of the SBR, but still many changes between the line strokes more than simple, like the unpredictable. Words to say but is not said Zhang Amoy bad, simple simple change change good, but obviously for an spare capacity and more people also play this trick, too have to sell the nòn suspect. Is, this trick, fire-varying flame network has also been quite jn wonderful, most people see in all directions fireball struck, the measures taken in response, no more than two, while it is not close close between the first force to break, and the second is in situ stick to the hard effort to block this move, the SBR anyone can not have does not break person of the body, then her hair sword attack fireball, fireball was the first step in the disintegration of their own bulk of the counter-attack, and that is pointed at her neutral when wonders. In theory this is true, can never theory and reality is far worse. Purple freesia is not unusual sword flow but drew out his sword, and surgery practitioners, she was the target of the attack is a one hit kill, whether it is the strength and speed must ensure that, so she never attack only in a small fraction If she a knife that regardless of the opposite or fireball no deformation opportunities. But she did not have a knife, because the timing of the attack is still yet to come. Nine Yang hit the purple freesia just one step to the predecessor tilting right hand three fingers light resting on the top of the hilt, did not move the immediate evil of the move. Suddenly Joyoung burst into the sky fiery serpent luàn dance called woven into the network, and this "as" after all, must be a process, the process is that there is a gap, there are flaws moment the gap is the opportunity to appear in front of purple freesia left foot suddenly step forward, the people in place, leaving only blur Huowang engulfed Mami already by shrink rapidly from the fiery serpent called woven into the sky net and the shuttle. Speed ​​beyond the beyond, as international knife pierced the space behind the blur has not yet disappeared the second purple freesia has appeared in Zhang Amoy behind, no time in the hands of the blade slowly return sheath behind the smile did not the convergence of the neck and suddenly a faint trail of blood. Then traces slowly expand, "Gululu" sound, Connaught head has rolled down to the ground floor, to that corpse only from standing there for a long time side Siban Ban as fell on the ground, the power of the head and the body seemed to have lost control of General Chung out, self-mutilation steaming flame burning. A scouring any case evaluation is a method based his grade, you want to kill a soldier Department in melee, even though the other is a Half-Life soldiers seem to care too too big. Sword cut graduated purple freesia completely collapsed. See the bodies burning, and behind those fiery serpents began to extinguish because the loss of control, she was out of breath, the feet soft so Zuodao ground. For a moment just thought it was certain death, good luck did not expect to encounter such great care of opponents, really God help. Greatly to catch a few breaths, the purple freesia scabbard pestle efforts stood up, she saw the magic, numerous Rune densely covered with probably the range of a few hundred square meters, pure magic hu then condenses in the air has become a piece of colorful colorful crystal from the bottom of the circle. These are pure magic solid manifestation of a fingernail-sized crystal is enough to Fuyuki City bombing fly half so much, I am afraid that no less than hundreds of kilograms of crystal, a symbol of the energy is simply incalculable. However, the purple freesia too many ideas, for her pursuit of a quasi-jn, too large energy is not meaningful, she asked for but a small piece of magic crystals have enough. At the moment of her hand, suddenly behind the transaction, which is less than to take crystal violet freesia first since turned around and alert, I saw a sudden gush of a small Bay fountain behind the stone floor, then the disappearance of spring water in a spray processes between a handheld narrow sword red-eye male unexpected in front of their own. Being The huge underground empty dòn of at Liu dòn Temple, already building from the Holy Grail for the souls of the war can not avoid the fate of the battlefield. Draw here earlier pre-empted the magic Amoy one o'clock great care, even in the case of extreme advantage purple freesia knife cut down, the uncontrolled flame energy self-mutilation, and the same purple freesia and was about to remove a colorful magic crystal, the behind ground springs of water processes, a red-eye sword in the souls of the same search for traces of the magic came to the spiritual pulse of the eruption. "Do not get me wrong, I did not come to fight, even if you do not think I had ever rescue you, but also consider you my case it is inappropriate for fighting the" red-eye Long Shuai waved their hands stopped seeing the poor girl. Two of them although for different reasons, but the result is almost always Imperial main can not continue to work for the magic had to find another source of magic, or let alone fight, then had a moment will go back to the souls of the dead went to the Throne. Purple freesia probably also recognize each other's Jian Qi is before the rain to help with that monster of a war sword, or indeed, if the other party has said it is unable to fight again, holding the hilt of the hand is relaxed