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All Terminator just stop action antworten

> Chapter 574 people the desperate chase (2) terrible, as long as the metal can be assimilated renewable Thousands t-850, blink of an eye become Thousands Ta. WWW qUanbEN com "Book of Enoch domain name - well-known" "side of Confucianism, it seems that we are dead, laid siege to the Terminator, all become ta, hee hee." Jie Juan face lu bleak smile. "Is it? Escape quickly to plug of epoetin computer company embarked confluence with us and Meng Xiang as soon as possible." This sentence is the Jie Juan square Confucianism, the last call, because Jie Juan worry too much, a little distracted, result of the left hand tx ion gun shè the off, the arm speed shè machine gun with fall to the ground. "Zoro, you bring up the rear, we have to withdraw." Jie Juan dragged his arm to fly back to the ground, continue to fly back to heaven with TX entangled with Zoro hurry. She undid the potential lock, you can mask the sense of pain, a broken left arm and timely spray hemostatic spray, folding his left arm, but she was more relaxed, fly faster and more flexible. "Come on." Tangbi heart and Li Wei is not new, naturally know now fighting to hear Jie Juan say this, even hold with drag John, Sarah, and Gu Hunters one way or another passenger cars, the engine, the plug The epoetin computer direction speeding away. Zoro virtual flash is incredibly powerful, all virtual flash shè the TA, all into a pool of metal "fluid" body only these metal "liquid" constantly re-unite, not the kill, despite the speed of rebirth is far less than t-1000, but the 1000 Taiwan ta, Zoro alone, difficult to stop the pace of progress of the Terminator. As the bus pulled open, Zoro from behind to keep up. All t-a, adequate bolted, closely followed by. The speed of the bus ta fast running speed, but also fast,Air Jordan 13, not much has been ta trailing, Zoro even the hair shè imaginary flash to prevent a part of Ta, step by step into the BI but also Nanzu ta. Thousands of Units ta the Fench power occasion like bolted on the road, ran a few kilometers, the speed did not decline the way encountered a lot of passing vehicles, but soon, these vehicles became ta assimilation object, integration will be eroded, ta The number continues to increase. ^ ^ "The boiling literature" novel network "In these circumstances, chilling. Assimilation ta strength did not significantly decline, however, Meng Xiang has ta fought reincarnation know from Meng Xiang mouth, high-speed deformation capacity of the TA's arms, beat to death on top of the t-1000 Terminator will become the reincarnation of a nightmare, even if Zoro, these ta wraps, will be wrapped to died of exhaustion. Zoro, the front seems to have a lot of big trucks oncoming Somehow, I always feel scared, those trucks ...... "Tangbi heart driving a bus looking at the front of the gradually approaching a team of big trucks, like a frightened. Standing on the roof of Zoro did not answer Tangbi heart, he acts as an answer. "Spray" a tract virtual flash again shè out, the distant large trucks shè overturned explosion, "roaring" sound like earth shattering explosion, the pervasive smell of war. Tangbi heart suddenly brake, distant, chilling pedaling knock the constantly ringing, then, is the "whistle" terrible sound, a table body is deformed ta standing far away, staring reincarnation. Sky tx chase spy, both before and after ta chase, the cycle of desperation. "Zhuo ...... Zhuo Brother, what do we do?" Li Weise huddled body, she has refused to take John and Sarah, shaking her body and her soul. "Do not talk nonsense, you protect the plot protagonist on the line, I'll handle any other reason." The the Zoro eyes exudation of sadness God sè, face from behind to catch up to thousands of Ta face Founder geometrically assimilation t-850 of the TA, even if there is a big talent, but also unable to protect the story protagonist comprehensive. The only way is ... Zoro shook his head, a man's self-esteem, let him take this step. Meng Xiang and he was not, he was a child he subjected to killer training vigorously death than humiliation survive in the real world has been a big tough guy, and more meaningful. So he can not back down, he can not abandon all companions alone carrying John escape ... If we had first to enter the reincarnation