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Guan Yu to eat that to antworten

> Dog guard get from sub-with Hu afternoon pastor, go directly to Cao Cao the other set gastric the trapped charge Majesty in to get everything done at the beginning, and the way to Cao Cao discussion to drive warm to go back to torture, bearded priest and Chapter criminal battle burst! A time where David still have time to take care of what Cheng warm things the David Chemical pigeons group flew toward the Fu Menwai. Www. qUanBen. Com just fly away from Cao House not far from the top of a bungalow saw a woman standing there strange. Pigeon sharp-eyed, and the battle site near David did not fly high, off the ground but the two floors can see very clearly. This woman white black, holding a slender Staff, costumes of this anachronistic, needless to say, given that mage no doubt. David did not want to pay her any heed, everything priorities now supports the bearded priest is the most urgent thing, this woman stood her to attack Cao Cao does not matter. But the thing is both ways, since David is more important to feel that rush to the rescue battlefield, Zhao Mo Yan also will feel is also very important to stop his reinforcements. The two sides since the purpose of this occurs, the struggle will be inevitable. David in the air is the embodiment of a large number of pigeons, of Zhao Mo Yan, suddenly come up with a machine gun may not be blocked lives, Mo Yan Zhao did not use the machine gun, but directly spread out the sky a big net! Earlier limited financial resources,Nike Jordan After Game Shoes, even if there are five bands spellcasting abilities, able to learn magic is limited. Fifth-order selection after selection of a magic constant surgery, fourth-order selection Discovery, third-order reduced complex surgery, second selected item to locate and detect thoughts, order selection charm humans and activation rope. Activation rope Order to Get probably can activate two classes of meters thickness, edge-meter-long rope. But another advantage is that the thickness of each less than half the length of the rope can be doubled. So Zhao Mo Yan had a thickness of less than a first wire length, there are a dozen kilometers long special activation rope. The rope is unknown earliest human tools, use the ever-changing. Once cloth strangling trap snare the 6 team rookie, and now the embodiment of big net throwing straight to heaven. Mo Yan Zhao gave the word "revenue" but listen to export all mesh fierce tighten heaven pigeons. But the fowler net tricks not today Caiming out, not to mention the "intelligent network" David saw their flock would be a clean sweep, forward a blind alley, jump up nowhere, abruptly forced to come down to earth to. Rao, his reaction is fast enough, there are still some pigeons mountain of meat sauce, the reaction to the person who is the face scratch. Battle, as in chess, you do not have to speak, but to see each other's behavior will be able to exchange with each other. Female Master purposes only block here. For the first goal is not to kill. May himself is anxious to rescue the offensive and defensive potential translocation is never liked the attack had to storm. Deck of cards in their hands, the next second have been anxious to fly out, although the paper stuff, you had better be met, not cut half an inch thick wood. Mo Yan Zhao did not do anything strange defense, but that big network and spread out, this is stand in front of their own. This spell of revitalization rope her Level 2 magic paralyzed for four days, but this has been a tied cents cable like magic. But the paper is always paper! See, however, finesse and tangent to the mesh. Not surprisingly, all finesse their degree cut shredding. Temptation just a moment, David withdrawn from the tight wrist sleeve fine rapier. That he is not good at melee, but the other worse enemy weak I am strong, worthy of advancing. Becomes two, two become four, four become eight, has more than a dozen David each holding a sword at around toward Zhao Mo Yan ran the blink of an eye. Probably similar stuff, and Mirror Image Unfortunately, I have no real vision! Mo Yan Zhao sorry for their own pockets, the other seems to guess from the previous battle, Man Island team meager supplies, it may not be able to counter his illusionist props. To activate the rope to protect themselves, although not difficult, but the other purpose is likely is trapped. Perhaps the eyes David all are hallucinations, the true body already stealth, is preparing to use other methods Dunzou. The mind to Mo Yan Zhao network flick, say "solution" to the entire network suddenly scattered into a thin rope fundamentally invisible. See her like a whip-like rope circle drawn to the head with a whip, while Sheng "turn" in human history may be the longest record of the use of the whip was born. Million more than North Unfortunately, because of the activation rope by virtue of their magic in motion, not like ordinary whip plus use of centrifugal force, otherwise such a long whip knife wielding, I'm afraid within a radius of a few hundred meters, more than half meters of things to be is a cross-sectional halves. Although this is the case, but good enough. The surface dozen coming David whip withdraw, illusion to see through all changes back to the air mirror "bang when the sound becomes debris also owned by the nothingness. The real David really hiding in the side quietly Xiang Liu, activation of the rope is a living thing, although there is no intelligence there is the most basic biological stress, touched the stuff there was an immediate reaction. Zhao Mo Yan felt the rope movement fly so that the "wrapped", but David is not fuel-efficient lights, alert exception,Coach Bags Store, see invisible see through flew back to reveal stature but not each other bundles of clues hanged. No less than capital seems indeed can not shake off the body. David fled twice not finally have consciousness. Big magic cloth suddenly pumping out wrapped. This magic is also a magician to help enjoy cloth and rope firmly tied up, and then turn inside man is not a magician, but a common stage. Beauty. David magic tough Buddha, Mo Yan Zhao look at his action Where it is guessed a few hands of Reggie object hit Ah Teng Shao, but listen to a bang over Magic Bristol bloodstains thoroughly. That smashed bones crushed silent to the magic cloth spread out, exposing the inside a strange passers David or get out ran! 