open, people retreated to the other end of that magic to come to a position. Looked at the little girl still wary of heavy school like Long Shuai had to smile, in any case first to add magic to say. The two a lax hidden alert, an alert secretly relieved, they both reached out to pick floating in mid-air magic crystal ... "Do not touch" suddenly behind mutation renewed, they first heard but is not sound Duanhe - should not be able to "listen" to describe, except to say straight felt extreme crisis hit. Out all purple freesia, standing sideways, Long Shuai was collapsing to the ground like water. Hit foreign objects such as meteors, friction the air flame effect even on the surface, the meteor seems unbearable so acceleration is actually in the air separation collapse analysis, but because the speed is too fast and throw barely condensate as a whole, until crashing down burst into the sky fire debris gravel. Until this point, the sound of the "Meteor" flight voice cast meteor regarded pass into the two ears. Can cause the appearance effect, even among the souls of the second. Narrow Hill can not line horse, ink shoe Lions Rabbit has received, homing is still a helmet consistent to go down, but followed behind a long list of people. Purple freesia this from the other side to attack from the want instinct counterattack, but managed to see the crowd behind her and smothered the impulse of a sword. "The four of you stupid how still here" This sentence is not asked but complain even know, the four mortal én you encounter souls of the dead, can run away but strange. "We, we ... four small Kusangzhuolian, has been" we "not below. "We did not malicious, sbr do not worry." Said this is a chunky guy the Although the the look of féròu Youguangshuihua, facial features that shrink seems to be out of congratulations to make a fortune like, The breath of his body is no surprise that this is also a souls of the dead in order to express their own no malicious, the Pi Luoge let the four little something back to their own side of the Fallen, but watch a few dead high school students scratching and scrambling to the embarrassed look like, one side has been re-polymerization the humanoid dragon handsome hén malicious speculation whether the other is to let these four stupid anti-sbr cumbersome. Of course, this is only the dragon person boring Huth luàn, think, really want to borrow from the Imperial main deal with the souls of the dead, the battalion's chips sending back is definitely the most stupid. "We have no malice, But this Story cup of energy can not draw" homing his face ghost face took down lù a delicate face. "Oh, here is the energy you have booked it?" Purple freesia apparently misunderstood the meaning of each other's hands again press to return to the hilt. Just that sword was barren the magic even worse, but others are by his face, even if the input can not be outdone. "You misunderstand, the Holy Grail, who can not take." Seems to be in order to further express their goodwill, homing disappeared completely remove their own armed,Air Jordan After Game Sale, white sè the armor with silver halberd, lù out following a loose clothing. "Oh, you are mistaken, just the homing Miss the good intentions, for fear that you killed, so he knock a stone block. According to our survey, the Holy Grail has been 'all the world's evil' pollution, not only no longer be able to achieve our aspirations, more even energy are pollution, great words may be directly absorbed by the black and loss of self. "the Pi Luoge speak laughed, even if it is said that such a solemnity that face muscle ròu seems unable to control hu still moving forward, which is directly persuasive words he hit a discount greatly. Purple freesia blind listening come to say what is what, now really is almost a blow on the collapse, but there is no guarantee that the other kept the greater use of mind than kill. She will turn their attention to their own "comrades" - whatever the outcome, had assisted his sword, barely even comrade-in-arms. After all, is the industry specializing in surgery before did not consider their goals even reverse, is now a reminder, Long Shuai at first hesitated, even though maintaining own magic are barely higher Xianshu to explore, but after all, what they have learned quite complex, readily astrology a BU really a fierce trillion. Not going to use words to express, just watch the the moment face slightly change sè purple freesia had been informed of the conclusions of the comrades, slowly release the hand on the hilt. "That's it." That fat to continue spraying has eased the atmosphere soothing spray: "We are willing to be summoned to listen to mortal driven not achieve the aspirations of this premise, and now has been unable to meet, We have no hostile stance ". while we last trace of magic to continue standing, perhaps you can give us all this from scratch understand." Long Shuai own the Tianyi true water sword recovered in vivo, of course, ask the origin of each other's intelligence. Asked the two men to each other as the one finally by Pi Luoge appear what happened a few hours ago about it again. A few hours ago, Zhao Mo Yan Pi Luoge incarnation in order to obtain close to the opportunity to Merlin multi-master and servant, specially summoned a bunch of fire biological come to attack their own. This place lnr live below the high-rise, If this is the battle they can not be made feel, then, such waste is better own backhand to kill the