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recognized the junior sister antworten

Worry-free valley is a real paradise, there is no case of Du labor-shaped, unlike seeking the flaw Palace as Chu Chen almost did not people taste, flowers, cheers bursts, this is the real paradise on earth. www! Quanben the! COM However ...... homing little bliss did not feel she is experiencing inhuman "crowd"! "...... You say He Fen child?" Happy child had never seen the appearance of the Green Fen Women, looking at just this one hundred percent girl,Nike Air Jordan, regardless of spectacle to see a foot or see ...... Well, all in all a little can not see where my disciples, but not like that ran for two years. "I originally thought, after all that he had men dressed as women, but now it seems, I am afraid I made a mistake." Gu Yue Xuan smile, originally Xiao Yao bastard get involved, and now so big embarrassments, I am afraid that the whole year thorns laugh. Just the final analysis, the culprit or the dragon head, but not the end of the three Young, if not his words, how can As for the fall to further embarrassment fields. "This clearly is a girl, how can there be a little mixed kid like green Fen that?" The geniuses also dismissive shook his head, his skills as a doctor, I'm afraid to see hairs can tell men and women, not to mention such a big living. "It's nonsense," fairy sound is not funny: "Xiao Yao has always been you makin without his knowledge it when and how you actually along with trouble, Kunlun has been tracked from the Central Plains." "Is not Three Young whereabouts not be helpless, I ... I'm a big deal on the downtown times joke. "Gu Yue Xuan said, others did understand. Green Fen two years without a trace, others say, even the letter did not return to. This dangerous arena he had to provoke a lot of enemies, Gu Yue Xuan Richard clues, even though there is quite a strange place, but also holds prefer to believe them credible no mind to chase down. If wrong with the door at most a few jokes, if, that is, save three of Young's life. The people know his mind, it is no longer a joke. "Hey, speaking of Xiao Yao, he seemed for some time did not come here to bother?" The speaker was Xuanming child, since the solution with Happy Son Is he also has been living in worry-free valley Enron to get by, moment watching the the Shi Zhi Oolong pendulum also find it interesting to help remember that once the Happy child to Chande have to retreat to avoid the "immortal" to. Sure enough, the mention of the word "Xiao Yao", suspected capitalists Happy child to speak, suddenly dizzy, they said raising children is to repay the debt, he received the apprentice of the Qing Fen deserve top cylinder for him. "You mention I began to faint, if excited children back he will follow back, I would rather go out to see the apprentice! Eh, you say such a kid doing so obstinate, he can not quiet to marry the daughter-in-law of the Women "sit safely on his beggars less main fact? eh ......" Xiao Yao Zi said as he sighed, the results of breath a sigh half, like suddenly remembered what the rest of that half gas swallowed back, raised his eyes, I found other people and his SG together, as a group of bright-eyed, which flashes with bad water turned homing. Who said that eyes can not speak, homing can clearly see that these people malicious, they broke my mind, they broke idea! Homing is really a guy honestly thinks is right a perceived wrong, have been sitting in the chair a chair being dragged to the back, back, back, has been all that seems hidden weapon vision has been "forced "to the corner,Nike Air Jordan, shivering involuntarily up. Is strange, she had to face a million times more fierce than these people's eyes, but he was only aroused the heart of the desperate, there is not the same as they are now simply could not get morale as if waiting to be bullied ...... "Well, attention, attention ......" repeated twice "note" Happy child does not pay attention to what to say, but we know very well that nothing. "Well, you see your little girl scared to know here is Happy Valley, does not know yet that you are traffickers." Fairy sound came gently press homing shoulder, speaking soothing, homing somewhat ignorant nodded and began her since consciousness began truly the easiest, most pleasant period of life. Blink of an eye has been two months, homing to live in Happy valley gradually accustomed to, in addition to occasionally misses the Big Sister injury and Zhang Lu Ji, all had a great time. 'd Say pretty strange, the Happy valley all very good, is this Xuanming some of the sub-Ghostly Atmosphere SENSEN the, has chosen a homing most hit it off with him, often mixed in with a slightly cooked then. Us the wonder child life no apprentice, then a clever baby girl willing and yourself close to nature is inevitable happy, the chat I readily coaching she is undoubtedly. Zhang Lu Ji, he also found a non-toxic strange Jin homing in vivo kind of like poison, but he is with Miao Zhang Lu Ji slightly longer at learned the art of insect poison, although not very fine, but gleaned The baby girl poison probably can not get away with natives witchcraft. The the small homing constitution if the blows that the strange electric Jin replaced virulence, that mighty body with highly toxic trillion facilitate a poison is very similar, although the the Turkey Miaojiang law is different, but the world management of the interlinked, so he became the proud toxic reactive Xuanming palm pass homing. You can try to lift her worries, and secondly to let his life learned descendant. On this day, the homing poison power back from us the wonder child, had finished his practice