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> 726 have done their best green Fen and his maste a ghost city, which is "inserted" waist stared, the former continue turned just hand. Www quanBEn com true name: unknown legend: the unknown rank order: suspected eseke morphology: about two meters high in his early brawny, with its maste dialogue, seems to retain a certain rational, not because of permanent mad state, possibly mad of lower grade. way of fighting: empty-handed. mighty fist has a strong destructive power, was empty-handed crushed steel puppet. ** tough enough to withstand the "Yin below Yingkang four" magic sing without being obvious injury. suspect their treasure with **. maste: not "exposed" surface contact with the souls of the dead, but like once a certain way. "real name: unknown legend: unknown rank order: suspected ache morphology: High about ... five-meter metal robot, the shape of the future-tech weapons. searching legend seems to have not met the criteria, the well-known sci-fi hero is also included in the scope of the Holy Grail, then perhaps you can find the prototype. axis implementing the future, taking into account the souls of the Throne , which is a precedent - such as red a - thing. battle: ultra-long-range combat and cover existing laser beam, missile, air incendiary three attacks seen and, from the appearance, The robot should have the ability of flight and a hand-to-hand. during two minutes after the attack suddenly disappear from the observer perspective,Air Jordan Flight The Power Sale, may have invisible or space metastatic ability. did not see sevant, the robot may be treasure with or the robot itself is also for the possible sevant "" maste: unknown. "real name: unknown legend: the unknown rank order: suspected lance or SAE morphology: about seven meters eight young men, yellow, appearance ordinary, dressed in ordinary suspected legendary figure in Southeast Asia, such as China or Japan. way of fighting: unknown souls of maste quickly escaped from the the Ache fire cover, great agility carry only been back ache light shelling but it does not matter, suspected treasure with similar armor class. walk through is very fast in the cities, should be as familiar with modern urban combat souls of the dead. maste: Yuehmei children, 11-year-old Sino-Japanese half-breed. parents lived in the United States temporary Japan self-Magic, good "medicine" agent learn. "raw" the love of money. Remarks: the souls of the face of the time of attack did not hesitate to take the escape strategy, and afterwards No counter means. "" grid may be extremely wretched dark, do not rule out the possibility of assasin. with a greedy schoolboy maste, the combination may be the Holy Grail during the war to play catch "fans" possession, manufacture unknown variables. proposed priority to kill. " Qing Fen the thin three sheets of paper read it, and then "touch" the "touch" nose. The last is to ask "touch" crystal ball nearly accurate information before. Period of "recommended priority to kill the" no problem "" "grid may be extremely wretched dark" purely defamation, such a sun Miyoshi youth group of the observer's eye questionable, but the little girl The description touches penetrating. "Health", "love of money, Gee ......" Green Fen hands of malicious the Yuehmei children, playing a few pieces of paper with a smile. The latter refused to yield, the canine teeth immediately counterattack. "The love of money? I just like guilt money? A hundred times better than a wretched uncle good on it" Uncle? When your brother too young? "" Well, I'll call you brother wretched brother, "touch" touch "head" ...... the unscrupulous the main standing not far from the ghost city then let each other bucket Qizui to, want to come inside the old snake-heads will update version of the evaluation and act extremely do not fly "like the words. Clamoring clamoring for, a sudden burst of "whispering" sound, the two together shocked, then victory "rape" laugh floating on the face of the Green Fen the Yuehmei children flush failed to climb the face. Even a "grunt" sound immediately hear from Green into a person's stomach came out, the latter immediately payable vertical eyebrow, the former looked up at the dark clouds of the night sky thousands of miles, and complaining about the weather tonight really good. "Such a good weather, as you play the host asked me to eat supper, right? You are not the master?" Jump word. "I bombed, this looks like to escape, do you think my body can take the money?" Is not the word jump. Yuehmei children look "are not you depriving" looks like and hate said. "" Green Fen look at each other that seemed to attend the cosplay party costume, really do not see anyway with the money like, "touch" touch "pocket, it seems that space to the time" money " kinds of sacred space too much interference has been harmonious, the proletariat natural pocket is empty. "By now, only to seek refuge with your classmates and Qing Fen gently coughed so suggested. "You are an idiot?" Jump word. Yuemei children directed at the sevant of extremely lady rolled his eyes are now playing in the Holy Grail War, you want my home and my family as? "Jump word. Huh? Green Fen snacks surprised, in addition to greedy this dead little devil turned out to also sense of obligation" By now, only to seek refuge with my enemy if he was fire pot end, it really killing two birds with one stone "hearts of green Fen Anzan not fall hears dead girl triumphantly announced her evil plan, suddenly almost