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not think the bat demon antworten

> With Genkai into within the Church, in a large room, filled with a variety of video games. www, qUAnBEn com This is a the Genkai test, if you did not read comics, despite the many clever people can not guess is to test these electric Psionicist spiritual power device. Genkai went to a boxing strength is tested electric said: "You punch with maximum force to try, 120 qualified. Below you out of here." Meng Xiang will know the rules of the game, when Youzhu had hit a score of 152, Kuwabara has just qualified. He happily loose bones, boxing gloves, your breath gas gathering, "Boom!" Struck his fist in the test package. Ring ring bell! "Scores on the screen rotation, but eye-popping, fraction, fixed in 10. The Genkai Yanzui laugh, smile almost tears fall, does not respect her old Meng Xiang scratched his head, he has just that punch has been focused on the power of the body and aura, why such a low score? "Relative to the average person, your strength is very strong, but as a Psionicist, Walk fee my time." Genkai finished laughing, mouth bang, this is a severe blow to the pride Meng Xiang, he is not satisfied immediately pleaded: "Master, could give me one more chance? for the last time." "Well, the last time." magic sea Chazhuo Yao, then said: "you build good, Emmanuel the bō move boxing basis, but spiritual power and physical disharmony, the boxing ability ròu aura powers can not be combined, which means you can not use the Spirit strike force but only if you really learned 10 years of Emmanuel the bō move boxing only this level, I suggest you go back home honestly when ordinary people. "Meng Xiang is not satisfied, eyes dazed, he not only unlock the potential lock, just in case, he even used the king of boxing. Even force grew by only 5%, he would desperately try, he could not let their own practice plan without vector and eventually died. Genkai "Hey," a cry, Meng Xiang was very surprised. Meng Xiang exerting a punch in the test package. Ring ring bell! "Scores on the screen rotation, Meng Xiang heart will be beating apprehension Fortunately, his score finally fixed at 125. "You just do what? While increasing the strength and Reiki, this is minor, your momentum How can such a drastic change?" Meng Xiang naturally know the magic sea within the meaning of the momentum of change is their potential lock, open potential lock body instinctively cào longitudinal Reiki, the fist force ròu and aura powers combined, barely reached more than he was ashamed, embarrassed to say: "This is kind of my familial constitution, simply put, is to let me go berserk, but there is a time limit ... "" Shut up, your story the Code too bad, you do not want to say that even if, but from which I can see your potential. spiritual power and physical strength of your body can not be reconciled, because you lack of exercise as long as the master know-how, even if we did not use just the kind of state, you can play more than 120 points punch. "Meng Xiang laughing aloud , Genkai means agreed, he did not understand the etiquette, hesitated what to do next, the magic sea out of the room mén, turned around and Xiong Baba said: "first do not happy, spiritual power test clearance guts? luck? Come hell waiting for you. "magic xìng the forest, is located three kilometers east of the Sea Magic monastery, tied to seal the entrance to the forest, but it does not block the positive forest diffuse out of the frightening momentum. Meng Xiang will know Yao Qi, the human body hatch Health Reiki the monster body will give birth Yaoqi, both just two races vitality performance, there was no righteousness and evil of the points of this horrible momentum. "Band called the magic xìng forest, a compass will lapse undeveloped areas, dangerous creatures, natural trap, of course, also the demons inhabiting the place ...... ordinary human into peace can not come out .. ..... "magic sea looks like an alarmist,Kristin Coach UK, but Meng Xiang read the comics, naturally know what she said is really hidden forest great danger, sixth sense slightly stronger than anyone can fully feel the forest. terrible. Although the forest entrance seal tied, but even if not prompted, it is impossible to anyone dares to enter. Forest, strangers do not. When through the forest to reach the front of the tree towering trees large trees, you qualified. However, if after the time to see you, I will be back to the monastery, if you are still alive, hurry home, do not leave me alone. "The implication, as long as the into the magic xìng the forest, Genkai no longer ignore the of Meng Xiang's life and death. Genkai was about to leave, suddenly turned around and smiled and said:" Look you are a newborn calf, to give you some tips. You're not good inspiration, can not avoid the dangerous path, so a straight line to go is your shortcut. "! "Meng Xiang sense jī thanks, in fact, he already have this intention. Genkai, his hands behind his back astride the Xiu Xiu call out" the number of sound, has disappeared in front of him. Meng Xiang removed from the space bags go-getters murmured: "If a straight line through the forest, you will encounter the the bat demon bird Youzhu crippled, but better than in the forest if the time limit is exceeded, all hope will be wasted," he wound determined, step into magic xìng forest. Magic xìng forest filled with bursts of foul odor, which the growth of a wide variety of exotic plants, Meng Xiang Guannameduo to who blocks the road, all the cut. His hands go-getters sharp, cutting tree trunks such as tofu, "rushing" falling branches, mixed with the sound issued the hissing snake or a variety of animals. The road is becoming more and more difficult, the like coercion access, can not let them straight line. Meng Xiang I was walking, I suddenly felt an breeze head lunged, and then a black eyes, he was angry and felt some