of the world is Zoro instead Meng Xiang, Ding Jie Zoro certainly can not stand calculation, certainly not in Ding Jie installed before and Max grandson drag, which is the biggest difference Meng Xiang xing grid. "Haha, fight it, you protect yourself." Zoro laughter filled with a trace of sadness, rear ta only a few tens of meters away from them, rows of stopped on the road, the same deadpan face, very cold, people feel more and cool. Gu Pan Pan "trained" is heard, and fell in the Tangbi heart cry, but then erase her tears, staring at the front of the TA arm holding a Gaussian pistol severely the mouth the chun slightly peristaltic, like prayer, like a in cursing. As a rookie, the care of their daughter's performance is indeed some bright spots, however, have so much potential newcomers, will soon fall, because then, even Zoro, ready to fight with. Suddenly, the sky is entangled with Jie Juan TX, just as out of control as the rampage, and then falling to the ground, motionless. Rear ta stop the pace before the step, Founder fusion ta, stop assimilation. What happened? Is preparing to fight with the cycle of surprised and bewildered by the scene in front speechless. Jie Juan fly back to the ground, she was again calm, can not believe this reality, can not believe the miracle to happen. She warble asked: hair ...... happen what happened, the Skynet failure? Miracle? "" I do not know,Nike Jordan New School UK Sale, maybe really is a miracle. "Tangbi heart long sigh, from passenger cars to come out , picked up the Gu Pan Pan carried away and kissed. Aftermath,Air Jordan 12 UK, is the reincarnation the hearts of feeling at the moment. "Do not ... Do not kiss me." The Gu Hunters desperately pushed Tangbi heart, but she was the arms of Tangbi heart clutch body could not move. "Miracle? Maybe." Zoro muttered. Jie Juan looked at the front of the ta Suddenly, the spiritual call came Meng Xiang. "Jie Juan, I now come back, your side of what happened?" Good insurance, you do not believe that we have thousands of ta kill the assimilative capacity of Ta is too strong, they will a station t-850 engulfed assimilation, almost all of the t-850 have become ta, we are surrounded. "that now?" Meng Xiang asked anxiously. "All Terminator just stop action, even to fight with me in heaven tx fall at the same time." "This way, ha ha, it seems they are subject to the direct control of Skynet, I just the entire underground research and development foundation boom broken, Skynet I destroyed, so ... "So, we Meng Xiang saved." Zoro listening Jie Juan, not willing to say. His strength rose, thought that protected their own companions, but eventually rely on Meng Xiang. Zoro is not jealous, but some can not be reconciled, allowing him more determined to become strong determination. His mind is no longer beyond the Meng Xiang, but to catch up with Meng Xiang, for Meng Xiang share, after all, he realized to the protection of peer pressure, all hold up their hands when when the companion xing life, the kind of invisible pressure bi sense than simply kill him uncomfortable. Meng Xiang has been responsible for this kind of pressure, Zoro also unlock the potential to lock 4, and Meng Xiang stand on the same height, he in any case, also shared Meng Xiang, in order to let him live ting straight body. "We still leave quickly, and then confluence with the captain." Li Wei, a little anxious, all around ta stop action, but these cold Terminator surrounded by total chilling. "You're right, let's leave it." Tangbi heart lay down Pan Pan Gu, suddenly, she stared at the distant, said: "Zhuo ...... Zoro side of the TA is not moving." Zoro nuanced dong police, perception to Bi Tangbi heart a hundred times, how to get may not be aware of? He nodded, and everyone looked at direction of Tangbi heart fingers, my heart "porphyrin porphyrin jump. "Deadlines.i ......" ta who has a small piece of metal "solution" peeling off, and then the same as by a magnet have to be gathered in an open space, even in front of those who are assimilated t-850 body liquid metal " "Biao. My metal "liquid" fast, gradually raised, to change chéng humanoid ....... Zoro was a cold, a lot of noises hastily: "Fear, t-1000 ...... the kind of deja vu feeling, Zoro was t-1000 who felt the immediate cohesion Terminator, 100 t-1000. <

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