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fame in the reincarnation antworten

> Meng Xiang opened his eyes again, the thing that catches the eyes, the faces of his companions. www QuANBEn Com nameless team companions. Each companions the eyes flashed surprised Emmanuel, even Zoro, also can not hide the emotion of his mind. Search for the latest update to make the unnamed team is a team that has long been close as a family companion, just so warm scene in the future there will be you? The unnamed players can live to spend Zhan Wang? Meng Xiang hearts mixed intersection. "Ha ha, I'm back." Meng Xiang laugh to cover up everything. "Just come back, fast specific group fights to tell me." Fanatical face square Confucianism, a force not wait to look. "Haha, brother, not the management Confucianism,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, and you're tired? Either a great meal, fun." Of Korea where patting Meng Xiang shoulders,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, laughing. Tired tired, but always have to meet the party Confucianism this guy, or if in horror films was calculated, to living death. "" Ha ha ha ...... "the crowd burst into loud side of Confucianism is not anger, like Meng Xiang did not hear this speech like. Jie Juan independent space is filled with a lot of fresh food. Because the the Mu Feier relationship, nameless team even dinner, rarely cooking time, fresh food is more appropriate. Drinking, Meng Xiang specific group fights the cause of action and fighting, and Li Xiao Yao pains such as disk holder, hear companions were stunned, intoxicated. So powerful? Unfortunately, I can not participate in, huh. "Zoro unwilling, but he also knew that self-evident, if not break through to a potential lock 4, it still can not enter the discernment of the strong. Potential to lock 4 is really strong dividing line, but also experience the performance of the potential the potential reincarnation may not be able to break through to the potential lock 4, but the breakthrough to the potential lock 4 strong, certainly has great potential. Only a break, to go further Zoro even unwilling, but there is no dissatisfaction, quietly listening to the words of Meng Xiang, wondering practice plan for the future. "So, Li Xiao Yao plot role has the strength and wisdom, and even above you the Zhiyong double pass strong in the reincarnation of the world are few and far between, Li Xiao Yao unfathomable strength." Square Confucianism exclaims . "Yes, I Li Xiao Yao confrontation, often down to leeward, his intellectual courage, I am willing to lose under the wind." Meng Xiang Li Xiao Yao admire, in which there is a greater reason is because Lee Happy just plot role is the Lord God created creatures, he even know their time of death, but also so much trouble, in addition to lonely, even more important reason is not willing to. Reincarnation there can also be the strength of their own is God a war, but who cares? Just a pawn of the Lord God, had no chance even against. "However, strong plot reincarnation team are militant, near the metamorphosis, but they seemed to be so strong, it seems that the reincarnation of the world, only suitable for perverts. The nameless players too common, have to work harder "Jie Juan a pun, the team is almost ironic again. Change metamorphosis, I am not, but to become strong, you have to desperately, you have to adventure reincarnation of the world to break through to the strong potential lock the four preliminary nuanced order is God, the number that much difference, if you attempt to defeat the positive God, together into vigor, but also must have state-of-the-art individual strength my nuanced greatly improved, Next, I want to enter the "Legend of Zu" practice, see if I can break through to a depth of nuanced order one for gas. " Meng Xiang has long planned to enter the "Legend of Zu" practice, that sacred place, filled with the world of Reiki to practice energy nuanced, not necessarily worse than the difference in the world of the "black hole surface. "Your idea is not wrong, in fact, we have to contend with is God primarily to assist Pangu Ares to help him remove the obstacles, let him in prime condition to deal with a positive God gene lock strong. Meng Xiang, your entry-level Spirit poly has long been the more potential lock four strong burst of energy, even depth nuanced the strong order can not compete with you, if you break the atomic level attacks, ignoring the potential to lock 4 depth nuanced the strong order, even with the potential to lock five strong match. so the next resurrection Mu FIR, you have to concentrate on to improve the level of their own strength, not anything I bring you, harass you. "Confucianism party said