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Meng Xiang posturing In fact antworten

> A violent earthquake almost Meng Xiang heart shock. Ling Xiao Fortunately, Zhang Jing and Zhang Dink has vomited mess. Johnny on both sides of the infantry, and some sharp loud call, something to face with a dismayed, while the Ding Jiedeng 4, sitting like a first-class air, just quietly waiting to land. Infantry, someone screaming, people groan yín, the squad leader was feeding out loud: "As long as the best will be able to make it back alive!" Really be able to make it back alive? "Meng Xiang felt this sentence is full of irony, all of a sudden He felt weightless, the entire cabin vertical fall, and then covered with a tight, a resistance to stop the falling trend of the cabin. Finally began to fall vertically, in other words, they have been through the atmosphere, just the kind of Britain has been shaking the past. Heart relax, Zhang Jing and Zhang Dink vomit odor nostrils, a hot heart, "Crash" sound, the stomach has long been tumbling hún a heap of food, together with the gastric juice Kuangpen out . "Hey, you usually how training, how even that Britain shaking can not stand?, Etc. to the battlefield, you do not ha ha." A bald black laughter. Ding Jie seems very dissatisfied, he turned around and glanced at Meng Xiang one: "Do not give me lose face." Suddenly, extravehicular sounded a forceful explosion, protagonist Johnny were startled. Meng Xiang know that some hapless infantry, they left to sit in the cabin yet, be plasma bomb shè, in an explosion. "Yes, if the story has not changed, only followed the protagonist is the safest, of course, is in retreat." Meng Xiang, thinking to myself, he has vaguely aware of the horror movie How can life insurance. Cabin startled, slamming open the ground, seat belts and automatic release. Red, not two feet biological kill all. "Hustle and bustle of the infantry, raised his arms, together Emission cabin. Ding Jie whispered unto them, saying: "Our mission is to kill the insect brain, in the movie, and finally seems to be caught by the protagonist of the original instructors nv lead card the mén first contact with the brain worm, should the actor After a tough guy forces lieutenant, so to say, we should join in Johnny tough guy forces into the P-Star for the first time in quarantine with the bug hún after the war, it is necessary to leave the tough guy forces away to catch up with the brain worm, so this war meaningless to us, your respective life insurance, we returned to the warships goodbye. "Then he swiftly channeling out, disappeared in people's eyes. Zhang Jin shrugged, Nice said: "Uncle, do not otherwise like a horror film that caused a sensation, when is harder to resolve." Nice smiled and replied: "not dare luàn to the last Ding Jie Shui-off hands and feet, I think feel the pain sub-self-sustaining powerful, and always want us to listen to his orders ... "Why did you qualified is old, but the strength is not strong, let's go to the day that you than he strong, when you want to happen, but also nobody you. "that they have said, talk disappeared in the night. Meng Xiang see these veteran they walked away, secretly impatient, and quickly caught Chih-Yuan: how can we do? Do not you help us? Others face looked poor Chih-Yuan, expect her to say something helpful to them. Chih-Yuan, shaking his head replied: "to help you, but can not help second. This unnamed team rules, but I also very much in favor of this rule. I only advise you to calm down, just wait until the retreat on the line. In addition, although the film world, but this is the battlefield, you are a soldier, do not desertion from the army, or other people's right and duty to your shot. Then, her stature flash, like martial arts xiǎo said the master, feet volley stepping sprang the cabin like a fairy. "Hey, come out, the war began. "A lieutenant head out in, Xiong Baba Hema. Meng Xiang quickly shouted:" Quick, we have to go out, do not forget the words of Chih-Yuan. "He raised his submachine gun and a big step to take the cabin. Saw, in addition to xiǎo part of the cabin in mid-air bomb destroyed by plasma,UK Nike Air Jordan, most are safe landing, the infantry like ants, constantly pouring from the cabin, and then to the hills Bay to the rear side of the hill, a glowing blue plasma ball "pop to the sky, the dark sky shone brightly lit, they heard Zhang Jing" Wow "is heard crying, then dink and Ling Xiao ran out in a hurry, anxious Meng Xiang said: "Zhang said do not want war, she did not want to come out." "Do not control her, we need to find Johnny." He did not care whether the two are willing to follow their own Kuaibu Xiang ran