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> Chapter 556 try again mall front door 50 50 being Zoro and Tangbi heart like cut melon as its head cut off. www qUAnBEn com [Search the latest updates do constitute 50 metal skeleton alloy, hardness and toughness comparable to this era hardest metal objects, but the face of the soul knife cut and destroy evil gun, their bones neck still fragile, each knife of Zoro,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, are sufficient to cut off the head of 50, Tangbi heart each gun, even their heads H break. Pedestrian mall backdoor crowd is attracted to Ji Jie Juan Angel Jie Juan clutch John ran out of the mall, directly take off the roof, so that the 000 can not hurt John. Pan Pan Gu left arm was cut, the blood straight Biao, but she is a very tough, even the pale, qi is weak, such as silk, still clenched lips, to keep awake. Side of Confucianism in the the 000 break game room walls, holding Gu Hunters, fled out Gu Hunters with shopping malls, immediately spray hemostatic spray to the care of their daughter's left arm, and pull out the two increases blood pills fed to her mouth to swallow care of their daughter's face was slightly turned rosy. Li Wei and Han where to catch up with the square of Confucianism, Fang Ru no fighting, even Long Jing and rune protection in the event of 50, might also be killed, so they must be protected side of Confucianism. Meng Xiang hot pursuit 000, rescued John, he no longer afford, and now he only thing to do, is the companion to leave the city before, try to fight it again. Outside a shopping mall screams again and again, 000, as all living for the obstacles, whatever it wherever it right arm deformation from the sword or stab or cut, like Soul Eater devil, always seize the lives of others. Meng Xiang chasing 000 ran out of the mall, I saw looked up at an altitude of 000 Jie Juan, tactlessness faces do not see the slightest emotions, all of a sudden, it is the roar of "wah-wah" sounds like metal strips tear scratch each other, very harsh. "Swishing" sound sounded in the other corner of the mall, two gold graceful beauty towering into the sky, the two beautiful naked body, arms expand forming a pair of thin metal Hebei fusion feet, feet like a rocket * * a strong blast, two beautiful body like an airplane circling in the sky. "Lord God, actually? Big joke." Meng Xiang heart cursing. Skynet's latest generation of robots, also in "Terminator 3 Terminator to kill John, can not think earlier in the movie. By state-of-the-art alloy bone and liquid metal realistic skin structure with fine local mechanical deformation capacity, the body with the ion gun, guns, and other high-tech weapons and saws, spikes and other cold weapons. However, the expansion of the liquid metal skin deformed into the wing, and then rely on the soles of the feet from as propulsion engine take-off, This is indeed the reincarnation of large unexpected. Goal is hunted down Juan Jie rescued by John. 5000 points worth double the difficulty of Class B horror film, in fact, unusually difficult. Can actually change the formation of the aircraft, we can see the Lord God in order to increase the degree of difficulty, have been doing their utmost. Pei prepared by powerful ion gun, 000 light combat cold weapons can not match, even if the bone is still alloy, can still be wiped out with a strong physical impact, but it was a threat to humanity is far above 000. Jie Juan fly no pick Ti, but holding John to fly than to from take-off as a propulsion engine is not much, plus equipped with weapons, Jie Juan can even protect themselves, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the John. 000 actually calling came to assist, does it premeditated? For 50 50 followed 000 attacks reincarnation? Meng Xiang can not speculate, did not think about. He was going to head home, even moving elementary Ling poly, but also two destroyed chase Jie Juan Just then, the main entrance of the mall, a red light soaring into the sky, will just take off into the air a broken boom . Zoro virtual flash. "Meng Xiang heaven robot to me." Zoro lot of noises, a Road virtual flash like fireworks in the bustling town shot off the roof, and the remaining one has taken precaution, flying in the sky around the circle, inverted it is difficult to easily shot, but the due to Zoro obstruction, Jie Juan clutch to John flew to the distance. 