'This is it! "Antecedent over David a little bit upset explanation:" the magic cloth Makeovers, in that moment I will still be exposed to about five thousandths attack, so I can bruising , in that mysterious that female mage must have resorted to a similar attack planes into a building. " "In the final analysis, or bad luck." This is almost a consensus, often in the field of life and death than average believe in luck this kind of thing, even if a person has the ability of Babel, may also be because of a little bad luck knocked down by a small probability event. China Zhuge Liang shenjimiaosuan of last encounter rain saved Sima Yi, also ruined his life's plan, he counted no rain, but there is the possibility of rain is too small. France Napoleon aspect of Europe invincible, the last Waterloo sank back in a communication soldiers dropout, no one can say how Napoleon send a reliable communication soldiers, would only say that he fell by the wayside. "Then stick to it and so on and turn the transporter!" Called the courage to defy the day people do not act recklessly, that is quite Cardiff. David Here, suddenly remembered the warm process. Two consecutive want that woman brought torture, but two things bother fortune in trouble, does? Think this married longer hesitated, nor do more thinking, bearded priest from the deal with James, third flew into the the Cao Cao sleep at. Three Kingdoms sleep directly on the floor decking, although there are reclining Huchuang, but the two things away to marry are difficult to fall asleep. Coupled with a belly full of grievances, sadness, Cao Cao has to sleep, then he draped from the clothes came alone to the outside, sitting on the mat Leng Leng stay. Man Chau team that they have even the most basic hypocrisy are too lazy to maintain himself that was poor magical powers dissipate, first with what the demon of water, and then gave himself under irrigation poison. If it does not get rid of Cao Cao, 48 hours after drug killed. You can even kill Cao Cao? Such a person would they say to rescue it? Who can believe? I believe Cao Cao? I believe the enemy? Ah! Cheng sister suddenly thought, since Man Chau team are bastards, that why not take refuge in that Aquarius team? Man Island team all the ins and outs to sell them, they should be able to save their lives? Anyway, listen to chapter criminal said, the team battles when to surrender. Yes, do it! Just thought of this, David pigeons have been falling in front of her, ten days away entertainment first decided to do something the rare relaxed mood, mouth to mouth was about to say, and then you see the other fingers Solitaire flash. Cheng married just felt a cool neck, puff sound from that pass out. Watching the bright red one-way aid to death do not understand why they will fall into such a state. Has succeeded to solve a thing! David surrounded by several stunned guards casually explained the two regarded to Cao Cao's account, this comfortably, and finally thought to think about the present situation. Xuchang off the government. The two teams have been killing Tianhundian time from Tang Ya and David in the Order of the Prime Minister's first encounter start count, but passed the day. Green family since the instigation of Guan Yu failure, depressed hiding under the chi-go. The impregnable almost like a suction Star ** practice seems to have addiction, this practice straight practice a day out until this time Energetic This reminds task. Wondering looking for Guan Yu to say that he is close to Cao Cao, he can start, that Cao Cao try any can be described Shoudaoqinlai to the. We found Guan Yu, then not enough time to say that the other party has first "magician" war of things that a pass. Million more than North "I wanted to keep the order of the Prime Minister's palace, to be the magician to cut two, but since the commitment phase ordered all military commanders of his soldiers not involved in the matter, and those who go all the generals are driven back!" Guan Yu tone is very regrettable. Green Fen was able to figure out how much the meaning of Cao Cao. That two sets of magician fight, three generals to fill the pit, Cao Cao is to understand this, deliberately let their strength loss in this boring place. There is "Three Kingdoms" book seems the Cao Cao uncontrolled magician kill and then quickly Zuo Ci playing kill, let alone in front of more than Zuo Ci demon two sets of people . The Man Chau team although not wait to see to protect his magician he may not like. Half a dozen idea to let them die. Otherwise, Guan Yu force inferior to those monsters, but his domineering does have a certain impact. Have to say Green Fen quiet or not white, some dark human psychology some more or less understand. Cao Cao is really the name for two sets of magician intend to die together, in addition to Xu Chu faithful too far outside the moment did not just hold the generals, Leng Shimo let the future his side protection. Although only contact day, but has been known to protect the magician still need to eat and drink Lazard, not from the mortal body, that will have to seek want. Of Cao Cao Ge seek small Ho Kwan with me? Green Fen shook his head to throw these useless outside the brain, and sometimes can not remember what the rhetoric, in turn go to the topic of strong beat around the bush asked. Former General Chang Yang Bridge heard Duan scare 100,000 Cao river whom turn the