before. In the movie,Coach Sunglasses, Johnny as the nuclear bomb shè slugger a miniature nuclear bomb. "Bang" gun compartment heard gunshots, Zhang Jing crying stopped, Meng Xiang know, as said, Chih-Yuan Zhang Jing as a deserter disposal, he could not wait to rush. With other infantry across the hill, I saw the distance, only one such as a huge fortress like beetle-like creatures, disorder stands, With the agitation abdomen, can gradually see a burst of red light flashing, and then in the ass Alice, "boom" is heard, a group of light material from their ass shè the sky. Plasma worms, movie description, they are more than 10 meters high, 40 meters long, has a heavy armor, enough to destroy hair shè the comparable plasma shells plasma space orbit on federal transport warship. These giant beetles invulnerability, but the action is slow, the only weakness is ready to muster the abdomen the hair shè plasma. Witnessed such a terrible monster, Meng Xiang suddenly scared stunned, suddenly, came far from a ravine in his left cannon, a missile aimed at a distance is ready to spray shè plasma plasma insects , with a burst of spray shè firelight shè the past. "Rumble!" Distant strong explosion, the sediment Xiandao the sky like rain to Meng Xiang lunged. Not only plasma worms, the even that plasma insects Mountain station, almost leveled. With the miniature nuclear bomb hair shè, distant bursts of explosions sounded, indicating that human Zerg begin fighting. "The mother of the child seems tǐng clever Meng Xiang know Johnny near the ravine, and quickly ran over to been Dink take precedence, he turned around and shouted:" Hey, Johnny is just over there, we ran faster. " Meng Xiang cursed loudly, looked around and found Ling Xiao did not keep up, he does not Guannameduo rushed past, finally found Johnny in the valley. Red Yeah, kill all bugs ...... "" First, second class, come with me! "Second shift cover, first class with me!" Squad leader Until, yelling, all infantry trained, each holding a M4 submachine gun bolted followed monitor its right side, Johnny, the Disi, Sujie Mi and Levy also. Battlefield, infantry almost all landed safely in the squad under the leadership of the unified command of the lieutenant, to each of the Zerg base attack in the movie, the battle quite magnificent classic, but in the body of the Meng Xiang before really understand what war jī touching the heart of the atmosphere, the terrorist enemy, people almost suffocated people irrational, desperately rushed to the enemy. Meng Xiang and Zhang dink with the protagonist behind Johnny ran a xiǎo hills, surrounded by boulders and hills of Ling luàn of a sudden, a bug sprang from the edge of the stone. This bug, also known as combat insects, the Zerg main battle force 5 meters long the eight tuǐ, look like a spider, but only behind to six tuǐ crawling speed each xiǎo of and up to 50 km, the use of the forelimbs and long like a vice jaw attack, is the most dangerous creatures. Even if the IQ is not high, there is no hard armor, but tenacious vitality, making them the best weapon of the killing. Unless shot shè of long jaw behind the nerve center, or before his death, they still retain nearly 70% of the combat effectiveness. Infantry gun Qi shè. Predators lightweight M4 submachine gun, lightweight, smooth close-up of the power of good, but this is only relative to humans, Zerg, this weapon is too far behind, seven or eight individuals with the bug itself in a number of shells,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, powerful body cloth full of bullet holes, but can not stop the bug flutter over, walking in front of the squad leader screams loudly and mouth piercing bug forelimbs, it will ignore all the bullets, the two front legs up and down, constantly screams again and again on the ground monitor body destruction. Him to death. "The bullets rained shè into the bug's body, financial rotten stump, constantly overflowing with green worm sè liquid, but the bug has turned a deaf ear, the squad earlier stabbed into such a pile of rotten ròu. Been behind looked of Meng Xiang Zhang Dink was so startled that face no one sè Zhang Dink throat and downs, "vomit" cry, and spit all over the floor. "Falling" in front of the hillside, climbed out of nearly bug "rushing" to roar, their claws. "How ... how to do! "Disi warble around Levy asked." I do not know, I do not know. "Levy is an interesting angle sè, classic, Zhang the DINK pulled Meng added after the tough guy forces in the rest of the post-war, he took the violin xiǎo to scratch the pit of the stomach Johnny and Disi add to the fun. Xiang hand, panic and asked: "What should we do, how do we do? Next, is the bug killing