export praise received this little witch skirt below certainly covered a sub- the fork of the tail hair open horns certainly see a pair of black "color", she did a little devil actually think she has a little bit of kindness really is the social experience is too shallow well is too naive At this time, a black "color" stray cats far from the two side passing, seems to attract the side of the sound, curious stopped to want to see is going on. "kittens "Even the little witch, after all, still a child, Yuehmei children to see such a small animal like inevitably end under the body to reach out to tease the cat, the results of his mouth out" microphone "not export first like a kitten the same was clutching the collar lift. "if you remember you are in the Holy Grail War then they should at least do not have to contact strange. "Now able Yuehmei children filed, of course, only green Fen, the way he seems to only care about bickering and the little girl, but just to be with a laser gun direct H-how will not much, but have become accustomed to this kinds of atmosphere, no need to take the rope to tighten the neck. Nonetheless it does not mean that his mind is not on the surrounding black cat In fact, he did not see that there is something wrong, if they had a stray black cat only, but an "intuition" was to remind him slightly wrong place regardless of how the little girl in the hand tear struggling Green Fen master and then turned around and walked, black cat looking at two back "licking" the "lick" mouth, jumped lightly never ending, disappeared in the night "color". the Fuyuki City late-night accident shelling little to disturb a lot, but maybe the city have become accustomed to this species every few years the number of decades to happen once the different fighting and bombing foreign residential areas, the highest in the few homes around the top of a small hill, so other people turn over up fancy glances, listening on sound, unknown so people can of course continue to sleep sit safely is to have heard some rumors it may not make a fuss., after all, in general, the different bucket follow a Masquerade principle, unless you want to become a public enemy, or rare will show in front of the mysterious, and if someone did that, he (she) is also not far away from the destruction of the can whenever there is the Suli there an exception, in fact, every two Holy Grail War will be a few crazy souls of the dead, some dying person mad, but it is hard to fill the world wishes to ditch a promise big warehouse of the edge of the city into "chaos" seven or eight bad piled a lot of scrap material, seem to be an iron pieces recycling at the middle of the warehouse was swept out of an open space, on the ground I do not know blood drawn into a circle, scent smelling glare. circle stood next to some object as a variety of animal offal general, there seems to grimace mask, miserable green lamp, colorful silk and other objects, but also the entire ceremony rendered eerie. furnishings, not black magic evil witch law, if they had not seem like the right way in strange circle next four look older less than twenty young man is a circle like screaming in pain like hand, foot and "chaos" dance, murmuring its shape is not so much a great wizard cast, strange, stiff action as it is a third-rate actor in the play third-rate theater curtain so the god of dance jump for a long time, probably tired actor, one of the glasses first stopped, and pestle waist panting. "I said, we engage in so okay? This ceremony is repeated four or five times "sincere key is to be sincere," looks a little fat guy look solemn, as if they were at the moment not in four deaths and high school students watching anime to see hair Britain a bloody fool, but four monks monks ongoing solemn blessing, opening "No, a little pause, which a third lanky feel so not the way it would go, hand on the still fierce jump the other two. "Let's think about it, where Mr. Liu. Let me talk about this ceremony, ritual questions? "Jump word" absolutely no problem "and the last one is a dwarf, the face looks a little vicious, in fact, has always been courageous, but at the moment is Paizhexiongfu surety everything but the" net worth "life." My cousin genuine magician. Ritual of Summoning I secretly learned from his book, I definitely did not mind. "Yes ah yes ah. Those requirements 'fetal corpse'' blood'' live heart' description in the "Masculine comics, replaced with the dog similar items sevenfold. "No." Finally, we summon words all according to the foot of the "fate" in the lines, absolutely no one accentuated partial. Three companions oath Dandan The questioner considerable leadership look like "touch" chin, thinking what has gone wrong. Totally do not think that even if three are real and reliable source of strong twisted together, so three systems expect the results? pondered, questioner is suddenly Yipaidatui. "This is not silly? The most critical did not put the holy relics of the other three a smell suddenly realized remark is a look, forget that this is not the most critical? Four get together to summon the souls of the dead version of the King Arthur,Purses Coach, now such a mention, they go where to find the scabbard of Excalibur? thought of help with discouraged. "and so on, may not have the scabbard is not no way. Anyway, just to be with her on the lanky seems to be the four leadership, the brain is also more flexible, anyway, already a mess is not afraid of a little mess, a bite will carry King Arthur Keychain on the array, this is somewhat