Well. "Hey, homing, you see below we seem to have a good show is being staged." The break quite Merlin and more as if jn God has been restored, but a circle of white cloth wound of the head face seems mummy, sometimes following squirming moving, everything just occurrence seemed so realistic. "This is ... a case of xìn grams of struggle, do not need to guess the outcome." Gun souls of the Imperial main insects can sense the scene observed an alarming vision, it is not so much a battle as good as said to be a war. The fire apes, Fire Eagle, Fire Tiger Fire Elemental body ...... probably more than a dozen fire department biological arranged the assault of the battle to the target, and a row of skeletons and zombies in the opposite wall of the souls of the purely body delaying the footsteps of the enemy. "Delay" instead of "block", because these undead physical attacks and negative elements to combat and dead gas and toxic are xìn and the ability to biological elements are completely ineffective. In turn, a considerable part of the undead are sensitive to flame. The a skull shè there will be a huge fire tiger claw a shot under the skull pieces, the element of fire a flame shoot out will be a zombie body burn fuel fall to the ground, fire ape throwing a fireball can break up the rear ; hand ...... even if the rear of the souls of the team has two large appears to be slightly more advanced Master Department managed to release the expulsion of surgery to be regarded as the most powerful of the Flame Legion injury, but it seems they jn the souls of more than daemon Department,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, once expelled surgery and even can cause serious injuries, a fire eagle armies Xiangzhi it is one-sided situation. Men playing soldier in full swing, the souls I saw a short body fat is being managed shook his own pocket, a bone meal Caesar is a Skeleton Warrior, a magic crystal fling a Necromancer, an endless supply of souls The Legion fought up as cannon fodder ... a veritable cannon fodder. By comparison,Coach Bags UK, the other side, the angel of the Flame Legion is nowhere in sight, seems to know those souls trick for purely biological elements so bad, but for their own trouble, is to maintain a consistent sneaky style do not know hide what went. "I go down to help one do?" Homing watch that is necessary to the Great Wall of bones could not resist flame barbarian invasion, the case so consult with their own imperial master. Then wait and see. "Is different from their own souls, the Merlin seems more patience well:" If the Necromancer souls of the dead, then, is to get rid of such a thing in Phoenix the xìn restraint is not surprising, but at the moment, but some flame Miscellaneous Corps, even these things will be struggling, goods sè or early back to the throne to forget ...... "Merlin multi-only lù to gauze eyes flashed a hint of doubt huò . This term both magician Union man, it should be no Summon Necromancer pair. Battle happened to occur right under our noses, suspicious ah. "Since the Imperial main speaker, homing also press Helping the Heart continue to wait and see, and sure enough in this moment, the following situation then changed. Money worth a lot of money "that fat law issued a cry came from the heart of the groan yín of is like cutting ròu as will a black sè, armor debris thrown out. Mid-air saw that fragmentation has become a black sè whirlpool floating in mid-air, suddenly heard the sound of the cry masi, a Black Helmets heijia of riding a black horse knight rushed out of that whirlpool. Specially recruited Death Knight really different from those cheap goods soon as he was out saber slashing a dive down under fire eagle suddenly ashes scattered segregation. You do not need to borrow any of the privileges of the Dead, just rely on dark grudge Vaillant, high-level Death Knight is not the element of fire sector lower organisms can contend. "I say, turned out to be a financial í into the souls of the dead also did not forget to to Si Shouzhuo the coffin of the dead girl grew up not know will not become identical fat since it is consuming the souls of then let him or not loss too many people play play home én mouth too embarrassed to white to see, remember to such and such ... "see under so interesting scene, Merlin and more mood finally good, sound, revealing a bit of a smile. The following known as fiscal í but once initiated ruthless to be seen as not disgrace the name of the souls of the strength of. A Death Knight calls out to quell the field, then a fist-sized crystal ball hit the ground suddenly filled with steaming blanket of darkness that have become a Backstreet sea of ​​power of death, whether it is unusual in which all samurai skull Death Knight all seem to be playing a stimulant the same becomes jn Dousou of God. Necromancer dropped the cost of time alone is to more Tim useless insurance situation has been brought under control, I saw his hands aloft a Aralia, seems to be Hengxia Xin to summon one of the Phoenix the Ming Long counterattack "do not have so much trouble" on top of the high-rise next to a ride on white prancing Ruofei jumped from dozens of layers down, just ink hoof lion rabbit airport trampling has given way to the center of the Flame Legion flowering, then the killer a whirl breaking the military rushing, halberds tip piercing at gale was actually on the TV drama Necromancer bar <

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