time, we die. "He says, keep a distance from one side to the back, with the front of the mechanical infantry. Meng Xiang flustered, but not stricken M4 assault rifles, more than in the rest of the Ding Jie had guided them how to open insurance and installation Jump, he The trembling hands hands busy feet luàn poke insurance: "with ... only ... only followed the lead. "" No! "Zhang Dink screamed, retreated behind a big step, desperately shaking his head. Meng Xiang does not bother him, because this time, after the squad leader is killed, all the soldiers step face nearly bug panic, and the protagonist Johnny angrily shouted: "kill them! "Bang bang bang" of gunfire sounded again, around the flames of war again and again, everywhere is the roar of the infantry, but Johnny gunshots hides everything behind a lot of infantry have to pull the trigger. Sujie Mi to the xiǎo section is still in a daze infantry roar, holding a submachine gun, he took the lead, ran in front of the scene of terror has come to know around the bug Meng Xiang, and she, along with Johnny shouted loudly: "苏杰米苏杰 m surprised a moment, body side a bug raised sharp limb into his left tuǐ and his scream, his left foot bug that long jaw Beetle one clip in two parts. Infantry desperately, but more bullets can stop the bug further action. Su Jiemi left foot off the ground with their hands continue to climb back, want to climb from the brink of death, bugs suddenly forward a folder, then clamped his right tuǐ of his body mentioned through the air, shake a few the next, they put him into rear bugs positions. Around bugs like hunger long-Tiger, flew at half Sujie Mi around fall constantly into his body, constantly pulling the anterior branch, blink eye amputation dashing Sujie Mi body scattered into the surrounding ground. Withdrawal ... retreat. "Recalcitrant Johnny warble cried, nearly bug has minions targeting them. A the nv soldier shrill screams running back, Meng Xiang know The nv infantry soon fall into the collapse of underground insects can not help but turned around and looked, but found her escape in front of standing is the war gingerly Zhang Dink. "Oh!" Mengxiang Gang would like to remind Zhang Dink, the ground suddenly startled, "Crash" sound, ground subsidence, the nv soldiers and Zhang Dink together into a worm Next we nv soldiers in pang calls sound bug pulled into the worm is just Unlike the movies, more Zhang Dink in nv scream, screaming. Volume bug far less than human, but too stubborn bug, or that human weapons are too far behind, with at least 3,4 barely able to prevent a bug biting, so the infantry retreat. Executive Command, all retreat. "Disi with panic and happy tone cried, suddenly, all around infantry passed each other with information. During the retreat, Meng Xiang posturing In fact, this is his first shot, bullets do not even know where shè. Faced with such Killing Fields, he had panicked. Movies and reality are not always the same thing, who are on the battlefield, even if one knows the next story, a little overbearing. Passing a war correspondent, reporter soon from bugs from the dish, in the midst of the screams, the body in two parts. Then is Johnny called photojournalist hurry to leave, followed by two or three only bug caught up, Keaton bring up the rear, another friend of the protagonist. Meng Xiang heart startled, because according to the story, Keaton bug, drawn and quartered, photographers throughout the body, Johnny the bug been dying smelly puncture wear tuǐ to. After all retreat, leaving Johnny on the battlefield death throes, the last being the tough guy forces rescued. He will be in the hands of the submachine gun and the waist xiǎo backpack grenades and Jump thrown away, followed by the fastest the Disi and Levi ran to the cabin. Meng Xiang student athlete, even when compared with those well-trained infantry, nor much so that, when the body of a lot easier, and soon ran back to the cabin. Meng Xiang heart "porphyrin porphyrin boom boom that war scene is too bloody, too horrible kind of panic mentality, escape, leaving him almost breathless. With the infantry ran into the close. Nearly a hundred people in the cabin , only less than 30 people, regardless of how jitter liftoff, the people were silent. although only the world of cinema, but Meng Xiang heart is very heavy at this moment, only he knows the consequences of the war: 300,000 soldiers died in the great K stars, which is a very large number, he is not sad for the soldier's death, his mind is very clear. come back alive, he depends on the movie plot of understanding, and the next, he will continue to be so lucky it? [..] .. <

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