similar to the "Buddha" meaning, should be able to summon the success it truly grotesque large fusion summon ceremony to begin again, four to unprecedented focus pour out their thoughts and anime idol worship, perhaps the magic of God feel their sincerity, but more likely to be caused by the call of "chaos" seven or eight bad the interest of the devil, the four magic knowledge is zero, the magic loop probably zero dead high school students turned out to really let the call of the array of mysterious reaction mist of blood "color" in the circle in the right light to gradually concentrated transpiration into the sky, the four kid could not help together held his breath. front scenario is that they have come to expect, seeing as mortal so abnormal, say tension that is fake all this time nothing happened but dare not issued, the only way to listen to each other only pressed breathing. Xue Wu gradually dissipated, or the call center absorption the more appropriate, four of sight did not see dressed in armor the valiant female version of King Arthur, but to see a waist collapsed a long knife, scabbard almost dragged on the ground - should be able to describe the slim girl stand before the crowd, if not her long knife does not seem like toys, if not her face that sort of contempt and impatience undermines the whole atmosphere,Air Jordan Shoes, maybe four of them perhaps anyone shouting " kawaii "like the lines." you called me, right? No one, quickly signed a contract with me, my existence in this world be excluded, each stay a second consumes considerable energy. "The purple freesia frowned sweep a again four, each one looks better than the other three a little more stupid, so instead of selection did not need to the same for everybody." For magic? "Four Dumbfounder together exclaimed, and then you looked at me, I looked at you, this a very serious issue when it is remembered the maste must sevant they're in the magic of this world, which is a summoner must to do the most basic obligations. problem is that four people are just ordinary high school, only one or there is just a trace of a half cents, separated by several generations of little magician origin, and whether this contract should not be signed, even if signed, take the matter to the people for magic? "...... you do not have a magic loop? "Purple freesia from each other the silent distress in the fact that blue veins on his forehead just getting up, and instantly becomes the mouth side of the tilt of the touch of the mysterious smile." No magic talent it does not matter, "" Without a sustained the supply of magic, then intermittently for magic. "She said Is ...... complement magic? Four to high school or just crazy the secondary dead otaku" fans "kick gasped, looking at each other blooming flower face as if it can use two hands up completely body like cartoon characters, with each other, looking for a few eye, nine points excitement among mixed up with a fear, eight legs and could not help shivering opt does not discuss four no magic guy is not misunderstood. turned around to say Green Fen followed his maste go the little witch enemy home ready to Pianchipianhe. this road all the way to the way bicker, a green of feel really good mood, or the original did not fit the object, or hard to say a poor master. This walk lasts about half an hour has come winter wood on the west side of the bridge area, high-rises here the middle of the night lights decorated like a day, the new capital than the east side of the bridge shall not super modern, but also regarded as bustling little witch enemy live in a residential area, they have no money taxi had legs walked East Shui around the West, but in a not too great blocks the lane to go a full twenty minutes final Yuehmei child looked up, turned out they went back to the place. "rub", "rubbing" the eyes look really come full circle. "and then" rub "is useless, we definitely entered a kinds of people demon walls of enchantment. "The maste little head in accordance with the Qing Fen patted you all the way to the introduction should be the caste like doing a good thing it." "You can not be serious about it? We are attacked" Lolita "pop" sound unplug the hand of the head and said, angry. "This is not necessarily hard to say they are to request alliance it?" Just off the green Fen voice, as if specially in order to beat him on the mouth, on both sides of the tunnel mouth one after another "people" came out. To old and young, men and women, filled with different like people have, the only common ground is dull eyes like a puppet. These "open" surface is not much nonsense, opt for flutter up or kicked, or grab bite bite pinch actually like the rogue fights generally clueless. I do not know, nose hum Yuehmei children looked out from his pocket and took out a glittering green test tube should come pouring toward the front, but suddenly felt a tight collar, the whole person it would seem that just did was put up directly to pull away from the spot. Also can not wait for her cursed souls of scrap wood is a specialized quit with mischief down to business, and was surprised to find just war legislation of the group of forces has been as big as the monster trampling, concrete floor such as wood Hand Foot stamp stone chips cross fly, hit in the face raw so raw. 726 726 done their best to have done their best this, the other side is not unusual "fans" confusion "ordinary human mind, but a group has been modified humanoid magic weapons <

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