of the law is very strange, to just poison put the bite, and then they do not have to do anything, just let yourself go with the flow sleep on sleep, the body has some virulence new poison to get rid of. The poison of the world's most high-handed, a centipede accounted for a site is absolutely no room for other scorpion sleep in the side of the couch, the hair of the dog of such a law, more than a month has gradually homing in vivo Ray spider force wake, That Xuanming palm palm shoot, used to make the duck but not QiQiao the experimental bleeding, was surprised to find the body "hair" stood on end, the whole body exudes a meaty taste to die very strange. Just this method is effective, although fast but consume large amounts of physical strength, sleep, wake up each the Xuanming sub must be body sweat soaked skirts, based on homing and successful in the first thing must be Huidaofangzhong the a bath. But today it seems different from the past, had just returned to the room to unlock this garb, to hear outside the two had never heard of the voice is speaking. "I said, thorns, we may be broken friendship two brothers ah! I clearly heard in Luoyang when your brothers with you more clearly, the Li Xue has returned to the valley, you actually all the way I act dumb, you too mean! "" I, I, well, I have really no effort raised that tale with you, I truthfully tell you the truth, this world has never Qing Li Xue is a three-Young, listen carefully the Young not no return, it is not disguised as a man, but men dressed as women! "Tut, and the thorns you are getting will compile nonsense does not matter, the past two years I have heard, as you have said legislation snow have died twice, even the cemetery are still in the mountain with I have read it once more 'man' I have completely surprised. "" You really stubborn entanglement, well, I might as well tell you, This is actually three rooms of the Young, you may wish to push the door go in and have a look, which in the end is the men's room was a woman's room? "homing heard the outside say anything pushed open the door of view, subconsciously bad time step too late, come unceremoniously pushed opens the door ... then opt for one turned around in the bush and Xiao Yao, I saw the face of a huge tub has been moving in two fly over! "Hidden weapon!" Thorns subconscious shouted loudly but immediately knew something was wrong, how can such a hidden weapon in the world? Busy schedule to withdraw back, Xiao Yao has been kicked out. Just unusual casks only when the beggars of stunt dragon leg, casks feet broken, then the sky's the bath water so vocal shower down. This water more urgent, but Xiao Yao shenfa want to avoid this is not too difficult, but the moment of rupture in the tub, separated by a thick curtain, he vaguely like to see a figure an appearance, with three years dreaming of that person is similar to seven or eight, and sometimes out-of-body experience where would like to afford to dodge, suddenly bath water Doutou the next poured into a drowned rat. Water curtain side action like hands wrapped in clothes, seeing Xiao Yao funny appearance could not help "Puchi" laugh out loud. A tit, you have today ah! "Things again is an ear, Xiao Yao rest assured that front is that they searched three missing children. Year two of their own at the beginning of the meeting is to open a joke she pulled into the water, did not know that she is the daughter body trouble big embarrassing. It hidden in the bottom of my heart, have never brought to the people, wanted to come to her and would not such a thing everywhere to say, this is her both with their own unique secret. Can say "Tit for Tat" of the language, in front of people's identity can not be the slightest doubt. Li Xue, I finally found you! "The Xiao Yao immersed under the excitement, so ** want to hold toward each other in the past. Outside the thorns are not so crazy impaired early to escape the bath water, immediately heard the house a female voice never heard to speak, and then after they somehow heard and Xiao Yao shouting "Li Xue, also about to doubt he is not crazy into spree startled, then saw the back of Xiao Yao swooped forward, but gave the woman screams, like Scarecrow fly out, hit the outside fence at a direct halo in the past. Particularly strange is that, even an eye showed the whites of people fainted, his face still with joy incomparable smile ...... totally do not know how it the thorns confused looked into the house, I saw a coat is not the whole hands the chest protector woman is standing there, his face in shock, her face ...... even look just like a female version of the Young! Thorns blank brain moment, I just feel the world has nothing to believe in something. After the development of ...... thorns feeling like a zombie drag Xiao Yao onto the room and then to the master room, but to see chess old man working with master chess, listen to understand their own questions after that win chess eat the old man has been looked at to see fool said the thorns. That woman? Is not that you Shimei Qing Li Xue? I say to your children, how even their own junior sister apprentice did not know? "Thorns to hear almost the same with the people on the ground reveal the dirty looks, he is not an idiot to the youngest is a man or woman can not even remember the point. "Well, child-of-thorns trip out on behalf of the Happy Valley to participate in the symposium, hard is not small, you do not tease him!" The master really good, Happy child put down the hands of chess, no like chess elderly so not serious . "This girl just looks with your Young seven or eight similar but do not have too much fuss. Touches on her personal life is