kind of objects similar to the big bag wrapped. "What shit." Meng Xiang cursing, go-getters along the body of a cut, bright reproduce, he quickly walked away, I saw the original sets he is a great pitcher plants, but that was a huge pig cage go-getters have been cut open, and inside the exudate burst of aroma. Nepenthes human food visible magic xìng Forest terrible. Meng Xiang can not help but somewhat chilling, more at every step. Go over one far from the towering trees has become increasingly close. The fact that magic xìng forest is not large, it is less than 3 km from the entrance to the distance of the tree towering trees, but most of the danger along the rugged road, sometimes crater wah-wah,Coach Satchels Clearance, sometimes shallow water such as Ze, sometimes covered with long grass, walking very difficult. He entered the swamp xiǎo, and not only inside the living crocodiles, and feet are sunk in the mire, must summon the strength to will foot from mud chōu the out. Meng Xiang, Rao is physically strong, tired out of breath, covered with dirt. He walked out of the swamp and had to find a piece of tree trunk to sit down. Go-getters has been covered with mucus, in addition to pitcher plants there crocodile blood, snake blood and so on, anyway obstacles along the way, thanks to the hands of the go-getters saved the day. Meng Xiang regret not put some dry food in the space bag, backpack equipped with hard tack, he thinks that gold is too heavy, remove the pistol self-defense only, all the rest is thrown into the entrance of the forest. Rest for a while, was going to continue on the road, and to a sudden burst of breeze, Meng Xiang not react, the cheeks drop out Balmy blood. "Haha, the blood too sweet, I would like to feast on." Flapping its wings "puff puff da da" sound came from above, Meng Xiang do not know the rise of attacks on their own monster bat demon. This bat demon in "Yu Yu Hakusho" just a bit-part player, he no fighting in addition to the flight speed. Around Meng Xiang around flight, Meng Xiang Listening of film ròu beating of wings sound and feel upset, the right fist faint glow white, he said coldly: "It is very fragrant, eat over If you have the ability. "With the opening of the potential lock, the flight speed of the bat demon seems to slow down, he can even clearly see the flight of the bat demon rapidly flapping wings of the action. The 10 divergent bomb Aura from the of Meng Xiang Right Sincere surface as rain all the way out of the bat demon sealed. The bat demon intoxicated fantasies of taking Meng Xiang fresh fragrant blood, which want to get in front of me covered in mud youth actually stunt. Meng Xiang, even in the open cast in the state of potential lock shotgun Reiki, striking force and not the average person's fist, just the bat demon high-speed issue depends on the pair ròu membrane-like wings, Aura by shotgun impact, loss of balance and pitched on the ground mouthful of mud. Meng Xiang bolted forward, go-getters blade against the the bat demon round face amount and said: "I say, you do not have the ability to eat, I just hungry, or grilled bat StickFood try . "Meng Xiang cries open mouth, lù the white teeth out of a hungry face. Please do not eat me, I know our mistakes. Either, I'll give you some honey that than I ròu more delicious. "Looking at bat bat demon panicked like Meng Xiang was very funny, not to mention he does not eat the bat so disgusting animal, even eat, he did not have the time to barbecue. And he knew bat bat demon lived in the magic xì ; ng forest monster, last Youzhu to catch only s apply the lessons put back, should not be evil demon. Meng Xiang will take the opportunity to say: "Well, you go honey, I you. Bat demon laughing aloud, injured his wings and can not fly, they patted wings, to close in the back, and then limped to drill into the grass. Meng Xiang really do not think the bat demon helping him look for honey, but to find an excuse to put it to leave him rest for a while, was going on the road, all of a sudden loud noise heard in the air came the "hula hula", with the sound from the branches blown left-right shake pendulum hurricane. "Dad, is there, that people just want to bake I eat. Meng Xiang-ju a look, saw the forest, a body floating in mid-air, nearly 10 meters long monster, this monster's appearance is no different with the bat demon, every time flapping its wings back, blown forest foliage almost broken. " Damn, called helper? "Meng Xiang regret to put bat demon, to say the least, really put the bat demon, should leave immediately, rather than sitting innocently place to rest. Whether monsters or humans, fights lost went helper This is common sense. Meng Xiang, never looking back, doing body strength ran to the direction of the towering trees, the hands of go-getters waving, Hu luàn,, along the branches fall and the jungle a xiǎo Road on him so hard break out blocked by a giant in the forest over the jungle foliage, the idea is not easy landing,Coach Handbags Sale, and Meng Xiang dare to this monster provocation, he even unlock the potential lock to break the speed of the sprint world record running every effort. "call call ...... "Meng Xiang open arms and legs lying in a towering tree desperately to absorb oxygen, excessive unlock the potential lock and forget the life of the run, he has been overdrawn even aware of their own physical body clothes already in when running hook broken trunk of the tree or thorns cut scarred fuzzy all, only the heavenly bird monster gradually bī to nearly a rugged voice then said: "So you exercise disciples, why not earlier let me know. But this xiǎo child has good potential, actually running all the way, half-way cut a handful of poison. Hear Genkai said coldly: "it depends on he can endure hardship, bat Daddy bother you rest. "Meng Xiang was Touyunnaozhang, finally collapse faint mí [..] .. <

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