000 head light turn, the stared at Zoro eyes that betray the sharp eyes of the god of death. "Your opponent is me" Meng Xiang thundered, the king of boxing burst, fully nuanced, Crystal filling power is even more alarming. "Porphyrin" bang, Crystal cut in the 000 body, leaving a deep crack. Crack instant healing, and tight adhesion, Crystal and hold 000 whole body twist, smooth metal skin countless knots, a strong sense of crisis Meng Xiang can not help but kept that in mind on this pimple. "Shabu" 000 body like a hedgehog as launched numerous spikes,Coach Online Bags, precautions Mengxiang Xing loss, crisis, he determined to give Crystal feet fierce hold the ground, the people stepped aside a few tens of meters, the rear vehicle The car is traveling, Meng Xiang back against the side door of the car, "popping" sound, the whole of cars was knocked a few somersaults. Crystal is like falling into the water, gradually sank 000 body, hidden in its body. 000 raised his right hand and fingers, gently shook his faint smile on his face, teasing Meng Xiang all efforts were in vain. Crystal 000 in the body, it's provocative aroused Meng Xiang fighting heart. He was red with rage,Coach Store, Leng Heng, Road Well, do not be too proud, Elementary Ling poly. "Call ......" broad surge in wind, Meng Xiang surrounding the windows of the building energy fluctuations shaven "flap" sound, and then broken, the surrounding pedestrian Seeing this, the run had fled the distance in addition to screams, there are by far to the police whistle sound. companions left, Meng Xiang can fully meet the challenge, and Crystal is precious magic, he can not be 000 robbed in vain. "boom" Elementary Ling implosion, Emmanuel St. gasification for Gale, advocating the earth the ground gradually cracks in concrete blocks, burst open, all scraping fly. ground Juzhen, Meng Xiang broke ground station a few meters wide the pit, he almost sounds degrees Biao, tens of meters distance, simply do not have to spend half a microsecond. breakthrough in the battle, Meng Xiang each hit, the nuanced extent that he can achieve go burst strength, so each hit, he would have done everything in terms of normal or spiritual poly state. "back to my" Meng Xiang left fist like a cone plug directly into the body 000, and then pull back, the whole handle Crystal immediately he smoked out his right fist is not idle, the combination he can unite powerful Emmanuel St. gas Boxing 000 head. "boom" 000 head broken into particles, boxing pressure burst energy fluctuations such as the tsunami as sprang forward, tens of meters of a building in front of him and behind a high 10-storey building, immediately like fall apart scrape into debris, together with scattered dust, 11 scratch a few hundred meters Sharp, originally prosperous and peaceful city, has been the collapse of the iceberg. "drink" Meng Xiang thundered loudly, dancing, Crystal, Crystal like cut crack space under the the elementary spirit implosion forces, Mei Yijian, leaving general sky ripples ripple in space. "Shua Shua Shua ...... 000 body was cut into several pieces, Mengxiang Fei from the foot, all the debris suddenly turned into metal particles, flying in together with the other which side of the building blown down by the energy fluctuations. Meng Xiang long called on the breath, gently shook his head, very depressed, heaven once again be the heart broken Tangbi evil gun attack succeeded, shot shot burst its chest, like scrap metal fall to the ground. Zoro and Tangbi heart billowing dust away. "kill 000 do? "No wrong word jump. Zoro feel the presence of less than 000, blurted out to ask." Zhuo big brother, you fight, head water? We did not complete the task, how can we possibly get rid of the 000? "Tangbi heart Duzhuoxiaozui the same gas mourning. Tangbi heart witnessed into atomic particles 000 can reproduce Meng Xiang Zheyi the foot, how could kill 000? The Zoro angry body shot in Tangbi heart, Tangbi heart despise his mouth open, and a look of indifference to her nameless team for quite a while, has a grip on the the unnamed team players temper, so presumptuous. Meng Xiang sighed say Tangbi heart say no, not as long as I day reach depth nuanced Order, unable to carry out the atomic-level attacks, it can not give 000 fatal injuries you feel? dust around ... "Zoro pupil constriction, turned his head and looked to the left, in the dust diffuse, seems like a prehistoric beast that has been hiding for a long time. Dust, there has been a shadow, and the shadow is high turned into adult film. Meng Xiang force bombers metal micro-particles 000 can be reborn in a matter of seconds, this 000 bogeyman. <

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