clock back to the day before General Off cry drink sergeant hack to numerous army has many years, but did not have so domineering old dragonfly General is really non ordinary people, Green Fen slick patting Guan Gong Guan Yu, Ma Shun twist beard chuckled and said: "That's not what domineering, only gas phase fills! If you can strengthen confidence, you can also "gas?" See each other on the set, the Qing Fen quickly Shun, pole climbing. "Yes, it is gas-phase!" Guan Yu explained: "You behold a man, kindly face made you vest cold sweat. Intuitively this evil, that gas you behold a man, Nose bridge up eyes, face Hengrou, you do not fear in love, and that is the gas phase by gas is gas from human whole body orifices, and formed ** phase, has nothing to do with appearance, is directed at the hearts and opening phase of the human eye can not see, was able to feel the spiritual sense people all the gas phase, but the ordinary people of the gas phase weak and dispersed, my generation of the gas hard and together, the day before the sergeant soul of gas by the gas phase to a red, instability will shock and collapsed to the floor, just the usual. "or domineering! Green Fen to make such a conclusion, his mouth said: "That the gas phase and how to practice?" Gas phase without practice is in everyone. You are the kind of person, there will be what kind of phase. Just ordinary commonplace life, most can not experience real problem. When you know this life is why live and fought, you naturally know how to hone their phase! "Million" Destiny is what? Green Fen was about to say the day of my life that I could not help, then. Although he does not know he is alive, why then this problem normal people do not know! "Confucius said, fifty, I knew destiny! Even sages such as Confucius is the 50-year-old did not know he destiny. My generation luckier than Confucius. Generals killed in battle, fortunately! In troubled times, a lot of real generals find their own destiny guardian of the lord. Peach, when I already know their own destiny is his assistant, Brother Kuangfu remember one's own country. Battlefield fight. The two armies confront each other, every battle I will firmer and more determined it makes my gas phase. Do you want to know what the gas phase, first find your jade life! "Absent-minded! Qing Fen straight to hear dizzy, he can believe that the power is out of practice, others gave a small universe burst even willpower acceptable. However, this so-called Manifest Destiny, as the Guards thinking firm support , he is determined not to believe.! Liu Bei! unintentional positive outcomes. did not ask that domineering how to practice, but is an idea to take out from the Qing Fen mind say he and process aid often insane, but a low self-esteem do not want anything, a cranky always thinking difference Panruoyunni. Why not let Guan Yu Cao Cao to eat rice and poisoned! general Guan Yu Cao Cao naturally not going to please, but Liu Bei just borrowed. said Liu Bei whereabouts, Guan Yu to defect must first takes Cao Cao greet people eat so many Dayton also seats the way the thing is of course better to do As for the poison, he had Kyorin Church when the salesman played a few months of work, though not with poison, but know that many food and herbs taboo, not to mention the protection of Cao Cao is a foreigner, is the Chinese people did not know all of these things, the package permitting him to plot against impermanence dead I do not know! hey hey hey, good-total, good count! I really Zhuge Zhi Qing Fen comfortable triumphantly, but in all fairness, this is a stupid meter! Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao and Guan Yu was not as two friends or on the lower level to get along, eat casually Cao Cao as the commitment phase, Guan Yu is just a military commander Cao Cao, Guan Yu to eat that to his face, motioning gift, Cao Cao, Guan Yu family face gave too much to eat even if Green family really eloquent move Guan Yu to treat, even if Cao Cao is not being assassinated unsuccessful,Air Jordan UK, that Cao Cao 99% will not come! Further still, even if Cao Cao really like Guan Yu to the bone, and sell this face. taboo food and herbs with not poison Antiaris, even David et al barbarians generation does not know the deep of China's drug culture, the mere food poisoning then poor team The solution was to open, a way seek Cao Cao Laoming, too good to be true some before Chapter criminal who has gone through the curve, but offer beauty, that is taking the road of a normal, a common scene in just three countries in the world the woman no position in that era, particularly like contribution to the beauty of this, is a contraption! Cao Cao will not seriously, passed, people will not be taken seriously, because the history of Priscilla, Queen of the Allure, but he was no one heard a female assassin that said Cheng entertainment can be sent to Cao Cao's side with looks very simple, just a question of time. process in order to take into account the process of entertainment changed hands, Chapter criminal even filling her poison for the time delay 48 hours of this In fact things are surprisingly smooth, if he put the time into 12 hours, chances are the fear of death is approaching the warm poisoned Cao Cao! Zhao Mo Yan's plan care in the ordinary thing, the whole meter scraping The difficulty lies solely with hidden from David eyelids, and all the pieces together just this. contains the different components of the drug in the way of entertainment assassination means is a few slices of nails with instant poison effective, simple and feasible, not the end of the hand, there is no room for which plans such as Green Fen so complex and rugged, if it were to, it is estimated that good luck to his young family is actually the illegitimate son of the goddess of fortune, however, even if the green Fen failed The Man Island team can loss? <

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