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> The body] Chapter 535 bloody (1) ------------ Chapter 535 bloody (a) As agreed, physical strength and energy of less than half a day, Meng Xiang and Koji Nakamura fully restored when thrown around Li Xiao Yao real dollars scan. The www quaNBen, the COM is completely destroyed over the town, when fighters swept the ground, two shadows is gradually bī near. Meng Xiang without confirming all know Li Xiao Yao and Luffy. Nakasu team and drama reincarnation team specific group fights to enter the the incandescent stage, this time team battles will be one group off will rest. Li Xiao Yao grinning, to Luffy like Erleng child Scoop to an uproar words, the town was moved to the ground. "Hiroshi Nakamura, the power of the 'third gear' amazing Luffy dead body, you do not Yingdang Otherwise, you will be labeled as persimmon" Meng Xiang insight. "Third gear" crossing fly, although much faster less than the early machines, but in terms of strength, but not under the early machine. "I'm not so stupid, but Luffy has been useless 'third gear', to look down on me?" Hiroshi Nakamura mercilessly, his body has begun oozing bloodshot. 'Blood God comes' This move can kill Luffy, but this trick launch conditions are too harsh, not to mention the way to fly faster than even above me, even if he stood unmoved, domineering strengthen the scattered bomb fist gun can break your blood God, so you can first limit his actions then Zaishi machine attack? "said Meng Xiang low, he fought with Luffy know Luffy weaknesses At this time there is no direct, in order to take into account the Koji Nakamura samurai self-esteem. Speed? Must not look to me, I'm not only beaten. "Nakamura Koji full of confidence:" He hides the strength, I also have reservations about the next war, life and death will be the outcome. Touches you , you have the confidence to beat Li Xiao Yao? "" I have confidence in die with him. "Meng Xiang chuckled heard Nakamura Koji, he was admitted. Although it is not thorough enough to think, but Nakamura Koji reincarnation is also rare in the world of strong, his skills have not yet cast all. "Da ... da ......." soft footsteps only a few tens of meters away from them, Meng Xiang and Koji Nakamura is no longer hidden, to come out from the woods to fly a positive confrontation with Li Xiao Yao and road. "Well, you are still alive, but Huangfu Yu died, also let Jhongjhou team lost hope of winning." Li Xiao Yao smiles, concern their hands look like wins. Li Xiao Yao, you do not proud, now do not know who is the winner. "Meng Xiang momentum slightest not lost on Li Xiao Yao. "Haha, you were?" Luffy laughed: "Meng Xiang, before the First World War, the outcome is not divided you and me, a rematch now what?" You are eligible Meng Xiang battle Luffy have never heard of like listening to a joke? "Koji Nakamura black face, said:" Or, you look down on me? "you? you're a corpse not live enough, you think to die?" , laughing. "You just mouth was strong, who live and who shall die, and so will know Li Xiao Yao," Nakamura Koji thundered out: "a one-on-one battle, how?" Li Xiao Yao has not yet answered the road fly has been the first to say: "Warrior of the war, of course, is a one-to-one, but said the truth, you say that I am not qualified to battle with Meng Xiang, this is true, and his strength over me,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, although I fear, but not the strong side, after all, xìng life is also very important, and I want to keep xìng life to eat more ròu it. "in the original animation, Luffy is indeed very eat, one can eat dozens of human appetite. "Well, you TIPS enough." Nakamura Koji grunted. "So, I only took the times, you have some fun, one-on-one, come on, you beat it, I can feel at ease to watch the duel of Li Xiao Yao Meng Xiang like watching movies, while watching while eating ròu interesting tǐng. "Luffy implication seems to feel defeated Koji Nakamura is how easy things, his words,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, but also completely blow anger Nakamura Koji. "I'd like to see how you beat me" Nakamura Koji evolutionary dead king, covered with seepage full of blood, the use of own skills - cadaveric blood boiling. Luffy bluster, but the skin of his body such as Steamer, constantly exudes steam, burning with the space around the side garden area of ​​a few hundred meters Faced with soaring temperatures over 10 degrees. The second gear cadaveric blood boiling, this is the third time they jiāo hand. The first time in tearing Horizon, that war is constrained, Koji Nakamura down to leeward; second, in the southern city of jī war, regardless of the outcome, but the two sides have reservations; This time, life and death war, will determine the team battles the success or failure of two of the best effort. "Rubber gun with a domineering fist is necessary to stretch attack, Luffy is rubber, the body that can reach hundreds or even thousands of meters, once the distance, Koji Nakamura speed, simply can not fight back. However, before Luffy has not yet moves, Koji Nakamura body again change. "Yasha flash passage Koji Nakamura left hand, in cadaveric blood boiling heat melt into a ball, his face suffering God sè apparently melted the left palm to give him great pain. Melting left palm gradually thinning, turned into a two-edged tip. This is not magic, Zhebing Jian tip, Nakamura Koji part of the body, shaped by the cost of blood ròu melting, in other words, the Zhe Bingjian tip not only can be used to detail a variety of skills, better use of dead blood boiling, handle ròu sword attack power increase to the limit. Melting palm tip, Nakamura Koji feet is also changing, feet melting reorganization, become as himself away. Yasha flash attack, the same Nakamura Koji own skills, thawed blood ròu in cadaveric blood boiling under the premise of then nuanced muscle ròu control, change the physical, so as to achieve the effect of physical mutation, this change Similar to the double constitution, only two of physical fitness, is mutation type, are dead family and Yasha. Dead family evolution, strength, physical skyrocketing, but the speed is a weakness, and Yasha, are known for speed, Hiroshi Nakamura two change physique, also has the dead family Yasha two physical strength, which make up his weaknesses. Meng Xiang not think Nakamura Koji there are so many surprise stunt, very suspect huò the the why he did not use early in the morning? In fact, Meng Xiang do not know, the Yasha flash passage belongs to own skills, not mutation, once used, the melt reorganization body can not be recovered, unless the return to the Lord God space repair, or maintain change energy depletion, mutation Yasha The site will be dead. Hiroshi Nakamura two changed the left hand and the feet of the structure, energy must be derived from cadaveric blood boiling, energy loss is complete, his feet and left hand completely waste. The team battles now has reached the last minute, Koji Nakamura was desperate to employ such skills. "Wind," a gust of wind scratched, Koji Nakamura sprang tens of meters, the speed, almost lost on Meng Xiang "shave". "Captain Jiang, strength really is no trivial matter." Meng Xiang secretly praised the reincarnation of the world is the land of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, these forces unite, not necessarily confrontation with the 365 positive God. Interesting the armed sè domineering - rubber armed combat gear. "Luffy red body as hard as iron, he blasted punch, not his arm outstretched fist,Coach Store, but an invisible energy - domineering fox coat with Naruto's arm to check carats of magic attack is exactly the same. The burning gas làng distributed out of the invisible fist Nakamura Koji right palm Then, reshape the tip of the left palm, madly way to fly a cut. "Shabu" a blood Biao Xue Wu immediately cemented blade, Luffy cut. H Nakamura Koji right palm can not resist the weight of the invisible fist, heavily punched in the mouth of the xiōng the body directly bombers flying hundred meters, crashed into the ground, leaving a long pit . Luffy moments, the blade cut is cemented in blood, armed combat gear barely withstand the cutting edge of the blade, but the blade suddenly scattered into a little bit of blood, like life, like to penetrate combat gear, infiltration of Luffy's body. Although the infiltration of blood is small, but Luffy "Wow," loud cry, into the blood immediately corrupting his rubber body, so that he had to unite the domineering, blood bī to pressure out of the body in pain. <

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