in earnest . "I am this." Meng Xiang full of ambition, experienced a different World Tour, his unwavering determination, he could not let another world encounters born to come to the real world. "Also, Zoro." Ru-twisting head side standing behind contemplative Zoro said: "You are a nameless team combat power, but in terms of potential, but you do not under Meng Xiang, you have to break through as soon as possible to potential lock 4 to help beat the pack in Zhan Wang Meng Xiang. "" do not you say. "roared Zhuo gas directed at the side of Confucianism. "That's good." Side of Confucianism long sigh, said: "As for the rest of us, I would also say that in front of Mu FIR is a special case, after the resurrection of her team will not be anyone's death and save plot points. subsequent survival, we must rely on their own, if you do not want to intervene in team battles efforts becomes strong, and then save enough Points 100,000 to leave. "" That of course, the Jie Juan and Han Where invariably say, however Tangbi heart and Li Wei Lian Lu Hai color, Li Wei, fondly staring at the Korean Fan, thoughtfully. "Meng Xiang complete the task in a particular group fights Credits 4000, a C-level story extension, plus 30,000 points reward to ask for the Jhongjhou team, nameless team total score of 91,000, far from 100,000 Points. However, we still do not know what is under a horror film, the situation remains uncertain. Horror Mu FIR resurrection, then unnamed team begins the road to strong fight for the next one. "the road ....... Well said, I want to be the strongest the unnamed team must become the strongest subordinates squad, freedom squad ......, the Zhezhi squad now the situation is what? "freedom reincarnation team, the reincarnation world's first subordinate squad , is very likely that God transmigration of souls and arrange evolutionary together squad, the Zhezhi squad strength in the end to achieve a degree of how? Meng Xiang are most concerned about this, because the the Zhezhi squad is very terrible, they may not be the birth of a gene lock strong, but they are definitely the fastest degrees breakthrough potential lock 5, because these people have used gene lock strong soul, reincarnation,Coach Handbags Sale, may not return to comprehension, but they are well aware of the comprehension of the law. So strong, like a duck in the reincarnation of the world, the potential is more terrible than the devil reincarnation team. Korea where Mo Zhaotou, helpless said: "In fact, before I have tentatively to contact them, but they do not want to reply. Insinuations to other subordinate squad inquire, because our nameless team also considered some fame in the reincarnation of the world, so other team is also very welcome. now the information is Zhezhi squad was originally like 20 new, the first time the wartime, only 14 people, all unlock the potential lock after experiencing three times team battles, even in the face of the home team, because of their strength too average, almost no weak, and so able to get out. "side of Confucianism interjected:" I projections, this is just an attempt is God, so the the Zhezhi squad will not supplement new, but their growth is horrible, less than 10 horror film strength has been the domination of the above unnamed team to their amazing potential, I guess they are at least potential lock three or more strong , and even has been to break through to potential lock 4. projections, by their growing strength of the is another 2,3 horror film, they will be the birth of a potential lock five strong, and the number is not the only person in the king Before the war, I am afraid that their squad strength can be more Xeon reincarnation team. squad into the king of war, we contact the other squad and deal with a positive God's great threat must Ecuador to kill them as soon as possible so the captain, you find time notice team Jhongjhou, this information tell Huangfu Yu, they managed to destroy mission of this squad. "" I know, but subordinate squad has been unable to compete with them, home team temporarily the Jhongjhou team know about it, so group off the free squad really rely on luck Korea where some frustration, freedom squad is more powerful, even if the home team may not be able to they destroy mission, in randomly selected squad team battles the Lord God mode, the Jhongjhou team the opportunity to meet and freedom squad too slim. Even if the action of a specific group fights, no excuses, not to mention the freedom squad may or may not agree. ------ Planes Lord God of another space, free reincarnation team players have sat together, the poly Jinwe God read one, this mysterious subordinate squad, in the end doing it? <

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