also very poor, the home has been difficult, parents do not know is dead or alive, do not know encounter what actually the memory total loss listen to your big brother fled to Shandong also almost been sold into a brothel, and after numerous adventure into the demand flaw Palace, can be considered martial arts affinity would have been to doubt her because Xiao Yao and Big Brother you Young disguise traced all the way, last so not the case, she has been sent to the valley to the two months I let Xuaner out to inquire about the news is nothing and wanted his parents no longer earth, she is the root is not a short period of time can explore the clear as a teacher repeatedly under consideration, decided to claim the "sex" to give her an identity, starting today, she is your little junior sister apprentice Green Li Xue Although cheat people, but such a helpless baby girl, if she has a past, to have a home, I believe that she is the best. Happy Valley can not shelter all the comedown, but since she had been front of us, we just can not then she pushed out if one day she can restore memory that would be best, if not, then she your little junior sister apprentice live their lives. "" Huh? Runaway Laoer, , what are you saying goes moving, my tears almost down. before you told me not to close her only just to get rid of that mixed kid with the same name, but also a clean you? "Lotus Seven Sages" . "Different Emotions, chess elderly person best humorous nonsense, few actions. But where he is familiar with all who were often his poison tongue attack, that do not matter to his mouth must add a fifth, not to mention Happy This may not be really a little selfish not, of course, he enlarged to Kazunari speak. This is the truth of the most ugly, old blushed Happy child, a moment almost even he must believe in yourself in order to stall the Xiao Yao, this made the matter, but then your mind must refer to the nose draw old man shouting match up. The favorite of the old man's life bucket mouth, to see each other from the interest not fight the truth, and suddenly two chess is not the next, flying across various chess tables Spit. Thorns shook his head, this old elf really have nothing to say,'s story clear, then when the master overcharged an apprentice, a small no return, there's nothing wrong. Unfortunately, the youngest is no longer the valley, or to meet Li Xue Qing Qing Fen, his "sex", I'm afraid wallowing in situ on the spot also unknown. When things shift shift and thorns early today, unlike the domineering everything should care about winning or losing outcome of otherwise never give up. He is from the funny side of the stomach edited story will go out to coax the still faint "fans" Xiao Yao, from foot door one foot outside the door, suddenly stopped behind the master. "Said Xiao Yao and talk to you, say I'm going to arrange your small junior sister apprentice to go before the army to serve. The beggars all these years with General Chi Chi, Yu Dayou familiar, he took the referral." "Amount? why? "front foot just said to give her a home, rear turn her rush to join the army, and the thorns a little help" touch "is unclear what" medicine "master sell. "Not seeking the flaw Palace angered disaster!" Happy sub sighed, chess elderly who ignores provocative: "Anyway, rivers and lakes storm, been trying to escape, they will eventually have to face the demands flaw Palace who Miyaji less I have to take care of the Trustee, all well-being would be nice, if a row I'm afraid we worry-free Happy Valley incredible thorns sneer, do not answer turned away. Now that you have recognized the junior sister apprentice, not to mention the rivers and lakes wind and rain, even if the day wave monstrous from own brothers for her to ride the waves, and do! Stormin Oriental unspecified calculating how to control and flaw Palace, Shang Ni calculating how to control the green dawn, EGL calculating how the Central Plains, Middle-earth the Wulin calculating how Kangwo protect the family, even the Xiao away are constantly calculating how to capture her heart. The passage of time, a blink of an eye full year had passed, ripe melon landing, many people have smelled before the storm Xing Feng. This year, God seems bent to look at the bottom line of the Ming Dynasty where the side of floods and droughts has not been finishing, fifty years a rare case of Xiu land suffered a plague of locusts, straight to the Land of Abundance bite Senkawa 100 holes the former rich land of the best in the world, is now rarely seen several smoke. Like a year ago Luoyang symposium will not white open EGL finally have action, boat more Hayden on the mainland, but did not find on the Ming Dynasty, but to find on the Korea country! The small projectile Korea How to make long-planned, the the EGL army Rulangsihu opponents? Front collapse collapse,UK Nike Air Jordan, several war down almost defeated. Originally, although the strength of the poor, but if Korea to be defending each other, after all, is far to the division strikeouts and bad, is not no chance to win. But nonetheless each other assassination is too rampant the barracks human often sleep a night, he will rise around a few people less head! General anti-Yan to kill small head until the very tune each other's focus shifted far as to kill the general, every day looking at a string of head hung high in the EGL outside the barracks, thinking I do not know when his head will be hang with their companion, morale collapse than the collapse of a dam in the river faster. And prop up an army and even the will of the one country in such circumstances, the only inherently hero! <

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