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will be their mother and anesthesia antworten

> Chapter 565 4 classification task Korea where mad stampede throttle, directly ran over the ground the residual broken 50 body, according to Meng Xiang straight. The www QUANbEn com Meng Xiang and Zoro Biao, a few hundred meters to pack out hundred sets ready to ambush the bus 50, before returning to the car. However, inference by side Confucianism, in the remaining 20 minutes, John will certainly suffer more Terminator volley. To protect such a large passenger along too difficult, just in case, Jie Juan before the first fly Discovery. Her fly, speed, even after the modification can not catch up, plus she has to unlock the potential of lock that can sense the sense of crisis "force" them to nearly companions felt at ease. Search for the latest updates do in along, and she has a lot of 50 ambush, their weapons are limited to this era of "force" blow gun "shot" machine gun speed, but the threat for John too. This time it was Zoro Taixianshentong, He Jie Juan brought to an ambush point, a knife all 50 wiped out, according to his estimates, he destroyed 50 nearly. Zoro back to the car, gently panting, although very tired, but he still is not satisfied, the more intense his strong determination, "force" to fight with the strong. "Nearly 50, too illogical, and the Lord God set makes me more determined before inference. Skynet already exists, this Terminator appear endless." Party Confucianism whispered, but his forehead seepage full of sweat. 50 did not make much of a threat. "Zoro took a deep breath, eyes full of eager to fight **. Sarah's face "open" surprised and lamented expression,Coach Handbags Sale, once when Terminator "force" Sarah desperate now see Zoro reincarnation would wipe out hundreds of laughing, that powerful people combat effectiveness of hair that Sarah was pleased. The so powerful warrior must protect John comprehensive. "For you strong, of course, there is no threat, however, appears to us to lose air superiority, the two air-ground Terminator Worse still, his ability to integration into the 000 body, I am afraid it is the strength of will increase in geometric progression, the next few days, we will face a severe test. "" If we kill the person in charge of manufacturing Skynet, even in this era have ye said early developed by Skynet to destroy , then the future will change? "wrong word jump. Sarah said looking at the reincarnation heavy. Your future may change. "Square Confucianism lightly with the original story, Sarah decided to go to kill Skynet designer Moss. Dyson, so now she made this suggestion, reincarnation was not surprised . "So we take off right now." Sarah "force" them to not wait to say. "This later to say, we have to wait a little longer side of Confucianism blinked, reincarnation natural, they still need to wait a few minutes, until the Lord God has issued three classification tasks can only develop action strategies. "Square Confucianism, in the end you have plans?" Plot development, the task has become increasingly difficult, Meng Xiang felt square Confucian other plans, but has not guess his mind are thinking. "Intends? Not according to Sarah, to get to the the Skynet main designer Moss Dyson? But this thing must be split up. Depends on the specific next ...... that I can decide." Side of Confucianism faint smile, confidence and look. Side of Confucianism is the nameless team of wise man, since he has countermeasures, reincarnation do not bother fees brain trouble, issued by the task to take advantage of waiting for the Lord God rest. "Front ... as if something was amiss." To Korea where driving a bus, has been alert to staring at the front, the car slow down, eyes staring at the distance of a three-story high-rise. "I went." Zoro jumped out of the car, a short while, far from the building was moved to the ground ... "3 classification task is completed. Grading task 4,24 hours of contact Moscow Dyson, contact Mo Sri Lanka. Dyson can not leave John Connor, 200 meters, once they left the start prompted a 10-second countdown, within 10 seconds, unable to maintain a distance of 200 meters, with John Connor denied. "reincarnation glance, face frustration. The Lord God classification task, has been the key point along the original plot. However, can be seen from the main task of God, has been around with John, the purpose is to John into danger. 000 Terminator is certainly in the neighborhood of Moss. Dyson ambush, once close, will certainly be attacked. Gu Hunters have an understanding of the classification task of the Lord God, she really need to say very strange blurted out this task the Lord God, your strength is so strong, so fierce Terminator firepower before the case we are in contact with Moscow. Dyson Moss Dyson has been killed, that do? "Huh? Marking? I be penalized? Gu Pan Pan head held high, a look of doubts. "Why did you speak out of turn. Jie Juan looked at Sarah and John, Ying said with a smile. The consultants the Panpan through "open secret" Lord God, the Lord God, that the non-compliance, so deducted 1000 points. "Sarah, you and John to take a break, this night we're going to Moss. Dyson's home to work for the future. "Side of Confucianism said sternly, he put it openly, in fact, are like a sanctimonious villain, said panicked trick is simply superb." Ah. "Sarah Yang Yangshou John, mother ** arms to rest." "Yes." John was reluctant to come under the gaze of the reincarnation Sarah arms, closed his eyes when the square Confucianism take ** "medicine" in front of their faces sprayed with spray, the two immediately Halo "fans". "Next, we have to stay with their mother, whether fighting or not, I think we should turn them into zombies, and then cut off the hands and feet, so that they will neither die, it will not hinder us. "Fang Ru is also unlike a joke, and even prepared to shell out the t-virus. "Cut off the hands and feet? ...... Too cruel." Gu Hunters face hack "color", trembling body said. Her rebellious, but always ordinary girl, hear the parties Confucianism, how can we not fear and shock? "He was joking, do not control him." The Han who turned around and stare square Confucianism. "As the captain laugh, then when kidding." Fang Ru heaved a sigh of relief, the expression is very disappointing. "Cut off hands and feet is not very good and, if necessary, we will be their mother and anesthesia, so our action." Meng Xiang glanced at the side of Confucianism, said square Confucianism, now issued by the task, then talk about you idea. "Ah. "Side of Confucianism pretended to cough out, the slow - Sisi took out juice, took a sip, then said Gu Hunters doubt, fully demonstrates our previous speculation, this horror film, or chaos" short-circuit "of the Lord God, or "plug" enough, I prefer the latter, and "plug" enough thriller, not wise, maybe with Zoro, it takes an effort rough man. "Zoro glared Fang Ru one,Jordan Flight The Power Sale, but can not refute. "Foot" plug "Who is not important" side of Confucianism and looking a Gu Pan Pan, he still has reservations about this new, "Anyway, our soldiers to be blocked, However, in case of death Moss when the task fails, we suffer, So before this classification task, Moss must be alive. "" 24 hours, we have enough work. Since we can not in-depth danger, then try to Moss out into captivity, but unfortunately Mu FIR is not, otherwise the plan should not be so high-handed. "heard Mu FIR in addition to Pan Pan Gu, all face" color "sank. Companions listened quietly, not because the square Confucianism mentioned Mu FIR or Zende, since they feel that at this time the sound of silence. "First of all, as a pioneer by Meng Xiang less than their ears, instantaneous Ray Moss trend caught, and then with Secondly, since Zoro think fighting, let him bring up the rear, on the other side Naoqi trouble, attract enemy Finally, when the task is completed, Meng Xiang, Zoro,air jordan store, you fully outbreak of your strength, all objects of the Moss home near all destroyed the last remaining people, I'm afraid ta or 000. " However, leaving John the range of 200 meters, only a 10-second countdown, if you want to break the siege and security exit, I must launch Elementary Ling poly Moss just a fragile ordinary people, if me into captivity with him, even the outbreak of the king of boxing, he can not stand, "Chapter 565 4 classification task <

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